Wednesday 10 June 2009

Why Proverbs 3:5 is REALLY a good idea.(Subtitle-How Prophet/Artist/Dreamers think)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart




Rely on your own insight. Proverbs 3:5

Just about the first song I ever received was this verse shortly after being baptised in the Spirit.

In fact I never really thought of myself as a musician until after this....even though I'd been learning classical guitar since I was 10. Proverbs 3 is a track on CD 1 of Early Harvest.


Today's post is about how Prophet/Artist/Dreamer types think. The apostle John was one of these by temperament as well as by anointing.

This could be a real key for some of you. Either to help you understand yourself. Or to finally help you understand your crazy husband/wife/brother/aunt/work colleague/hamster....well perhaps not hamster.

More than any other character type they think of everything in terms of "DIRECTION ARROWS". Before you finish speaking....often within about 5 words...

they have read YOU

read the direction in which the substance of what you are trying to say is going

and consequently want to continue listening to you

or have already switched off.

This is one way in which they appear rude within the context of the veneer of polite society.

Another type of person who behaves in a similar kind of way are business people. What matters is the bottom line. Profit or loss. The entire infrastructure that may or may not be built around this bottomline is pretty well worthless....however pretty it looks to all those who are working in and around the business.You see this attitude among the entrepreneurs in the series Dragon's Den.

This form of thinking contrasts completely with the more static "snapshot assessment" of a situation favoured by nearly everyone else.

This set of facts are now so, substantiated by this and this and this , which tells me exactly how a situation is more less. I don't wish to know how it will be in 10 years if things continue at the same rate. That is not currently the question in hand.

But for a prophet/dreamer/poet it very much is the question.

The more factual person will regard the former as a bit hysterical....strangely too emotive.

But the prophet is reading the direction arrow. He/she is asking...yes ...but where is this all leading? And if you are only receiving prophetic/creative input you will all be suffering nervous breakdowns from the stress of not knowing what to do with it.

Imagine a roomful of Phoebe's from the show "Friends". Creative it may be....but what awful songs!!!!

A few posts back I described how churches must have their direction arrows fixed in a 3rd level type direction. It does not matter that people may all be at different stages in their Christian least the leadership have set the tone....and the tone or direction is

to see Christ fully formed in each and every person , such that they can go out and reproduce others to the Father level......and so on.

By far the majority of churches.....what Jesus calls in Revelation "People who call themselves Jews but are not..."

these are not actually churches, since they do not contain people who have had a born again experience yet. They are kind of religious precursors to the church.

Then there are evangelical churches, which although always containing some mature Christians,never set their direction arrow beyond running as a 1st level church. A kind of New Covenant throwback to the Outer Courts in the Old Testament.

The direction arrow of the Pentecostal/charismatic churches never goes beyond a kind of dipping your toe in the River of God ,somewhere in the Holy Place.

But David says "Blessed are the men whose strength is in thee

In whose heart are the highways....the direction arrows to Zion...the Place where God really dwells and rules." Then in the New Testament " Seek first the Kingdom of God....and His righteousness....being clothed in His own righteousness..and walking in it!!!" These are and always were the only true direction arrows. Every church maintains that this was their goal all along. Well...can I say...the world has not noticed , if that really was your aim. So what are you going to do about it?


Now this post is about how prophets/artistic/creative types view the madness in which the world is run.

Proverbs 3:5 does not say Trust in the Lord with all your heart....period. That would be a Phoebe type existence.

Nor does it say Rely on your own insight. That, in Friends, would be a Ross-type existence.

It says there must be an interplay. You use your own factual input....but you don't build your existence on it. You trust in the Lord. With all your heart. ie You don't hold back.

(By the way...this is why "Living Together"...KMOO marriage...does not work...because you are holding back something)

Here are some mad fruits of a life lived "relying on your own insight". At least from a prophet's perspective.


If you feedback interminable data/hard facts about a recession via all media outlets all the time, you crash market confidence, creating even greater dips in the market.I call this the UK Dawkins Left-brain hamster wheel principle.

I use Dawkins because he proudly asserts the Left-brain, Materialist approach to life. Although, like fellow-evangelistic atheists Brian Eno and Philip Pullman, none of them live according to their own philosophies. They are all far too creative for that. Brian Eno,being for example, a part of the miracle that is U2.He was their sound engineer on Joshua Tree and Unforgettable Fire.

Let's look at the UK Dawkins Left-brain hamster wheel in Genesis chapter 1.

Here is some hard-wired left-brain factual data, which we will feedback incessantly. Notice all the facts are completely true.

The Earth was formless and void.

Notice that none of this has any permanent relevance for the Word of Faith.

It's an interesting fact....but then

God said Let there be LIGHT!

And ofcourse this kind of thing gives UK Left-brain hamster wheels a bad name. It's just not playing by the rules!!!!


Far from relying on the it's even's not even someone's brain. It's a binary-coded electrical device called a computer. No wonder some Jew came up with the fact that if you attach the number 6 to each letter of the alphabet...the numerical value of computer adds up to 666.

So, you have all these so-called business bankers waiting to give you a decision on a loan during this difficult financial period...and their decision is already made. Their decision was made some time ago....when they signed up wholeheartedly to committing over their entire decision making process to limited left-brain input and a few mathematical algorithms.

What is your gut feeling about this loan then?

I have no gut left I'm afraid. It's now all wires and buttons. And it's outside my body on this monitor flashing in front of me.

Was there any point in you coming into work today?

Yes.they answer, I smile nicely, while I tell you "the computer - he say NO".

By the way the Reith Lectures this year are covering similar ground.


How do prophet/poet types regard the madness that is politics here and in the USA? Well, it turns out, in a very similar way to women, who are far too sensible to take stances based on testosterone.

To creatives well aversed with producing lasting things of value, the whole creative process is obvious. It is the interplay between raw inspiration and out of the box creativity, married to function, yes,married to a left-brain step by step implementation of an idea.

Now in a traditional household the husband was the "houseband" ,the provider, the one keeping the whole thing together in terms of providing the raw materials of existence,and the wife was the "weber" the weaver....the one who dealt with the intricacies of getting the whole thing to work, such that everyone was cared for.

Obviously things are now more complex ...but I am not making any particular point here.

What I am saying is, just as the brain needs both sides working together to function....and does not dream of setting up adversarially one against the other...

And just as the husband/wife function together, and don't spend their life standing on opposing tables in the kitchen in gladiatorial combat....

What the double glazed marble throwers!!!! are the USA and Great Britain doing spending every four or five years changing first one way then the if a left-centric party was the bees knees of life....then four years later the right-centric party is the bees knees of life.

The Government of Supply,Business and Fiscal Productivity is true Government.

The Government of Care and welfare is true Government.

But they are both that at the same time!!! Ask any woman. It's only a group of idiot males that it takes 300 years or so to filter this information through to. I refuse to identify with idiots like that. If that makes me a female, then I guess a sexchange is needed. I'm not too sure Christine would like that though.

Do you see how rather than associate with male idiots I became a piano tuner. Males are the ones who rush to Harvard, Harrow,Eton,and Oxford, become part of the Skull and Bones,rush to positions of Testosterone......

Then when they are there....think....

Ahhh!!! I'm in charge. Ummmm, nothing prepared me for this....what do I do now???

Oh ofcourse.....I'll invade a country!!!

So, I repeat- what the double-glazed marble throwers are both USA and UK playing at when it comes to politics?

Since when is democracy.....for 4 years the wife is solely in charge of a house, then the next four years the husband is in charge....the answer is. NEVER. A house is always run by two spouses.

I'm sorry if that is too complicated for men to grasp. Would you like me to go a bit slower?


Are you beginning to understand the devastating impact of people who "rely on their own insight", rather than trusting in God with all your heart. We are not talking about people going a little off course. We are talkng the daily brush with death that people have to endure,caused by stupid testosterone left-brain hamster wheel living.

Praise God this at last gets dealt with in 3rd level living.

But you can see why non-Christian artists/poets/prophets who live perceiving everyone's direction arrows peeking out of everyone's middles, you can see why they are driven to drink ,drugs ,hopeless despair and suicide. Left-brain folk are only just now beginning to get the data.



Sheila Atchley said...

This post had me rolling, Chris. TOO funny, but also having some keen insight. You did help me understand myself a little better, because I, too, and one of those who "reads" a person within a few moments of speaking with them. If I am meeting them for the first time, I discern their spirit in a broad sense. If I know the person already, I discern the tone and tenor of their spirit. I can't turn it off! I wish I could.

Have a great day!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Thanks for receiving this so well. I was more aware of writing the KMOO Satire Kind of with you as a reader.

Jamie said...

I'm with my bud, Sheila, on this...good one! Might I add how strange it is to see into someone like looking into a glass of water? Mighty uncomfortable sometimes. And sometimes "knowing" hurts.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

I knew you were both perceptive in a general female and Holy Spirit Christian kind of way...but I had no idea that this at times was so intense as to cause traumas that would make you almost wish you were more like everyone else.

Thanks for taking the time to come by. I tried to comment on something on your blog yesterday..but it wouldn't let me . I tried 3 times.