Wednesday 22 July 2009

"A Lifetime Understanding it"

All I know now, is that this gospel of Jesus is all there is to know, and I will be a lifetime understanding it, applying it to my life, and ministering it into the lives of others. Sheila Atchley

I want to live my days out in the low posture of a student...only then can I truly teach with bold confidence
Sheila Atchley

I do not learn wisdom in a vacuum, I do not gain wisdom by myself, in solitude. I learn it from God, and very often through others.What He shows me in secret, in that deep and painful place, that I will shout from the housetops, all silence and intellectual propriety be damned. Sheila Atchley

This has been a big month for posts. The fact remains though, this blog is not an arriviste blog. Think of it like a preliminary sketch....before the real thing! The real thing being us dear reader actually living in co-community, whether geographically separate or in the same room. The Living Body of Christ moving threedimensionally...outside of its little church boxes...swiftly and accurately fulfilling each separate role...

to see the full number come in in multitude

and to see each member growing to his or her full stature in Christ.

To see each of the three growth levels simultaneously working side by side as they do indeed in family life.

As you read here in the Parable of Three dimensions

all this blog has been about is sketching out the poorest framework, describing the sorts of ways Jesus works in a believer to gradually make him or her happy with Living as Him in their forms.

But as Sheila says on her current post (click her name above) we will spend the rest of our lives, learning and relearning how this works. Fleshing it out.

Folks...on the second evening in our May Conference in Havant this year, the Presence of God came and it was as if you could hear the furniture of the headquarters of Jesus actually being moved into their right place! The Throne Room.This is virtually a first for the Church in the Earth, who have done everything to avoid Christ being in charge. And He came and spoke very gently saying...

Do you mind if we do this Christianity thing again right from the start!

Sheila has been a Christian since Noah, and me a bit less...but I tell you this, over and over again it is as if the Holy Spirit is now only just beginning. We are relearning everything. Everything we really thought we now turns out we didn't really. Not really!

So the purpose of this blog is to say...don't call the second level maturity....only Christ living His Life through us is maturity. And the other purpose is to say sketchily that a Fatherhood level does exist...and not to settle for any leader who tries to tell you it doesn't and more to the point SELL you something less...and I mean that word literally.

These are the days of one awesome acceleration in the Body. Don't panic...because it doesn't depend on your abilities. It depends on the Holy Spirit's proven ability to get Jesus' Bride prepared on time and ready. But you may as well forget just about everything you thought you knew about church life and how church operates. We had a taster in Lakeland Florida!

This is not Billy Graham time.

This is not John Wimber charismatic time.

This is the third level!


Sheila Atchley said...

Since NOAH??!! :-) :-) Holy cow. That yanked a giggle out of me.

Chris, you are not kidding - everything I thought I knew, I am rediscovering. It has broken me, and healed me at the same time.

I so agree with your statements that it is not "big name ministry" time...God is distributing the rod and mantle of authority amongst all the saints who love Him. WE will see people saved and healed. WE will be part of strengthening and blessing the Bride.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

I really believe that Sheila!But something new is happening.We've had input mainly from leaders and also supernatural input from leaders...usually just a handful!

Bit like a few building a Meccano set, or Lego item. But now a weird thing is happening...really an extension of how meetings have been for a century...the only difference being that the Meccano set is now building itself with something of the same authority that was formerly only the province of a handful of leaders.

The second thing is that , although each part is building authoritatively, we are all own given a fragment. A powerful fragment...but only a fragment. Jesus just doesn't trust us not organise the living daylights out of His true He only gives us a bit each. Truly this is after the same pattern whereby He gave us His Word of 66 books in the first place....each one linking cleverly and inscrutably with all the others...such that loony professors are forced to come up with crackpot alternative theories, which are even loonier than the reality itself!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

I recommend this awesome sign that they linked to my blog!!