Thursday 15 October 2009

The Land of the "Very Good"

This is an article from Daniel Yordy's blog, but written by Bonnie Morris. I think you will like it.
Every morning at our home, we study the scriptures for awhile. We had been spending a lot of time in Genesis 1 and 2 and one day I heard the Spirit of God say, “live in the land of the very good”.
We reasoned, “hmm, Genesis 1 says God saw everything he had created and made and it was very good. So we began to look at this land. There is no negative there. There is no evil there. Everything is just “very good”! We thought, “Whew!... And this is where he wants us to live.”
We saw that this certainly would be life. If we could live out of this place, we would be living out from the flow of Him. It wouldn’t be a geographical or astral location. It is a sphere of heavenly consciousness and what we realized was that it is everywhere, all around us. This would be heaven if we could walk there! This would be the land of the “very good”. We could see this is where we had already gotten our citizenship papers. Being born from above; it is our birth right.
We continued to press into this truth; the scripture says that we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Now, we know we are not physically seated there, but could we live there, in the heavenly realm, the realm of Spirit called the land of the “very good”? It is where Jesus is! Are we where Jesus is? He who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit. Can we live far above all principalities and powers where Jesus is? We know we have temporarily accessed that place. Anyone who has, knows it is far more real than any earthly place our physical feet have touched. But, could we dwell there! Could we actually do this?
We further understood that the scriptures tell us to rejoice ye heavens and ye that “dwell” in them. This is our dwelling place, the land of the very good!
With the world in such chaos, this became very comforting to us. We began to apply the command to live in the land of the very good. We learned that Revelation speaks of those that dwell upon the earth and what happens to them. Those who dwell in the heavens are saved from the hour of temptation. It says that this hour will come upon all the world and those that “dwell” upon the earth. We will not someday be physically raptured out of this earth, we are raptured (caught up) when we live in the land of the “very good”. We are safe inside the ark. There are no negatives in this realm; no condemnation; no worry and no thought of self. Only very good!
We thus concluded that we did not want to “dwell” any longer upon the earth. This is a carnally minded realm and we wanted to obey the voice of God to: “Live in the land of the very good”! This is His realm, the realm of the mind of Christ.
We are challenged daily to live in this realm; the land of the “very good”! Do we always live there? This is our hope; the heavens will one day open to us and not be shut again. But as we walk more and more in the light of that day, we have sometimes pondered, why are we not upset?! In the face of the horrific times we live in; in the face of so many needs not only in the world, but amongst those of our own families and friends, what is it we have found that has allowed us to walk in a place of continued peace and rest?.
It is the land of the “very good”.

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