Wednesday 21 October 2009

The Three Stages of Self

Merrill Thompson - Facebook - Yesterday at 14:43
We have , in fact, to pass through three phases in our attitude towards and understanding of ourselves. We start life by a false attempt at self- appreciation. We try to make out we are all right. "going about to establish our own righteousness", the bible calls it. That finishes when we become honest about ourselves in the sight of God, and our repentance toward God and faith toward toward our Lord Jesus Christ is an end to our false self-appreciation.

This is followed by often a long period of self-depreciation.

As new-born Christians, we are making the discovery that it is not in redeemed self, any more than it was in unredeemed self, to be what we should be. So we are much more conscious of our failings, our inadequate human selves, than we are of Christ in us.

We condemn ourselves, we stress our weaknesses, we speak of our hunger and need, our inadequate love for God, our sins. We say that if God does anything with our lives, it is in spite of us (where in fact it is because of us), and so forth. This is the phase of temporary self-depreciation, necessary for us to learn the truth about ourselves, but only temporary.
The Three Stages of Grubb


From false self-appreciation, through tempory self- depreciation, to true self- appreciation.

That is when in the union we have found forever we are only we the vessels that contain God: but we are vessels, and more, we are vessel who are really persons; and our humanity is now the self-expression of the Living God. We are the light of the world. We are eternal love in action. The center of our inner consciousness has moved over from self-depreciation to God- appreciation and thus to self-appreciation. It is a signproof that we have not life yet in gear, we have yet to come full circle, when our normal responses in situations are to emphasize our weakness rather than our ability. "I can do all things," said Paul. "We are more than conquerors, " said Paul again. We are well able to overcome it," said Caleb. "I am full of power," said Micah. But in each case they added that it was "through Christ" , or "by the Spirit of the Lord", or some such statement. However, the primary emphasis was not on Him in them, but on themselves, and they "able ministers of the new covenant"-through Him. Their emphasis was not on their weakness but on their strength-by Him. THIS IS THE TRUE SELF-AFFIRMATION...taken from The Spontaneous You by Norman Grubb


lydia said...

Ha - today I wrote about the second phase - encouraging folks to see themselves how God sees them!!!

Good stuff here...........Have you read Paul Walsh's book "The Bonsai Conspiracy" - I am thinking you'd like it, and have basically written here on your blog much of what he shares in the book...........!!!!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Harumph! Don't you mean the third one?
Do you like the glasses?
Yup, Paul Andersen Walsh kind of crash landed like a lot of us have...whereas he came across Spontaneous You, the Zerubbabel crowd steered me to the then newly published Yes I am.
So good to hear from you?

Did you get any joy with that Blood Song track from 2 months ago?

lydia said...

I should have said I wrote about how I detest the worm mentality :) Ha, yes the glasses are funny - did you create that little display of the 3 phases yourself??

I must say, I am not sure of the song you speak of?? Where is it?? Direct me and I will check it out.......

Peace to you!!