Thursday 31 December 2009

True Life Fairy tale - Michael Pistorius

There are few more outstanding stories waiting to be made into a film than this one which was on Jeremy Vine Radio 2 on 29th December.It is the amazing sory of Michael Pistorius.

When I hear a story now, I listen for several key components. Because they describe the nature of the life of God placed in human beings. They describe the components which drive life here on earth. They drive most of the great literature and film stories. I realise now that fairy tales are closer to reality than we ever imagined. Certainly new physics seems to have many fairy tale characteristics. When I produced the first third level message on tape in 1989, I had begun recognising some of these features. One of the components that always seems to be present is a deep internal heart cry or prayer or longing over a period of time that then seems to move heaven and earth towards its accomplishment. This is present here.

Another element seems to be the concept of the second mile. The Kingdom, or anything for that matter of any value seems to be constructed in the second mile.

The second mile is either a princess kissing a frog. Or it takes the form of giving of yourself beyond your own personal strength or desire to give any more.

Another element is the Cinderella component of something that no one else has spotted being suddenly valued for its true worth.

But on a more prosaic level, as the interviews point many so called patients termed in a vegetative state...are not at all. Again it's just our total adherence to the crazy sliver of a left-brain as our sole measure of someone's existence. So if they can't talk or register a response in a commonly perceptible way.....

Boy, western society, rooted and grounded on this rather limited piece of human software has a lot to answer for. Bring on the Kingdom of God.

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