Tuesday 1 December 2009

Jesus Wants His Church Back

He is grateful for those who have sat on the Church and kept His Seat warm.....

But now He wants His chair back thankyou!

What does a Church run by Jesus look like? Jack Fortenberry looks at what the New Testament has to say in "Corinthian Elders".

Here are some introductory videos inspired by the contents of the book.

Introduction to Corinthian Elders Part One_History
A look back at some of the things that have happened since the charismatic movement started.

An Introduction to Corinthian Elders Part Two: The Melchizedek Order
Learn about the true weird and wonderful nature of how the Church operates

An Introduction to Corinthian Elders Part Three : Covenant Love and The Body of Christ
Learn how there really is no other way for the Body of Christ.But conversely it is Christ who does the loving!!!!

Introduction to Corinthian Elders Part Four:The Father's Blessing
Follows straight after Part Three, with a pause in between at the start of this video.

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lydia said...

WOW!!! You must have put a lot of work into that!!!!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

One of the drawbacks with Facebook is that you get almighty discussions about blogposts, but they never see the blog. Here is some interesting feedback on this post under Stephanie Macentire's heading in Facebook, reproduced here for your interest

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Karen L Gritteryou and Kam are famous....
03 December at 18:14Moriah Conquering WindHmm. Something doesn't feel right about this one.
03 December at 20:04Chris WelchWhat might feel wrong is how Kam gets knocked around like a pinball...which might be taken as pretty disrespectful. But I really love the guy,Steph and his mother in law.
03 December at 21:34 · DeleteMoriah Conquering WindDidn't watch that far ... the early part of it put Moriah off. Does Kam make an appearance in there? Will have to go back & watch then. :)
03 December at 21:37Karen L GritterI know whatcha mean, Moriah.
04 December at 21:11Chris WelchWhich bit doesn't feel right? If it's the second bit , you are correct. Not one of those people speaks to all of the others. The only one in communication with all of them is Jesus. At the moment. Til people learn just how big this thing is.if it's the first bit...is it because you like pyramids? Many people like to visit them.
04 December at 21:42 · DeleteChris WelchAha or is it you think Toronto was a complete dud! I've met many now...and what it seemed to do was knock the stuffing out of people who had had their lives "in control" and "all buttoned up"....and now 5000 churches later like Rolland and Heidi Baker for example, God seems to be able to use them.Or is it something else? You've got me intrigued.
04 December at 21:48 · Delete
Karen L GritterMeaning no offense to anyone, but you asked....
04 December at 23:35Moriah Conquering WindKaren you pretty much nailed it. The over-the-top hype talk and the presumption of seeing the entire plan of all history etc. -- it just smacked of the same old same old "we will pretend we've come out of X and learned from it so we can push Y but we push Y as the new X, really, proving we haven't learned a bloody thing." As for the whole Toronto business, not impressed, and not interested in getting into debating it either.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Sat at 01:21Moriah Conquering Wind Mostly just the whole hype-speak and marketing-speak tone made Moriah fairly want to vomit. After about 1:30 of this it had to just shut it off. Sorry.
Sat at 01:22Stephanie McEntire
I respect you Chris but I don't want to go down that road again. Been there done that...and it's all about "me"..and not about love...
Chris WelchIt might be a naff presentation and too hypy...but the clever "filter system" in it all is as I've said it has to contain all the kngs kids listed and ofcourse gazillions more...and secondly all the subjects listed in the green box and more that God has been restoring. None of this is possible for anyone doing "left-brain " building techniques. ie ... See MoreI'll put him or her there and they will do that. Nope. This thing comes down from above. has no HQ on earth.Is entirely based for its functioning on people seeing "Christ as them" and moving individually out of their pyramids whether it be home/work or church to become what was originally termed Christian or little Christ. And it has to feature you crowd. If you are in anyway sidelined in all this we can safely say it ain't it.
But as the videos state there never has been a movement based just on Christ. it's always been Christ plus. Part of the reason God is letting things out there get worse and worse is so people crash faster than ever before into the grace of Christ without the annoying in between phases we've all had to go through. This was prophesied in the parable of the vineyard workers...who go straight into the vineyard at the end of the day and get paid as much as the ones working all day!! (That's not fair Jesus) They are the Mary Magdelans who don't go through the 3 years intensive apostolic training but end up being first to find the resurrected Jesus.
The problem with blogs and facebook is you cannot really transplant what is going on in seed form in Havant here. It has to be one of the weirder churches on the planet. It has leaders but we were 9months before working out who.On one level we're all quite stuffy still...but suddenly the anointing comes and you really catch these awesome glimpses of what God is building. Whether it carries on...haven't a clue...but it really took me by surprise because I just took it for another 2ndlevel church, like as you say, Toronto. Any time anyone is over in the UK I'd love for you to visit just to see how you got on.There seems to be a transitional type of 2ndlevel stage. Some are in churches. Some like yourselves aren't. But the actual "means" don't seem to matter much, just as the womb is completely different from the baby. But the baby is Christ.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Stephanie McEntireResonate with alot..and some will ponder.
Sat at 13:39Chris WelchActually I wanted to write for MoriahConquering Wind.
I have not finished the series on my blog about tuning but that is one advantage I have over most on the earth. Over and over again as many as 4-8 times a day a parable is being reinforced in my innards which is pretty unique to my profession. That tuning a whole instrument of 88 notes and ... See Morethree strings per note (well above the bass) is possible.I don't think I've done this on the blog. If I have forgive me. But it is the thing we were never told in the 2nd level churches. In the 2nd level we were told if we didn't go to church the big bad wolf will get us. You cannot make it on your own. When tuning is the perfect parable.When learning Christ as us you get to learn that life comes back at you if something is not right. You get sensitised to walking in Christ. They never told us this in the 2nd level. When tuning a piano, the strings tell you when they are in tune. it's not guesswork. The compound reinforcement of the individual strings scream at you THIS IS NOW IN TUNE. When you play an octave of twelve notes all those notes have to work together...equally.They soon give the game away when they don't. Do you "get" the parable. We don't have to listen to a leader pronouncing from above that something is right or wrong. To use Moriah's language...it's bloody obvious. Your own body has natural processes which Christine is currently mugging up on, to keep things in balance, to keep everything healthy. Moriah hated the structure word. presumanly the damage of abuse. But if structure was wrong we could justrip 1 Corinthians 12 right out of our Bibles. Structure makes things work.Wineskins hold the wine. But in the Kingdom they keep changing.In the NT alone we went from a structure of 1:Jesus to a structure of 13, Jesus plus the 12,to a structure of 120 in an upper room, to a structure of 120 plus three thousand in Acts 2, to ending the book with fingers reaching out all over the show.There were additional apostles and prophets and all sorts in the end, and Acts hadn't even been finished.Originally in the UK Gerald Coates and a bunch of others broke away from the rest wanting to build on relationships alone. But as history shows, the relationships have to be Christ, not just a pat on the back society. The sword that we carry on our insides is dual edged. It raises up the weak and battered but it cuts down the lofty and hubris-filled independent manifestations of me believing I am something in my own right.The early house church leaders were just not that defined...so again a pally structure was formed that had to excuse and work its way around sin...leading inevitably to more breakaways and disillusioned folk...told to major on the minors and minor on the majors.Tithing mint and cummin is still a handy pointer to when a group is going to implode!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Karen L GritterThe plea for the need for structure is often the back door through which hierarchy comes and certain individuals start seeking to control, dominate, and monopolize. Then you just have the institution all over again. If you don't maintain the fluidity of allowing EVERONE to participate, then you may as well bag it.
Sat at 14:41Stephanie McEntireActually ...the least of these...are where it's at...; ) and if there is one gift we are given...it is to care for these. Of which on most days..I am...
Sat at 16:02Chris WelchThe tough thing is this.If you take the gospelwriters, traditionally in moves of God the ones that DON'T get a look in really are the Mark figures. I was going to do a blog on this too. Traditionally the Matthew figures rule the roost, perhaps with their sidekicks the Lukes. And the Johns sort of explode in the middle when anointed, but the Marks, ... See Morewho get on with the job and tend to be action people...kind of get used.The rather neat thing about this coming wave is that the Marks are where it's at. In down to earth ways they explain how in a daily, maybe to others a mundane way, how Christ's life works in day to day situations. They talk not of laws, but of principles by which things work.Thirty years ago, the people talking about the days in which we are living described it as "the glorious feet of the Body"...the ones who walk it out....in a baby...it's the feet that get born last!!!So it is in the Body.
When Paul saw ahead to these times he was really precise in his use of words....an administration suitable to the fulness of times. And as it says in the same passages...everyone growing into the Head. This is now more than words, since we understood about the independant life delusion.It's an administration of self for others love, that had to wait thousands of years until we'd got pigsick of the hubris kind of fake Satan life that we were tricked into. We could have had this two thousand years ago if we had "heard what Paul wrote in the epistles" and not loved our "flouncing around the earth as gods in our own right" too much.All Christian disasters through history can be traced to this.Especially recent ones.Things don't get better with charismatic anointing...they get worse. Joseph got kicked into prison after his glory dreams.Jacob got mad everytime his wages were changed...so cheesed off he snuck out secretly.Abraham kept selling his wife to the nearest dignatory..."Oh she's my sister".The disciples had an early prototype anointing and boy you knew about it. Kids, just clear out of the way, we're the kiddies here. " "Peter will you shutup and just let the kids in please" and many other travesty episodes....not least ofcourse "I will never deny you Lord". So the anointing initially is something that propels people into finding out who they really are. So no wonder we found the whole charismatic episode confusing. It was meant to be the answer....and in many ways it was complete rubbish!! Peter, crumpled on the beach in front of the risen Jesus, followed by him inviting the first 3000 into the Family, show us that it may be an odd way of doing things, but Jesus KNOWS how to get us from point A to B to C, even when we are complete gonnas!!

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