Tuesday 1 December 2009

Letter to Jack Fortenberry

the USA is really interesting.
The good thing is so many are born again. In Britain a huge
number of churches function without people knowing
Jesus much at all. This had the spinoff that a lot of us
were effectively chucked out straight away as soon as we became Christians.
So we were forced to make new churches 30-40 years ago.We have consequently
had all this time to try and figure out why our renewed pyramids are not working!

Many in the States are leaving structured churches at a later state of development.
This is why the USA is different from here. But I don't think it has hit many over there yet
that all they are building is new pyramids. I really think your book could possibly take off here first.

Doing this animation stuff is like wading through treacle. The treacle of compatibility issues.
Soon it will be more normal to have flash videos with sound, but til then we have to take it out
of flash ,add the sound in Windows moviemaker, then put it back into flv format on You Tube.
It's a bit like how it was when computers started!!!

It's all getting closer though!!
Thanks for your offer about books and your concern.

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