Thursday 21 January 2010

Comment on Tale of Two Trees

Comment on Tale of two trees by eat the word left today... very grateful...thanks. As it is quite old how did you find it?
A lot of people are referring to Genesis 3 on Facebook at the mo.It's like something just shifted in the last few months.

Very interesting blog. I got to thinking about the statement: "The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil contains both the knowledge of good as well as the knowledge of evil. Knowing good is not the equivalent of doing good. Good is a life form". Prior to the fall man already knew the life form that is good (for God walked in the garden with Adam and Eve and fellowshipped with them). So, when they ate of the tree what they also acquired was not just knowledge of evil behaviour but knowledge of the one who became evil, i.e. the devil. And they made his acquaintance. And they lived his life which led to death.

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