Tuesday 19 January 2010

An Administration Suitable to The Summing Up of all things

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How as we move into the third Level way of Living literally everything we do now in Politics,Education,Business,Religion will just take on a whole different wineskin.
But more also on the mechanics behind Romans chapters 3-8.
How some grace preaching is stopping short

Is such an administration going to be a reflection of how a rightly functioning brain operates or how genuine Spirit-filled meetings operate?

i have written about the seeming insanity of a two party political system that lurches from the right to the left every 4 years. Or does this simply mirror the way we shift balance when we walk forwards.

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil affects our entire walk. Our education. Our politics. Our business corporations. Sadly our churches.

Let's focus on Offsted. Christine and i have a friend who works as an Offsted inspector. Perhaps more with nurseries. Perhaps the reason Offsted does not work is the reason we don't work as people.

Offsted is Labour's sincere and honest response to inequalities in education up and down our land. If we could standardise the levels of teaching everywhere, then we can ensure that minimum standards of reading writing maths and comprehension can be attained so that later on children can be suitably employable or able to train further in higher education.

As a basic measuring tool it is very similar to the Law. Standards that are measurably kept or not kept.
The part of our thinking that this measuring tool and the law relates to is our step by step reasoning tool.
If we are failing, then measurable steps can be introduced that redress the balance. And, actually, this is much the way we correct any activity and in itself is quite neutral. Neither a good thing or a bad thing in itself. Just a tool.

The Law it says in Romans drives us
to discover our own inadequacies. If the measuring stick wasn't there, we'd never know. The same with Offsted.

But here is the problem with Offsted. And here is the problem with the Law in Labour's government. And the law in the Christian's life.

Schools spend so long and so much energy ensuring the many, but still limited criteria that are measured in the test are complied with, that as a result the school's main function of producing a well-rounded functioning set of individuals can be impaired.The admin takes priority over the job in hand.

This is a problem throughout any Tory or Labour administration. It is a problem in Christian life.It is a problem in our lives together.

Now in the Christian life around Romans 3-5 there is a fundamental disconnect at this point. Perhaps there needs to be something similar in Offsted. The Bible revelation effectively says OK Reasoning, you have correctly assessed that your behaviour before and after becoming a Christian is not meeting the standards...so what we are now going to do is switch you on standby with a particular phrase....
YOU HAVE DIED TO THE LAW. In other words your ability as a measuring stick to actually of yourself produce any change is called into question and in fact firmly judged...SO SHUT UP!

It's here that another device is switched on. This is the internal capacity to Hear the Word of the Lord and Believe it into existence, for which there is a certain amount of lead time that the Reasoning part of us is very unhappy about. Now whether this bit resides in our right brain, our insides, or wherever...it is a spiritual capacity that we were all born with that got switched off in the Fall, about the time that we, as it says in Proverbs 3:5,began to RELY on our own INSIGHT......and not FIRST trust the Lord with all our heart.
So Romans 5 and 6 is all about what is now true of us since the death of Christ, but can only be activated by the apparatus in us that believes things into being. It cannot be activated by our reasoning machine...because that will always feedback real world truth to say "I'm sorry, what you are believing is not here yet." Well thanks a lot Mr reasoning...I could have told you that. It's like looking at a train time table and your brain saying the train isn't in yet. Well, thankyou for being so enlightening Mr Brain, however tomorrow's 3.30 from Waterloo won't be in yet because it's not tomorrow, so SHUTUP please, and let me carry on with my hunt for advance information.

Now Norman Grubb articulated a very interesting additional process that the rest of the Church seems really slow to acknowledge. That having switched on the Faith cooker to full power, and the fan oven of praise which accelerates the cooking procedure, both individually and corporately, Romans 7 switches the reasoning section back on. How strange?

No, not really. The reasoning section needs to be switched on again so we have a measuring stick to tell us whether we have what we ask yet or not. Now at the moment, a lot of grace preaching is in denial about this second switch on. And perhaps, while people are busy switching off their measuring sticks in order to have a fair crack at switching on their faith cookers....particularly blokes...who have a hard time doing two things at once.....perhaps if tha bulk of the church are at this stage, talking about Romans 7 is going to be darned confusing.

So........for you.......pretend we never said anything.....and carry on cooking....or starting to cook....

But for the rest be prepared for a left-brain holocaust as it continually screams "It isn't here yet!".
Thank it kindly, but tell it firmly that your faith is still cooking.

How such a process could be used to improve Offsted, I don't really see yet. But I do note a couple of things.
The Buddhists have the saying "When the pupil is ready, then the teacher will come." Which I have certainly found true in my Christian Life. Jesus said...if any man IS WILLING to do the Will of God....then shal he know whether the My teaching be of God. " Which contains within it a similar parallel.

Secondly. Home schooling. In a small group setting, whether family or extended family...a teacher or parent will find something that their child really wants to learn....NOW....with an inner motivation and drive to propel them forward.

Several public schools operate this way much to the horror of the British traditional learning system.

Coming out of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil has so many ramifications.....I don't think it has hardly hit anyone yet.


Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

from facebook
Lyn Myers It's getting to the 'willing' that gets me every time! Coming out of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is 'such' a journey and grace gives it excuses and then Rom.8! Oh boy, I better just enter the 'rest' or I will certainly be confused! :)

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Chris Welch The sting or curse of the law only remains for us while we are still thinking we're a separate" I" trying to makethe grade. Once we know that all that delusion died with Jesus, and know it on our inside....actually now the law becomes a framework to believe into, having the full assurance of faith that just as in the past God has come through for ... See Moreus,He is going to come through for us again transplanting His "ability" for my "Satan-I" attempts at ability.Saying the law becomes a framework doesn't mean we don't eat bacon sandwiches tho, so that could mean more defining.
One of the defining moments for me in the 80s was when a man called John Clarke said "We are called by the Will of God" and in that instant I saw that even when I was unwilling - God had a new will for me - His own...which I was being called by, sucked into, modelled by. Later I saw again that this same Jesus who said "Of me it is written in the Book I came to do Thy will O God"....went into the ground as a seed to harvest lots of Sons with His own willing nature transplanted into us. It came in at new birth but a lot of us have to be awakened to how good this "million for one sales offer was". Bit like when we took Dad on the Eurostar to Brusges in an all in one ticket. They came round the train with a posh breakfast menu. We said I'm not sure we can afford that, thankyou." "Oh no" she said "Didn't you know that your trip out is First Class. It's all paid for."
Our trip out of the world's system is first class and all paid for.Hallelujah!
Yesterday at 20:18 ·

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Lyn Myers Hi Chris, I have made a comment on Facebook to what you have written to me... I should have said it here instead.. but anyway, appreciate your answer to me. I think it's about the clearest description of what Jesus has done for us and how we've had a transplant and I understand intellectually, but I don't seem to be grasping it in my spirit for ... See Moresome reason.. it hasn't been revelation to me, I've just read about it that's all! I'm saying to myself !"How come I don't 'get' it?" I keep reading and reading...probably too much..I do know this can only come by revelation and I have prayed..

Thanks again,

Yesterday at 22:00 via

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Lyn,there's an awesome thing happening in Havant Church.God's Presence is coming more and more regularly and stronger and stronger. I have been knocking at their door with this stuff for 10 years as part of them. God only allows me to release it by the microgram in prophecy. I am being sharpened which I will describe in a minute, but also a whole body of people is being moved forward simultaneously.I actually don't know of another church like it. I am sure they are out there. This stuff that we are sharing,Norman Grubb,Nancy Gilmore,Merrill Thompson,Sylvia Pearce...is coming out of a collective several hundred years of trying and failing and seeking God as to the kernel of what the gospel actually is. But up until now in history only ones and twos have started breaking into it, and quite often only with a headstart....like being founded at the outset on Watchman Nee stating that there are three levels. So right there we were already heading off in a direction that just IS NOT TAUGHT yet, even though it's written as plainly as can be in 1 John 2.
But there is a two pincer movement going on by God's Spirit.There's hundreds and thousands pig sick with the inadequacy of churches that are currently out there....this idea of a talking head making you feel awful week by week with no clear message to how it is never expected that "you as an independent being" can do anything anyway.So littlle by little people who have voted with their feet, are gradually seeking light for themselves.

But also in Spirit-filled churches which are genuinely seeking God, the praise and worship is deepening and deepening like at IHOP Kansas now and before that in Lakeland Florida, and the Holy Spirit is layering revelation like french polish (my trade) in what I call liquid form direct to people's insides. I call my blog ,by the way 3rd level in tablet form, and my double CD 3rd level in liquid form, like liquid capsules you can take.
... See More
I think Alpha Courses need to be picked up by the scruff of the neck and 3rd levellised.At the moment their whole model for Christianity is 2 level, and doesn't even really touch the main central problem of the universe...the thought that we can be "independent agents like God".

I think God is now reminding us that His original Word was that "we love Him with all our heart mind and soul". This means that if things were taught properly, we would be going through some of our major foundational struggles in our teens....and not like now in our 30s 40s 50s and 60s "with no clue" as to what an independent self is.

3rd level stuff is only learned in the Spirit. The left-brain sits dumb outside. We can articulate it...but it is really like HTML computer code for this page...ie looks nothing like the real thing. The real thing is written in Microsoft Windows or Macintosh on our hearts ready for everyone to read like living letters.
And this is the function of meetings that actually go somewhere in the Spirit. Jesus Himself comes among the 2 or 3 , or however many gathered and our hearts burn.Which is like His stylus incsribing more letters of His Word in us.
Meetings should accelerate our growth to a point where it only takes 3 years for us to crash through the levels, as was Jesus pattern with the disciples.

I'll tell you when Havant is functioning correctly!!!! It's 20 years and counting at the mo!

4 hours ago ·

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Lyn Myers -Oh yes Chris, I know that churches are only on level 2! For years and years I have been pig sick with it for years, searching for what was missing. God called me out of the system a long time ago. My brother has been getting this message for 25 odd years aswell! I know it's authentic, but like I said, i'ts not totally in my spirit yet for some ... See Morereason. You know, it's like having a word that you need right on your tongue, but you just can't 'get it'. I'd love to tell you the stuff 'Church' did to me and family.It would blow your mind! My kids are still not recovered from it and backed off the Lord because of it! So I have been alone in these few revelations I've had for several years. I know other people who were also sick of it and have been seperate from the 'church' building system for years. I have been seeking light for about 7 years now.. It's exciting isn't it? I have been really enjoying Merrill, Grubb for about 2 years now. There is a 'Grace' church here, but it looks like they are becoming a 'cult', seperating kids from their parents etc, total control over people.. but in this small village, there are about 6 of us who are like-minded in this 3rd level search. I am not sure how to get into Podcasts, bloggs and your cd's, but will ask my daughter to help me, can't wait to hear what you're saying. I will look up the Havant Church (are you talking about Havant, Portsmouth?). My brother ran a rehab for druggies,alcoholics in Zimbabwe for 35 years, and he has been getting this message for a long time and the Lord is opening doors for him to share here, so the Spirit is moving! Thanks for your encouragement. I will be watching your space and seeing what microgram is being released! Hey I'm 65, I don't have another 20 years!:)
2 hours ago ·

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

I think your honesty is the reason God will move quickly with you. I was in Christian songbooks and being used to bring the Presence of God in the 1970s and 80s meetings, but as a single I was falling at every sex hurdle. I got sent back from helping to establish a church in Paris. Out of utter desperation I fasted 23 days! If I thought that was the formula I'd pass it on.But like in the Bible, God hears our heart cry of desperation. He broke that particular extreme pattern of behaviour...but kindly brought Norman's crowd into my orbit within months...to explain verbally what had gone on in the Spirit. So I was working in reverse. But you can see from the Old testament characters, not one of them received this stuff in the same way. There is no right way. But there is a Way for us and when we look back we marvel. In our generation as we are literally fulfilling the scripture "Raise up the former foundations" "Set up the Waymarks" to our eyes it seems incredibly painfully slow. I mean Christine and I were leading people into Spirit baptism at 13, we are now 50 and the world still hasn't been saved!!!!You know what I mean! But if we could see in the Spirit as we are beginning to in the Key of David meetings....what God is raising up is nothing less than the message of Psalm 24 that Peter Stott preached 2 years ago (we have these glory conferences every year). http://080808onnowto.blogspot.com/2009/02/lift-up-your-heads-o-ye-gates.html
This message is so huge, it's so out of scale that I'm pretty sure Havant Church completely missed it...and I'm not sure Peter Stott really understood it either...not completely. You remember when Peter preached in Acts 2 a message that clearly involved everybody....then he baulked later at having to do with gentiles and St Paul had to address him quite firmly in the Spirit. Well Peter Stott's preach was of that order.Massive.
All your stuff and these replies better go on the blog too. Is that OK? If not I'll remove them. Oh, yes it's Portsdown Community Church top floor who meet in the MeridianCentre arcade Havant Centre. In order of anointing....so far at least...there's the glory conferences yearly, then there are the monthly Key of David meetings which people travel up to 100 miles for and the weekly Sunday meetings at 10.30 until....The glory conferences have been a bit of a secret because our premises are small. But quite often it's the place apostolic figures from USA,India,Europe and England come...not to speak....just to be there in the Presence of God and recharge.
(I'm talking 2nd level now...."apostles" in the 3rd level mean a good deal more than filling a warehouse with believers who are baptised in the Spirit. 3rd level fathers know how to transplant Christ in people so they go off and do the same see....http://080808onnowto.blogspot.com/2008/12/hitchhikers-guide-to-christianity-1.html then press next for no.2