Sunday 31 January 2010

A Blog Invitation..........

After nearly 2 years of internet presence, first commenting on Dan's blog Life On Wings , then at the encouragement of others, beginning this blog in August 2008 (hence the title), then exchanging items with many friends on Facebook, I am noting something.

More people are getting this 3rd level stuff.

I also note that Havant Church are getting nearer and nearer to these matters. This morning was no exception, where there was a lot of prophetic picture/song and word on the subject of the Exchange that was made at the Cross.

Tonight I want to reiterate that this blog is not about me. This blog is about the third level. I have not been given another subject....and anyway, it covers just about everything anyway but from this new perspective.

Unless God gave me another project, there will not be another blog on say "Archaological finds in Genesis", as valid as that might be.

What I am saying is this blog is about the third level and it is completely immaterial who the authors are. Many contributions have been made from Sylvia Pearce,Merrill Thompson,Nancy Gilmore,Brian Coatney, Page Prewitt, etc etc. ofcourse the rest have been by me trying my best to reach deep down into my spirit to cover some of the vastness of the subject.

But at the end of the day, I am a muzo type. A prophetic musician creative type. The sort you DO NOT ASK to organise your church expedition.
Rosie Esseveld has a prophetic type friend in High Wycombe. He says "You can ask me anything you like about the next 10 minutes, or about 10 years time, but don't ask me about anything in between."

The previous contributors above are a particular breed. A firstfruits breed who knew there was something beyond the charismatic/evangelical experiences of Christianity. Like me, they found these levels are great, but daily life just wasn't working. There was something we weren't seeing, which IS in the Bible.....but just as we missed baptism in the Spirit for the reality of the birth of the Christ child in our being....just was not noticed at all. Yet people refer to it obliquely or expressly over and over in the New Testament.

The older contributors have been established in these truths for decades. But I am aware that many on Facebook are starting to get their first glimpses. And I am eager that anyone, whether quite established, or taking their first steps, should also be allowed to share their revelations on this blog.

So.......not only muzos. Let's hear from nurses , teachers, unemployed, administrators, JCB helicopter chauffeurs....anyone. And yes this last example of a job comes from a piano removal I did for a man employed to fly farmers in the north down to the Southern headquarters of JCB UK, to buy their new tractors from them. What a job eh??

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