Thursday 20 May 2010

The way I See It......(so far) - Rich Novak

Facebook Monday at 17:13
Norman Grubb's explanation of the Father, Son, and Spirit in his book "Yes I am" is awesome! He describes the Father as The Eternal Thought, The Son, The Eternal Word, (or you could say The Eternal "Spoken" Word), and The Spirit as The Eternal Action (Worker or Doer is what I call Him), or The One who adds substance to the Word! The One who Paul describes as both willing and DOING of His Good pleasure IN US! "For it is God (The Spirit) WHO IS AT WORK IN YOU, both to WILL and to WORK for His good pleasure." (Phil 2:13)

The way I see it, we were specifically designed for God's REST (in the Father)! And in that place of REST, where we have ceased from our own works.... WE SPEAK THE WORD (of the SON) by faith! And in doing so...... the Spirit (IN US, and WHO is joined TO US) then goes to WORK, bringing the "SUBSTANCE" to OUR SPOKEN WORD! Because, "AS HE IS SO ARE WE IN THIS WORLD!" (I John 4:17)

Anything else is Christian dysfunction, and so we have no other choice than to come back under condemnation (the law of sin and death), which is another way of saying we become "slaves" to seeing separation and division. And under that condemning law, we receive the "punishment" of seeing more than God! That is, until we once again see ONLY HIM in that person, place, thing, situation, feeling, or circumstance! Until we agree with our adversary (who becomes God by our seeing more than Him!) quickly! What Norman calls QUICK SINNING, QUICK CLEANSING! Guilt always demands punishment, and we will punish ourselves if need be....... in seeing separation and division......... in seeing more than God!

"And now we are consciously in our "father" stage, where we have, like Paul, "won Christ", and thus the highest privilege of being leveled with Him as co-saviours."

1 Corinthians 9:22......... To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. "Co-commissioned, co-laborers, co-sufferers, co-diers, co-risers in co-resurrection which with us brings "many sons to glory". (Norman Grubb)

And then there is this little gem tucked away in Philippians chapter 3 that has brought much freedom to my contolling thoughts and ways! I call it a "hinge to freedom", everything swings on it, because it's purpose is to takes us from death to LIFE! From slavery to FREEDOM!

All of us who are mature should take such a view of things. And if ON SOME POINT YOU THINK DIFFERENTLY (the hinge), THAT TOO GOD WILL MAKE CLEAR TO YOU . Only let us live up to what we have already attained. (Phil 3:15-16) I don't know about you but this little passage brings so much freedom to my soul! It all starts with HIM, and it ALL ends with HIM!

God is saying it is The Spirit's job (or WORK) to save and keep us, and it's also the Spirit who brings the next thing! We just stay yielded! This is so awesome, and what amazes me, in 30 years I have never heard so much as one teaching on Philippians 3:15-16! More than likely because of the first 6 words...... "All of us who are mature." God's definition of maturity is much different than that of organized religion. God's definition of Maturity: SEEING ONLY HIM IN ALL THINGS!
It's taken a few days to really work with the phrase seeing ONLY GOD.
It's something I do ...or aim to do ...instinctively.
That seems presumptious...but think about it. Hundreds of thousands, millions even have been baptised in the Spirit and have been learning over decades to approach God in Spirit and in Truth. I know there are many negatives, but the raw truth is that is what multitudes have been learning and are poised to export onto the streets and towns in the form of
learning the same walk now outside meetings. That's how the third level works. Praise God,it's not done quite like the charismatics pray for 5 hours, then walk around locked into praise mp3s fed through earphones, lest the evil demonic world grab you and seduce you away.
Thankfully it's easier than that, entering into what Norman calls the Freefall of faith, where we believe on the inside of us what the scriptures say about us...that it is Him as me.

Having got this off my chest, there is nevertheless a series of similar "arcs" of seeing God only going on. This is my comment on Facebook to what Rich wrote.
I really appreciate these sessions.Rich obviously gave me a prescreening of this, because we were chatting the other day. But do you notice how because we all see things a bit differently (and here I don't mean wrong and right,I mean God may have spoken to us similar things or similar angles from life experience or different verses) we kind of fire off each other! Now the effect on me as I reread these ideas this morning was this. And I think this is a cracker! Because of the wheels within wheels thing which I mention in Inrtroduction to the third level....this means that God is not only getting our "seeing right" in an arc which involves our lifetime, but the same but tighter circle is going on in every Spirit-filled meeting, in every genuine encounter individually with God or be it in every genuine praise encounter. Now only God can do this say with a meeting. Take a disparate group of individuals of all ages,coming fresh out of a weekful of activities and in the course of one meeting, and with His Presence falling, catch everyone up in One Flow,to one particular end for that one meeting with Him. And I just love that He does this for someone who is one day old just as one 60 years in the faith. How can He do that. Somehow we just get "caught up" in that realm which is the Eternal Now, which is always vibrant,active,doing something,to a purpose, all in an atmosphere of faith, of saying the Word actually in the throne room....which ofcourse must come to pass, cos it's Him. In one session , 29 years ago for example after the serial killer Yorkshire Ripper had scoffed at the police with tape messages of his exploits for two years or more, we were led to declare him caught. Within hours it was so!Totally amazing. But
ofcourse, we never know what God will catch us up in Himself to do. Now every meeting should be like this....and will be, as we learn that our daily walk does not have to be different either. At the moment in the charismatic level, as I was,I'd be leading in a meeting, prophesying, singing a new song, whatever....go out of the meeting and not knowing about the "independent self" switch, click right over into extremes I don't want to mention. I was desperate. But as soon as we "get" this He as us thing, we see Him in everything...or start to....and if we don't as Rich just wrote we have this confidence that God Himself will make it clear to us...not some rulebook. In practice though....get a Body of people walking as Him...we'll soon gently get nudging one another for things we're not seeing straight. I experienced the very first shoots of this (kind of a firstfruits move) from 1978-1984 living in Spirit filled community. A hothouse if there ever was one...except without the fine 3rd level scalpels we tended to bludgeon each other to death with the gift of suspicion.

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