Wednesday 30 June 2010

Poem : Play by Brian Coatney (today)


I can always hear from God

straight up,

but often it’s fun to hear Him

through you:

either is fine to do;

the nice thing about the latter way,

is that it’s one of God’s,

thus our, favorite ways to play.

When you don’t know

the straight-up way,

you chase ministers all the time,

frustrated not to get enough,

and this is not a crime, deliberately done,

but doesn’t sound the ultimate chime

of playing things either way.

The main thing is to hear;

yes, without that

one is always guessing,

seeking God’s will like

a dart game with the board

way too far away,

which I would find distressing.

God doesn’t make the game that hard;

serious workers do—

like I once was,

where if you make things too easy,

the game doesn’t fit one’s pride,

leaving one flapping around

without enough to do.

That might dangerously lead

to a look on the inside.

But when it’s OK to score every time,

dart to the bull’s-eye—

oh, not without tension,

and loads of suspense all along

(Please don’t consider those things wrong)—

then the game is always certain and fun,

without unbelief about the outcome

when all is said and done.


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