Tuesday 8 June 2010

Holiness now - and Susie Golman Cox on The level that is Christ

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Note to Rich Novek Have you connected seeing God only and holiness?
The scriptures talk of the day when even the pots and pans will be holy unto the Lord.The old idea of certain activities being holy is crazy.I've known for some time in Timothy about being sanctified/set apart as vessels for the master's use and seen that holiness was just like a washbowl or bucket set aside for a more glorious special use. But if you put that concept with Christ living His life as me and with seeing God only and seeing and doing no more than God....to use your phrase...you begin to see how dynamic and powerful holiness is.Jesus learned the set apart pace of life in normal non ministry life...we think...as a carpenter.For 30 hidden years.But everything He learned then prepared Him for things later on....like when not to and when to go up to the Feast of booths in John 7.Like when not to go to Martha and Mary when Lazarus died then 3 days later when to go!!! Every single facet of streamlining our life down to doing only what He is doing,the so called narrow way,builds in us an incredible authority....presumably because we are under authority....but it's the Melchizedek order....not a human organisational structure.Holiness is just not like we ever imagined it would be.


My Status post
Linear thinking is a useful tool, but if you live from it, there's a word for that...autism.
Linear thinking in British Christianity works like this.Prophecy isn't true, so any fulfilled prophecy" must literally be written after the event, so the gospels must've been written 100 years afterwards.(Totally circular argume...nt)Linear thinking in redneck Christianity works like this. Israel good,Palestinians bad. Let's nuke 'em. This is no different from the disciples "Do you want us to call down fire from heaven down on that village Lord?". "You don't know of what spirit you are" Jesus replied.Love does not operate from the left-brain. It empathises with complexities even if it can't always articulate why.
Susie Golmon Cox ~"It empathises with complexities even if it can't always articulate why." Yes, thats it. It certainly does!

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Kyle Yordy FINALLY!!!
A feasible explanation as to why the world has gone mad.
Thank you Mr. Welch, this has actually started my day of very well. =)
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Chris Welch Call me Chris! Yes, the line of command runs like a wire chainlinking everyone's left brain through terror.If through Christ or creative/artistic bolshiness you can stand back long enough,you get to hear what God is really saying.World Government can only be built because forehead (probably leftside and hand) have already been dedicated to their ... See moreuse...mark of the beast runs right through linear thought to the willing hand that has dedicated itself already to do what the leftbrain tells it.We however are told to trust in the Lord with all our heart...not rely on our insight as the world do...to acknowledge Him in absolutely everything and surprise surprise He makes straight our paths. Its weird how humanism gets us to walk its leftbrain designed straight paths but ends up in a morass of stupid knots deadends and unforeseen consequences.

4 hours ago · Susie Golmon Cox Very good Mr.Welch, I mean. Chris! Lol! It always comes back to the fact that its Christ's real life living on the inside of us expressing Himself to accomplish His administration of the Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth. Once we get our little left side of our brain going to try and do this...its all left turns and NO HEART! Christ both HAS the heart for us and His administration of His Love and He IS the Heart of His administration of Love. We just can't think apart from His mind with which He thinks with, which is an expression of what His heart 'Is' and expect to make it. Its an utterly ridiculous notion.
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Chris Welch Wisdom and knowledge, never just the amassing of knowledge.Think about how little knowledge knows about wisdom.Think about that.Apart from philosophy which university does a course on wisdom? Yet by wisdom do rulers reign.You'd think itd be quite important then?

3 hours ago · Chris Welch How come I've got to do a blog on the third level? There's a wisdom gap in all the seminaries.They have tons of Bible knowledge but at no point were pastors sat down and told "ofcourse you realise 1John 2:12ff tells us there is another level...." Its a fundamental wisdom gap in the church....and its what happens when you run church on knowledge and not Christ who is made unto us wisdom.
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Susie Golman Cox
"The level that you speak of is Christ Himself.When He is everywhere,what makes a person 'capable' of talking 'about' Him while He is sitting in the room right next to us, or better yet,is inside of us,as our Life, unnoticed? For, its not really possible to separate the knowledge of Him from Him. Its an utterly ridiculous lie believed, that gets us to separate our knowledge 'of' God 'from' Him. In reality,when one is spiritually discerning, its not possible to separate the knowledge of Him from Him.Once the knowledge of Him comes..we have to 'do' something with it. We have come in contact with The Person of Whom the knowledge is about and a decision must be made.So this separation only happens in our minds! Christ IS Present in all of His Glory,Power and wisdom.The angels,who are in the presence of The Lord 24/7 probably wonder how and why we 'do' this. It can only happen in the 'mind' of a person in which the Light of Truth is not prevailing in that instant.Or in some cases for a lonnnnng instant!(Thats not funny,that is very sad when this happens) Not saying they are not born again.But we are all in the process of 'having the light of Truth turned up' in our MINDS. We must realize though,that it is the wisdom of God to have brought us into union with Christ Himself because He IS the only Life there is..."I Am the Life". It is the wisdom of God to have had us to 'receive' Christ. So now we have His mind and access of His wisdom 24/7...as our continual supply.Wow! Our portion of God's wisdom is infinite and limitless! He,Who IS wisdom knew that we would need a constant Helper to help us stay in touch with the constant flow of the wisdom of God, Who is Christ within Whom He has given us to be our Source for ALL things. So He put within us that One,The Holy Spirit Who would ceaselessly and tirelessly and continually work in and with our minds illuminating Christ to us when we have believed a lie or forgotten,become distracted,discouraged,and any other myriad of reasons that would temporarily block the Light of Christ and His wisdom within us."

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