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Part One of How can you tell a 2nd level church ?- (and how, thankfully the Holy Spirit completely ignores the restrictions) Chris Welch

from a Facebook note this week....
The Kingdom Comes
In the beginning of the Kingdom there was a lone prophet called John, standing in the wilderness sent to proclaim its coming.
Jesus said of John, of the sons of men there is none greater, but even the least in the Kingdom would be greater.
There was nothing greater about the apostles. They were all ordinary guys. What made them "greater" than John was that this was "the time appointed" for the activation of the Kingdom of God through the "0n" switch that was the manifest life of the second Person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ who grew up in Nazareth.

The three training years with Jesus was a collapsed form of the complete revelation that is
the revelation of God as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Anybody who has anything to do with God as one "willing" and "hungry" will find themselves on a kind of Divine seminary course where God will transplant into you
in different times
in different ways
in different orders
over different lengths of time periods
in different , unique manifestations
the revelation of the God of Abraham - God who is our faith and justification apart from works, and our introduction to the Melchizedek order and the faith life in general
the revelation of the God of Isaac- which is the grace manifestation of supernatural wells of salvation and power - the powers of the age to come - baptism in the Holy Spirit and anointings- some we have seen- many wacky ones still to come
the revelation of the God of Jacob - where God takes you on deeper supernatural roads - but where He deals with the very root of your identity - where like Jacob also - the most profound hunger takes place in you to want to be "of that eternal Company who seeks the face of the God of Jacob AND YOU PREVAIL - having your name, your root identity completely changed by a new revelation of the Cross.

Churches,assemblies,groups of Christians are no different.
The most helpful picture of this is given by Ezekiel when he describes the workings of God, the very atmosphere of his functionings, as WHEELS within WHEELS.

If you are in a church you are somewhere in this route march at a corporate level.
Historically we are somewhere in this arc of revelation too. But this is on a global, much wider fulfilment.

It is hopeless. from a perspective of justification to compare John the Baptist with the Kingdom.
His unique role was to round up the previous order and announce the new.
It is hopeless to look at a 1700s saint, praying for 6 months with fasting, for an inner confirmation of salvation, to draw any firm conclusions about our commitment and his or her commitment. the fact that they were prepared to stand alone - to stick out among their peers- to seek God with desperation at a time when most of London were drunkards and an amazing comment on who they were.

But, that, at least in the living part of today's church, we don't now have to do that, but simply respond to a gospel message, is just a comment on how the faith level for an experience of salvation has risen over the 300 years since.

Church history IS NOT the account of God’s failure.
I wrote to someone the other day that the "apparent" failure of Church history is not failure at all really.
God has a Divine filter system called His Son Jesus. Church history, like a massive Romans 7 sweep, is a record of us trying to "do" Christianity. Largely, it hasn't passed the Jesus filter test. But without the "trying" we would never have found what DIDNT work.

The Divine seed of the gospel of the revelation of Jesus Christ, had after its initial blooming, to fall again into the ground in order to rise again in a completely unhindered form. For as free as the initial churches were, including the penetration by Paul and others into huge swathes of Asia Minor, India,Africa,and Europe, the seeds of the original outward form: Judaism were still present.

In the Old Testament and on into Jesus own life in Judea, we are presented with both:
the pure streams of revelation coming through the main Biblical chracters
as well as the BAD things, even in the heroes such as David, Noah, and Moses.
We see also, later in Israel's history the "mad desire" to have a King,to be like other nations, to succomb again to Pyramid living. "It's not you they have rejected Samuel, it is I the Lord"
We see the structures, the strictures...the complicated adherences to "tithing dill, mint and cumin" while missing altogether simply looking after those around you. All this Jesus railed against.

So, Church history, far from being a foundation Pillar for Dawkins-style atheism, should be seen in the context of Jesus' own parable.
The (good)Farmer sows His seed in the field, then an Enemy comes at night and plants his wicked seed.In this case the seed of "earning your salvation","works religion". Counter-intuitively, both seed types are to be left in the same field to grow up together. Why? Because of the law that "by these fruits shall ye know them". In other words, because of this law of outer manifestation of inward realities,the contrast would be EVEN more stark than if they were in separate fields, and by it, the good seed becomes even more resilient.
This same methodology has been used on Jewish history. The very God-hatred that is centered on the Jew for bearing the Name of God through history, has meant that when they leave their furnaces of affliction - be it pogroms in Russia or Ausschwitz or wherever scattered....normal life is a they rise to the cream of the crop in intellectual life, creative media, science,educatiion and government. The very idiocy perpetrated against them as they stand for God's Name and calling in the Earth, actually aids the fulfiment of those same prophecies given millennia ago. This is the Joseph principle we see in his life in Genesis, rising instead of falling, to become 2nd in command in Egypt itself.
Does this mean we should continue persecuting God's natural Israel just so they are more able to fulfil scripture? No way!Have you seen the equally valid prophetic scriptures which describe the end of those who lay a finger on Israel? Look them up.

The Death of the Church Seed
So the revelation of Christ as expressed through "the Vision of the Glorious Church,His Bride" had, itself to go into the ground and die.
Every trace of good idea.

Tradition of man.Way of man.Theory of what Christianity was.Human tendency to go down into Egypt and borrow a set of steeds for going out and doing battle humanly...
had to crash down in failure as it collided with some immutable verses of scripture
"Not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit" says the Lord
"Neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem shall they worship Me, but in time to come people will worship in Spirit and in Truth."
and of the final cry as the capstone is heaved into place with the shouts of "Grace to it, Grace to it".

And in the midst of the middle ages rubble , the very first glimpse of a stalk broke through the surface of the parched spiritual desert. Just as hard as it is to imagine that 2 merged and rapidly dividing cells can ever form themselves into a human being, so it is hard to imagine that from a simple declaration of faith from Martin Luther....that we are justified by faith alone....could be the signal throughout the Earth for a return of the spiritual tide.

And little by little in God's timing dashes of revelation have been coming down out of heaven. With each revelation comes a tearing, a breaking away from the mediaeval atrocity that the church had become.

What is the nature of this revelation? It is the UNENCUMBERED heavenly blue print that is the fulfilment of the Word Jesus prophesied...they shall worship in Spirit and Truth. Because, like Paul's prefiguring writings, the teachings and revelations come pure out of heaven
they don't come by Man
they are not tainted with University degrees
they are not infested with ecclesiastical baggage
and they are above all quite simple, but contain within them the Power of God.
They contain the very means needed to get us from stage A to the next stage B.

How is this described in the book of Hebrews? Paul talks of the "Heavenly Tabernacle".

The heavenly Tabernacle
Christians through lack of revelation, think of the Tabernacle as an old Testament Pattern that Jesus fulfilled and did away with.
When, as recent key of David meetings have been revealing, the heavenly Tabernacle is God's House. It's where He's always dwelt. The earthly Old testament pattern was a rather weak and weedy graphic example of the heavenly original.

I insert this paragraph about David Swan's "Moving Into the Holy of Holies" not because I learned this information through him. I ,like many in our generation have had to learn by gleaning what we could from third level ministries who could squeeze through the filter system of a UK charismatic movement run in the main by clever leftbrain souls who unfortunately came into a leadership vacuum before they had actually progressed far in the Spirit themselves. But better they did, and hold the thing together while we were learning, rather than the even more hidebound denominational systems on the Continent of Europe.I picked this one up off a RiverCamp bookstall last summer. (This year Heidi Baker will be among those speaking) This book is rare in that perhaps even more than the George Warnock material, it captures just about every Bible picture and reference to the three stages of growth. See also this post from the book
If you've asked Jesus into your heart, then today you have to do with the heavenly and first and only real version.....the True Tabernacle not made with hands. Each piece of furniture represents a piece of pure revelation that has been given by the Holy Spirit in His time scale, at the appointed time, to those hungry for the Now Word of Jesus in the Earth.
Martin Luther and others uncovered Faith apart from works: the First and Only way of entering God's House through the work accomplished by Jesus at the Cross.The Brazen Altar.
Next came the Anabaptists who rediscovered Water baptism by immersion for believers only. This is God's pattern for baptism as represented by the Laver...where we are washed clean...both in baptism as the outward sign and inwardly by the "washing of water with the word".

Francois DuToit has been writing a version of the Bible as “mirror”.
Mirror is the Laver which shows us the Jesus who now lives inside us and as we behold this Jesus that is the mirror of the Eternal Jesus at the right hand of God the Father, so we are changed from one degree of glory to another. See my blogpost here to learn more:
As Terrible as An Army with Banners
Beyond these two pieces which are in the Outer Court, is the second area of the tabernacle: The Holy Place. There is no natural light here. The only light is the candlestand. This whole area marks out the area of the supernatural church.
This was marked in history at the beginning of the 20th century with the birth of the Pentecostal church, then as the ideas began to break into the traditional denominations, what came to be known as the charismatic movement. This later became the new independent churches who explored these areas more thoroughly.

Gradually, as first Pentecostal forerunners like George Warnock found in the 1950s,
as Gene Edwards was to discover as an evangelist at the same time
then later The Move under Sam Fife,
as Mother Basilea Schlink was discovering in their unique non-charismatic Lutheran community in Darmstadt,
as Ed Miller found as he sought God alone, as a missionary in Argentina,
and as Norman Grubb found as he in turn tried to define in his books what it was that marked out the bible men of history and present day extraordinary Christians in many books culminating with “Yes I am” linked to on my blog…..

THERE WAS A WHOLE UNDISCOVERED THIRD AREA or LEVEL that the present day church knew nothing of corporately…but that individuals had been entering into for generations, and sometimes leaving writings for us, namely Jacob Boehme, Fenelon, Madame Guyon, Brother Lawrence and so on and so on.
What are the shortcomings of the secondlevel church ? Part Two looks into this.
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