Monday 13 September 2010

Luke 16:8 - for the sons of this age are more shrewd

Luke 16:8 "for the sons of this age are more shrewd in relation to their own kind than the sons of light."

I am not going to write a big post here. In an upcoming post I want to put together many many strands. Strands from all the key posts of other writers, and my own blog material. Spiritual stuff can be incredibly fluffy until it is keyed into definite real world events.

Recently I wrote that the Birth of the Church was in Acts 2, but , unlike the story you'll get from most Pentecostals and charismatics, who have this annoying habit of being more spiritual than the actual anointing of God....(when anyone dares to say anything non-fluffy and dark, they assume someone has a deep harbored bitterness that must be prayed for) well, Acts 2 is set in two contexts:
the questions raised by a huge cacophany in a usually subdued religious place
and secondly, preaching referring directly to the Shadow in which this event occurs, namely

Well in the coming post I want to talk about how the real Life of Christ is birthed in a believer in our real world. And what better background than exploring our real time history. This history is not nice. Roman history was not nice. But Paul still advocated "Pray first and foremost for all rulers...." What nice rulers? No, he didn't specify.

Because nice or nasty they are God's rulers. Rulers put in place in this Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil world to hold the framework together

TO GET THEIR INTERNAL ACTS TOGETHER. This whole Law, judgment framework is the schoolmaster to lead us to Christ.

My background
Daniel Yordy sent a post about Jewish history, and this of necessity raises issues concerning Financial history, the Illuminati, the Jewish hexagonal star flag and centuries of splits and scattering among the nations of the earth as was originally prophesied by Moses.
The first thing I heard as a convert was about the Common Market being a front for a political entity that was to be Europe. Anybody who talked openly about this in 1972 was laughed out of court, because Ted Heath had lied to Britain. Some say the English equivalent of Jay Leno and Letterman at the time, a man called Simon Dee had happened to disagree with the Common market at a BBC Party. His programme was shut off. Everybody wondered where he disappeared to.

This post will recommend you reading a website history of Europe for those who do not know about these issues. But first in passing I want to refer to that other symbol of the world's power, the Mafia. In recent years I tuned a piano for an opera singer in Sussex. I asked him why he'd want to return to England when the best country for opera had to be Italy.

He told me. One morning he had entered the Opera House as usual and been struck by the odd atmosphere. Why was everyone looking so odd? He was told that the Opera director had just been found dead , strung up in Mafia fashion from a high beam. There had been a disagreement over paying protection money. He also told me he'd heard that the Opera House that had been burned down famously, had been another mafia issue, and that worse still, they were behind the construction firm that rebuilt it.
We're not talking movies here. We are talking Chris Welch, little old Englander, looking a deeply shocked man squarely in the eyes, and feeling as a result, transmitted shock.

One of the times we are told Jesus felt this, was the death of His own cousin - John the Baptist.
These are times when the seeming bottomless pit of evil just yawns open. Yet just so much greater is God's Power.
The article
In this linked article you will learn
the Names of all the 12 Banks who own the Federal Reserve
the Masonic Origins of the Great Seal of the United States
why the Bauer dynasty were already so significant in Germany
the connection between the Red Sign, the hexagram, and the Star of David,more accurately Solomon who backslid, later perhaps referred to in Amos 5:6 as the star god.
how Mayer Amschel Bauer began the Rothchild dynasty
how this Rothschild family are inextricably linked with a Satanic purpose
how this may be one meaning of the words "those who say they are Jews but are not"
how through exclusive family membership and control, embezzlement and fraud,and a policy of utter closedness to outer scrutiny the Rothschilds built up and extended their fortune
how they are linked to every major war in the last centuries : Napoleonic,American Civil War,Russian Revolution,World War 1 and its draconian aftermath,Aryanism,socialism,Nazism, the creation of the State of Israel, the rise of Europe and the New World order
How the Ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel will not serve in the Israeli army because they know that Almighty God was not behind the creation of modern Israel
the importance of the Mizraim Lodge in France
the connection between the Rockefellers,the Rothschilds and the Illuminati
the Mountbattens involvement

Many writers refer to the "supernatural" skill with which the bankers seem to anticipate events and markets, profiting enormously. It is almost reassuring to note that one of the first coups Mayer Amschel pulled off was one of the oldest and most current as well. Find a celeb and hang onto their coat tails. By pulling off relatively simple deals with Prince William of Hanau , he gained permission to display "By Royal Appointment to".

Broadwood Pianos did this! So have Steinway ever since. And this was the first rocket that shot the Rothschilds into orbit.

Beloved saints. As the Holy Spirit permits, we can use certain legitimate ruses too in business. But bullying, underhand dealings, violence...basically all the descriptions listed as evil in Proverbs and the Psalms.....we don't need. Because, having the "power to make wealth" resting in us as a blessing, and having the Creator anointing us with incredible creativity is enough. Plus having diligence, steadfastness, gifts of faith and forward vision ourselves.....we can, if needs be, survive like Moses,Abraham,and Jacob with only a few sheep for decades in a desert. Worldly people cannot.Rose Weiner ( a Jew herself) calls these "bramble men". They exist only to twist and entwine themselves around another's strength. To suck the original dry and move onto another victim only to do the same.In short, for all their power amassed by violence and usurping what is not theirs....put them in a desert and they are useless!



We have the Word of Power in our hearts and confessed by our lips. We are not pathetic, though that is exactly how it looks to "the Pride of Life".We died to the Pride of Life.The greatest riches in the whole universe ever were won by the Lamb slain at the precise moment He hung there in powerlessness.
Looking absolutely ridiculous, beaten to a pulp yet sporting a crown made of thorns,and then, jeered at by a leering crowd : "You said you could save others, but you can't even save yourself".At that precise moment all history folded. A freeze frame of that shot was taken and will be played back eternally, but most significantly to a judged devil.

For that freeze frame moment DID NOT JUDGE JESUS

It declared the devil righteously judged

And rightfully robbed of what he thought was his - the whole of Mankind!

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Kathy said...

Hi Chris. I really like this blog. What you said about those one's would not be able to survive in a desert with only a few sheep for years but we could. We are not pathetic. I have for a long time used "lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and pride of life" as a kind of a gage for myself. All things of the flesh fall under one of these three. I stopped wanting to be something in this world (pride of life) long ago. I used to vision myself years ago as a successful artist. I have no interest in that now. Anything for me now must come through God's favor. Or nothing. I have for a long time read about or researched illuminati, rothchilds. Bilderburgs. They all believe they have control of the world. But just as Jesus said to pilot. They only have the power God allows them to have.