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A Recent History of Psalm 24: Part 2 Havant Conference 2008

Some time ago I imagined this light-hearted image:
Pearl Schwarz and Andy Buzznik both prepared themselves for the evening report. One of the spinoffs from the Hadron Collider was that at a tremendous cost Time Travel was now possible. As nations clubbed together the billions needed for the rare excursion they could afford, it had fallen on the luck of Nightly CVS News Anchors Pearl and Andy to return to a significant date in history, record the event then return. There was only one date imaginable and unanimously chosen by poll: the day of Jesus Resurrection. So Pearl and Andy stood a few meters from the Garden Tomb.
"Well this seems to be about it. Any moment Jesus is going to appear and according to the testimony of many bystanders over the following days be seen alive after 3 days in this tomb."
"I know , Pearl....this so exciting."
"Only we want to do it right."
"That's right Pearl."
"I mean Jesus c'mon! If this is all true we want a proper evaluation of the event. It was a really cool stunt you pulled off there, but your marketing of the event was lousy. So let's hope we can pull this off. Anything's better than the job Jesus did. Being able to return to this event helps us in our day, but we can bring our whole expertise to this day too."
Someone shouted , "Cameras ready to roll....any time now..."
Andy asked "Pearl. Was that your creative festooning around the mouth of the tomb there? The one with the letters "Welcome back Son of God" "Sure was Andy. Back in New York we'd have had more of a team of creatives, but I thought we could at least manage that."
" It's early still, the stone appears rolled to one side, you reckon we've got enough extra lighting pointing at the tomb when the two Mary's go inside?"
"We've got enough lighting to light a Broadway stage'll be fine." "How about the music?" "We're getting a special orchestral number done by John Williams when we get back and we'll put it as a backing track. It's going to be a spectacular. A sellout smash in every TV station on Earth...can you imagine?" " That's great Pearl...let's just hope we can pull this's just too expensive to ever be able to afford a second take..." " Anything will be an improvement on being mistaken for a gardner Andy. We know what we're doing....OK let's take our positions...." END AC Welch
Has anyone ever wondered why such a key event as the resurrection, marked by prophecies hundreds of years before, was such a low key affair?
Any atheist who spouts forth his usual dung about God needing to be praised because of a fragile ego...needs to be sat in a chair and forced to reflect on this whole event.
If God was humanly constructed, a lot more of the resurrection day would have been around the supernature of this superman Jesus, heralded and acclaimed. There would be no question of being mistaken for a gardner. I mean there's low key.....and there's God. In the Spirit the whole Cross Weekend determines the legal right for all humans to reenter God's Presence, but as a natural event it played out "outside a city wall", in much the same tone that Jesus first a stable at the back of a hotel with no vacancies. Completely off the radar of most in their daily lives.

Why would these things be so?
Jesus was resurrected on the day that a wave offering of a sheaf of corn was waved before the Altar in the Temple. He was that first sheaf at Passover. But that was all it was. One sheaf.

The resurrection of Jesus, even followed by his ascension watched by a relatively small group of people, was low key. These events were not about Jesus. These events were for us. Jesus never sinned. Not one of these events was for His benefit. They were for ours. These events, so heralded...naturally every main denomination.... were not the goal. As the Jewish Feast calendar shows...
Passover is just the entry point. The initial point de depart of the real thing Jesus was always after. Oh, you mean the coming of the Spirit at Acts 2?
No, I don't mean the coming of the Spirit at Acts 2. That was Pentecost, the second Feast.
No, I mean the Feast of Tabernacles was what the whole thing was ALWAYS ABOUT.
God, tabernacling full-time among His people.
Having a generation who knew how to live in Jesus in the same way that Jesus lived IN THE FATHER.
Having a people that know how to ascend the hill of the Lord. Who know how to open the Gates that the King of Glory Come In.....THOSE Ancient doors.....locked since the beginning of man's days on the Earth....

and to show forth to Principalities and Powers the exceeding great glory now made manifest in the Church
Here and Now
On Earth. Because "I am He that changeth not" . God is and He is a rewarder of those that seek Him. He is an ....Is-er, He always was an Is-er....and that was why He got so annoyed with Martha....
What do you mean the last day Martha...I am the resurrection and the Life...let's do it now. Let's raise your brother Lazarus.

So this is why in 2008 Peter's message on Psalm 24 brought a whole new light. It turned the tables on Ern Baxter's message which was about Jesus, the firstborn among many brethren...... From now on Psalm 24 was going to be about US

2008 Peter Stott - Havant Glory Conference Message- transcribed here introduced the theme that we, the brethren of Jesus, are now opening those gates of Glory here on Earth. The prayer of Jesus was after all "Thy Kingdom Come". Ern's message before and after Kansas City was always that Jesus has ascended on high and the Father told Him to sit at the righthand of the Father and reign UNTIL all His enemies are made His footstool.....and he's not coming back UNTIL....

The Gates of hell shall NOT prevail against the Church. In a small way, we saw this in the Gates of Communism NOT prevailing against the prayers, particularly of the Polish saints in the 80s. The whole wall came down around them.

Perhaps this whole blog should rather be called Psalm 24 WATCH

then we saw

Helen Rubio and The Russian Dolls

Those following this blog will already have tucked inside them some key references Helen made here at the same 2008 Conference

Firstly," I felt that God showed me there was a correlation between this (praise) journey and our own spiritual being. And what I saw is that right in the middle there we have the spirit. Then here we have the soul, the will and emotions.And outside you have got the physical body. So the body is kind of like the first heaven where we dwell in our physical reality…The emotion or soulish area relates to the area of spiritual warfare. Then the spiritual area of me is where God dwells. But it is not an outside place. It’s an inside place."

and secondly "You know God’s way of doing spiritual warfare is radically different to the way we think spiritual warfare is done. I have been in so many meetings where there is lots of shouting…and I’m not saying there isn’t a place for that…but in those days that was all our understanding of spiritual warfare was. I want to read you what I believe is God’s definition of spiritual warfare...John 14:9 .."I am in the Father and the Father is in me.....(and following)

Then last Monday two things happened

I received more clarity on the importance of the mind in relation to Psalm 24,and simultaneously Daniel Yordy posted a post on Psalm 24.

I posted this on facebook with reference to Psalm 24

Jorge Pradas and Ed Miller taught us that every time the saints meet there is a key or keys, find the keys and its like Chronicles the glory of God comes down. Things have moved on 30 years,everyone's grown a bit, so the Key of David meetings(Havant) are consistently like this in increasing measure.A few weeks ago I understood this key in terms of Genesis 1 and Psalm 24.That in God we are speaking into different parts of the void each meeting and saying" Let there be Light and Let some more Kingdom Come.Let the King of Glory Come in"

Even before Acts 2, Jesus and the disciples invaded towns with the Presence of God declaring "Let the Kingdom of God come among you." Well for 40 years we've done meetings like this but now we are to do life like this.

Every day has a key. Christ's Life in us knows that key. Because we used to believe there were 3 existences,my life,a separate Christ life and the sin life we have wasted years, dissipating Christs life in keys in the Romans 8 safe tumbler lock never fell, so here we are still with a world not too different from when the Spirit was outpoured. But the time of ignorance is passing.When we live believing we are Christ in our form,we don't have to go searching for demons....situations hunt us out.Often we're in incredible weakness.Not life how we'd choose...but if we don't take that way out...that self medicating way and( instead )see things through and watch what Christ is doing....we see doors open ...from nowhere. The tumblers in the lock have turned!

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