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Who is Francois Du Toit?

A few from Havant are going to Haywards Heath (UK), the home of Andre and Mary-Ann Rabe tonight to meet and hear the South African Francois Du Toit who we have come to know a little on Here are some words from his profile page and some information about his mirror translation.
Francois:People often ask me how we got started in this wonderful mirror message. There are many moments of reflection and impression that quickened our understanding and appreciation of the success of the cross; our parents and others have laid such a sure foundation in demonstrating the simplicity of the love of God and his initiative to bring about closeness and friendship;
but I must mention two outstanding moments that are deeply impressed in my memory: The first was during our honeymoon in January 1979 in the Bourke’s Luck area in Mpumalanga. Lydia and I met a nature conservation officer who told us how they released a Black eagle that was in the Pretoria zoo for ten years. This happened about a week prior to our visit. She told us how excited they were when the bird finally arrived in its wooden crate. They knew that this was the day for this eagle to be freed and to return to the life of its design. But their excitement soon turned to frustration when, after opening the cage, the bird just would not fly! They realised that the ten years of caged life trapped this poor birds mind in an invisible enclosure! How could they get the eagle to realise that it was indeed free. After some hours the bird suddenly looked up, and in the distance they heard the call of another eagle; immediately the zoo-eagle took off in flight! No flying lessons are required when truth is realised!

This story gives such clarity and content to the fact that Jesus came to the planet not to upgrade the cage of Jewish or any other religion by starting a new brand called, the Christian religion; but to be the incarnate voice of the likeness and image of God in human form! He came to reveal and redeem the image of God in us! His mission was to mirror the blueprint of our design, not as an example for us but of us! Col.1:15, 2:9,10.
In God’s faith mankind is associated in Christ even before the foundation of the world. Jesus died humanity’s death and when the stone was rolled away, we were raised together with him! Every human life is fully represented in him! Hosea 6:2.
If the gospel is not the voice of the free eagle it is not the gospel.

The second vivid memory encounter that moulded this message in me was a few years later (1983) when I was asked to pastor a church in White River, Mpumalanga. Until that time I was preaching in the schools of Kangwane and would speak only once or perhaps twice a week to the same audience. I felt a bit worried at the thought that I would now have to speak to the same group of people almost daily. One morning I was specifically praying about this when God reminded me of the five loaves and two fish miracle. I realised that Jesus just continued to multiply the same five loaves and two fish! He did not at some point run out and then had to ask for a few more fish or another loaf!
I suddenly felt a strong urge to read 2 Corinthians 5. I already knew verse 17 off by heart but my eyes were drawn to verse 16. It felt like I was reading it for the first time in my life! When I read the first line I started weeping as God began to open my understanding to what it was that caused Paul to say, “From now on therefore...” That morning became my personal, “From now on therefore” moment! “From now on therefore, I no longer know anyone after the flesh!” Wow, I mean Paul was so aware of people’s natural pedigrees; even his own prominent lineage dwarfed into insignificance when he realised that whoever he was by natural birth died when Jesus died. One has died for all can only mean that all have died!” I was totally overwhelmed with this thought and realised that this simple calculation was the only possible conclusion of the gospel according to God’s economy. No wonder then that Paul could encourage Titus to speak evil of no man, to avoid quarrelling and to show perfect courtesy towards all men; for we ourselves were once ignorant! Titus 3:2-5. The only difference is in what we know to be true about us! What is true in him is equally true in us! 1John2:7,8.
This message has set the stage for New Testament ministry! When Jesus motivated his own ministry nothing could better illustrate his mission but the three parables of Luke 15. The stories of the lost sheep, coin and son clearly confirm original ownership and the fact that their lost condition did not cancel their original value! From there Paul’s urgency, “the love of Christ constrains me.” 2 Cor. 5:14.
In the most dramatic fashion God persuades Peter to no longer call any man unholy or unclean! Acts 10:28. The Lamb of God has taken away the sin of the world! It is about time that the good news of great joy is proclaimed with bold clarity!
Mankind is the property of God! Psalm 24:1.
It is so important to ponder the Genesis of it all, where did we begin? How awesome to consider that he knew us before. Our brief history on this planet did not introduce us to him! We are his love dream…how easy it becomes then to understand the gospel and why our father paid a non negotiable price to redeem his own!... He bought the whole field because of the treasure it holds! Jer 1:5, 2 Cor 4:7

The Mirror Translation is a paraphrase translation from the original text.
While strictly following the literal meaning of the original text, sentences are
constructed in such a way that the larger meaning is continually
emphasised with extensions and some clarifying notes are included in
brackets or at the end of the book.
This is more a paraphrase study than a "literal" translation. When I do the
Mirror Translation I continue to look not just at the detail of every individual
Greek word but also at the consistent context of the whole chapter and
book. Then obviously the context of Jesus and His finished work which is
what the message of the Bible is all about. Thank God for the Spirit of truth
who continues to bear witness with our spirits to the amazing truth of our
origin and redeemed sonship.
THEME: The Sabbath Rest, the celebration of a perfect union.
(Righteousness by faith)
In Christ the Sabbath Rest is no longer a shadow, a special holy day in the
week, but the celebration of a perfect redemption; the exact image and
likeness of God revealed and redeemed in human form; it is the place of
God’s unhindered enjoyment of man, and man’s unhindered enjoyment of
Under the dispensation of the law of performance, Israel failed to access the
Sabbath of God, and remained snared in the futility of their own efforts to
justify themselves.
Heb.4:6 It is clear then that the opportunity remains to enter into that
which Israel failed to access because of their unbelief, even though they
were the first to hear the good news of God’s intention to restore mankind
to the very same Sabbath rest that Adam and they (Israel) lost. (The basis
of the Sabbath is the celebration of God’s image and likeness revealed in
human form. Jesus as God’s final word to mankind is the radiance and
flawless expression of the nature of God; He gives stature to the character
and person of God in human form. Gen.1:26, 27, Heb.1:3)
4:7 So here (in the Psalms) again many years later, God specifies an
extended opportunity when He announces in David's prophecy, "today in
hearing my voice, don't do it with a calloused heart, be faith sensitive." (In
this context the seventh day is no longer a special day in the week, or
calendar concept but a ‘today’ relevance; as Jesus said, “today this
scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” Note not on your calendar.Luk.4:21)
4:8 If Joshua, who led the new generation of Israel out of the wilderness
(where their parents died through unbelief,) succeeded to lead them into
the final Rest that God intended for them, then David would not so many
years later have spoken of yet another day (that still remains as an open
invitation to mankind to enter into their rest, the life of their design. This
confirms that the history of Israel was a mere shadow and prophetic type of
that Promise which was to come.)
Ó Copyright Francois du Toit 2008
4:9 The conclusion is clear the original rest that God intended is still in
4:10 God’s rest celebrates His finished work, whoever enters into God’s rest
immediately quits his own efforts to add to or complement what God has
already perfected. (The language of the law is “do”; the language of grace is
4:11Let us therefore be quick to understand and fully appropriate that rest
and not fall again into the same trap that snared Israel in unbelief.
4:12 (The moment we cease from our own efforts to justify ourselves,
God’s word takes over the action; what God spoke to us in the incarnation,
His final Word, radiating His image and likeness (1:1-3) powerfully impacts
our whole being, body, soul and spirit) what He spoke becomes a living and
powerful influence in us, cutting like a doctor’s scalpel, sharper than a
soldier’s sword, piercing to the deepest core of human conscience, to the
division of soul and spirit, ending the dominance of the sense realm of the
soul and its neutralising effect upon the human spirit; thus freeing the spirit
to be the ruling influence again in the thoughts and intentions of the heart.
(Spirit and not soul is compatible to mingle with faith, 4:2)
No distortion due to disease of any kind can hide from the voice of His Word
which touches even where joint and bone morrow meets.
4:13 The whole person is thoroughly exposed to His scrutinizing gaze. Every
creature’s original form is on record in the Word. (Representing God’s desire
to find accurate display of His image and likeness in man.)
4:14 In the message of the incarnation we have Jesus the Son of God
representing humanity in the highest place of spiritual authority as High
Priest; what God has spoken to us in Him is the final word that also now
echoes in the declaration of our confession.
4:15 As High Priest He fully identifies with us in the context of frail human
life, subjected to every scrutiny, He proved that the human frame was
master to sin. His sympathy with us is not to be seen as an excuse to
weakness due to a faulty design but rather a trophy to humanity; not as an
example for us but of us; a life not to be pitied but envied.
4:16 For this reason we can approach the Throne authority of grace with
bold utterance where we are welcome in His embrace and are reinforced
with immediate effect in times of trouble. (boe theia, to be reinforced,
specifically a rope or chain for frapping a vessel in a storm.)
5:12 By now you (Jewish people) should have been professors to teach the
rest of the world, but you still struggle with the ABC of God’s language in
Christ. (Heb.1:1-3) The difference between the prophetic shadow and
substance is like milk and meat in your diet. You cannot live on baby food
for the rest of your lives!
5:13 The revelation of righteousness (how God succeeded to restore
mankind to blameless innocence in Christ) is the meat of God’s word. Babes
live on milk, (the shadow of what is to come) so does everyone who is not
pierced in the ear of their heart with the revelation of Christ.
10:38 Righteousness by faith gives definition to life; to now revert back into
the law of works driven by willpower is an insult to faith.
10:39 But we are not the quitting kind; we possess a persuasion of soul
that believes against the odds.
Ó Copyright Francois du Toit 2008
Righteousness gives context and definition to faith.
Faith is so much more than positive thinking or even believing God for
another miracle.
We have often attempted to decipher life either like a Rubik’s riddle cube or
we have reduced our walk of faith to a snakes and ladder adventure, where
the fall of the dice dictates.
The difference between positive thinking and faith is in its reference. While
positive thinking can motivate you to strive to become and to possess, faith
reveals who you already are and have in Christ because of God’s doing.
“God desires to show more convincingly to the heirs of the promise the
unchangeable character of His purpose.” Heb.6:17 (RSV)
There is a vast difference between a display window and a mirror. The one
keeps you entertained in window shopping mode, while the other confirms
the truth about you as it is revealed in Christ.
If Christ is both the author and perfecter of our faith then to look at any
other reference would be foolish.
He gives definition to our original design and restored innocence. We find
both our identity as well as our destiny there, a future of unchallenged
innocence and friendship.
We have obtained unrestricted access.
Heb.10:17 God has perfectly deleted the record of our sins and misdeeds.
He no longer recalls them.
10:18 Sins were dealt with in such a thorough manner that no further
offerings would ever be required again. Nothing that we could personally
sacrifice can add any further virtue to our innocence.
10:19 Brethren, this means that in what the blood of Jesus communicates
and represents, we are now welcome to access this ultimate place of sacred
encounter with unashamed confidence.
10:20 A brand new way of life is introduced.
Because of His torn flesh on the cross, our flesh can no longer be an excuse
to veil our experience of His favor and presence from us.
10:21 We have a High Priest in the house!
10:22 We are free to approach Him with absolute confidence, fully
persuaded in our hearts that nothing can separate us from Him anymore;
we are invited to draw near now! We are thoroughly cleansed, inside out,
with no trace of sin's stains in our conscience or conduct. Our inner thought
patterns are purged by the sprinkled blood; also our bodies are bathed in
clean water. (Our behaviour bears witness to this.)
Lydia and I love the Kruger National Park; it is our most favourite place to
While on a game drive early this morning, I was thinking about faith and
realised that just as my vehicle gives me access and presence in this wildlife
sanctuary, faith in our restored innocence through the success of the cross
is the vehicle that gives us access into the sanctuary of sanctuaries, the
immediate welcome and presence of the Creator. God obtained our
righteousness through
the redemptive work of Christ on the cross.
He secured our right of access into all the blessings imaginable to man.
Jesus gives definition to God’s eternal love dream of our unhindered union
with Him.
Ó Copyright Francois du Toit 2008
When you access the Game Reserve you are immediately aware that you
are in a very special place. The glossy pictures in the official roadmap
evidence glimpses of the enormous variety of game on record. The stage is
set, everything is in place. You do not bring anything but your own presence
to this Reserve; all its magnificent plant, bird, animal, reptile and insect
species are already there and fully represented. They give unique context to
the place. As you drive or sit quietly at your camp or some remote water
hole the sights, sounds and smells are powerful confirmations,
complimenting and confirming the attraction of the bush.
Here the roar of the lion belongs to me, the fresh footprint in the sand; the
call of the fish eagle as well as the vastness of the landscape with its
magnificent trees is mine; every sunrise and sunset continues to decorate
the canvas of my horizon!
Many visitors would diligently search for the trophy of sighting or possibly
even capturing the moment on a photograph, of at least the Big Five (Lion,
Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo.)
The entry permit gives to every visitor equal access into the Reserve. The
fact that these animals are not caged makes it even more exciting to track
them down or discover their sudden appearance on the side or in the middle
of the road.
But to visit the Reserve simply to tick off the next sighting on your list
somehow does not give justice to the enormous pleasure of just being
there! So often the Reserve becomes reduced to this illusive leopard that I
just have to see.
If righteousness gives context and definition to faith, then to reduce faith to
another healing or financial breakthrough that I am seeking would rob me
of the greater reality. Any lesser definition becomes a distraction, whereas
every fresh encounter confirms and compliments the bigger picture.
Bush knowledge certainly adds tremendous value to your experience; the
untrained eye often misses the obvious; following the clues of the different
alarm calls and stares of impalas or giraffe in a certain direction almost
certainly leads to another sighting of a predator. The quickest way to learn
is to ask others, especially those who live there. Peter wrote, “you will do
well if you pay attention to this as a lamp shining in a dark place, until the
morning star rises and the day dawns in your own heart.” 2Pet.1:19. An
experienced guide can make such a difference! “Do you understand what
you are reading?” is the vital question when studying scripture. The
Ethiopian Chief Treasurer answers Philip, “How can I unless someone guides
me?” Acts 8:30,31,35.
An authentic sighting takes the sanctuary experience far beyond the most
realistic “zoo” encounter.
In traditional church-life we have often sought to cage God’s Spirit into
rituals, recipes and doctrines of men.
The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places, says David in
Psalm 16:6, my inheritance is most beautiful.
Ó Copyright Francois du Toit 2008
Chapter 1
1:1 Throughout ancient times God spoke in many fragments and glimpses
of prophetic thought to our fathers.
1:2 Now, the sum total of His conversation with man has finally culminated
in a son; He is the official heir of all things, He is after all the author of the
ages. In Him everything finds their destiny. (Christ is the crescendo of
God’s conversation with us.)
1:3 We have our beginning and our being in Him; He is the force of the
universe that sustains everything that is by His eternal utterance! Jesus is
the radiance and flawless expression of the nature of God; He makes the
glory (intent) of God visible and gives stature to the character and person of
God in human form. (Gen.1:26, 27) This powerful final utterance of God
(the incarnation) is the vehicle that carries the weight of the universe. He is
the central theme of everything that exists.
The content of His message celebrates the fact that God took it upon
Himself to successfully purge and acquit mankind. Jesus is now His right
hand of power, seated in the boundless measure of His majesty. He
occupies the highest seat of authority there representing our innocence.
(“Having accomplished purification of sins, He sat down...”)
1:4 No angel can compete with Him in rank or name. This is His rightful
1:5 God did not address the angels when He said, (in Psalm 2) "You are my
son, today I celebrate your birth! I am to you all that a Father can be to a
son, and you are to me all that a son can be to a Father.
1:6 Also when he leads his son in triumphant parade before the inhabited
world as His first born, He says, "Let all God's angels kiss his hand in
1:7 What He does say about the angels is that they are His messengers; He
made them to be swift like the wind and moving at the speed of lightning.
1:8 But when He addresses the son, he says, "Your throne O God extends
beyond the ages. The sceptre of your kingdom sets the standard and
remains a symbol of absolute integrity." Ps.45:6.
1:9 "You love righteousness and detest evil. Therefore O God, your God
anointed you with the oil of joy to stand out amongst your close comrades."
1:10 "The earth traces its foundation in you, also the heavens are your
invention; they are all hand made by you.” Ps.102:25
1:11 They shall become obsolete but you will remain, they shall show wear
like an old garment;
1:12 and eventually You will roll them up as a mantle; they shall be
replaced, but You remain “I am”, and your years will never cease.
Ó Copyright Francois du Toit 2008
1:13 Neither was it the angels He had in mind when He said, “You are the
extension of my right hand, take your position and witness how I make your
enemies a place upon which you may rest your feet.” Math.22:42-45.
1:14 Where do the angels fit into God’s strategy? They are all employed by
God in the apostolic ministry of the Spirit to help administrate the
inheritance of salvation that belongs to mankind.

Francois Introduces the Now Completed  Mirror Word and you can read the entire book of Ephesians


Anonymous said...

First off I know francois dutoit personally a little bit having been involved with his teachings first hand in 1989,90,91 he was preaching the love of God mixed with righteousness, much of his influence was from E W Kenyon,... I believe francois in the beginning was very much interested in seeing people receive the word of righteousness and focused solely on this one truth,.. but at one point in his life he walked away from the lord and went back to giving tours in the bush not really even wanting to engage in conversations about what he formerly preached,... after some upheaval in " his ministry " and many of his followers came to fall by the way side,....from what I understand and have read some of his literature of later years,... there seems to be more OVERTONE as to the UNIVERSALIST SALVATION MESSAGE,... that everyone os saved but they just don't know it,... constantly talking about the Lord in an encrypted message of his version of love and acceptance and salvation but according to the opposite of what the scriptures teach, A Child could not understand what he is talking about,... many of this preachers that came out of Kenyons teachings were more on the platform is they taught some thing they themselves really never had a handle on and when you sat down with these people the lights were on but nobody was home,.... they would not be real,.. it was more of what came across as a spiritually induced physcodelic spiritual drug that if we just walk in these teachings life would be great and everything would be just peachy in Christ,... The problem was there was no real maturity coming out of the " IN CLUSTER OF PRIVATE INTERPREATION FROM THESE CLOWNS " Vaughn Jarrold, CHRIS SCARRINZI, MIKE PETZER, Steve Smith, AND many others were or still are, part of this " INNER CIRCLE "
Love, nurturing, decipleing, patience, maturity, and many other KEY attributes of who and what Christ is were none existent,... this constantly seems to be the pattern I have experienced over the last 25-30 these " MOVES OF CHRIST " seem to come and go in waves,... When the reality to this walk is being found to be in Christ,... Having been set a part for Christ we now begin to understand that this walk in Christ involves seeing that we are dead to HIM ,..! JESUS,..! But also allowing HIM TO manifest HIS LIFE in us what should be standard fare to the believer being>>> DYING TO SELF <<< These messages over the years seem to be half baked and the result is a horrible finished product any one who has ever baked knows this that the cake is useless and NOT EDIBLE IF HALF BAKED,.... This WALK IN JESUS is a much more rounded and fully cooked meal in CHRIST,.... Yes it is true that the church has had enough of people mixing law and grace and leaving in it's wake a multitude of shattered lives,... but thanks be to GOD who always leads us in triumph,..! The Key word here people is CHILDREN,...! My experience has been over these last 25+ years is GOD THE FATHER IS FAITHFUL TO HIS CHILDREN<<<.
emphasis being >>> HIS CHILDREN <<< Be careful,.... Many ravenous wolves have come over the years,..
These men mentioned above have been part of that blood thirsty wolf pack for many years, building there ministries,... seeing that the Kingdom is something that they are bringing in instead of Something that was established 2,000 years ago but a spot less Lamb that laid down HIS life for HIS Sheep,... WE, I AND OTHERS are the Sheep of His pasture But sadly some how many people out there think that the sheep belong to them,....

Leon said...

Paulie, you obviously have some issues with Francois, but boy oh boy, do YOU have theologic issues YOU need to sort out for YOURself! Maybe one day when YOU`ve exhausted YOURself trying to dying to YOURself, He will put you to sleep and you/He will arise in His image. In the meantime, take a good look in the mirror and say, "Lord help Me with My poor English!"