Tuesday 5 October 2010

A Recent History of Psalm 24 - Part Five: The Movie

Music track excerpt by Jake Shimbakuro. I bought his mp3 album at emusic. "Gently weeps". This track is "Beyond the Break". He redefines Ukelele.

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Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

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Sylvia Pearce Hey Chris, Your movie on Psalms 24 is great. If it is ok, I want to use it in my next Newsletter. Love, Sylvia

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Nancy Gilmore: Is there any way you could package up some of your creativity and send it through the Throne to me? They say it's never too late . . . ♥
16 hours ago ·
Cindi Estep I too got goosebumps watching this Chris!!! Thank you so much for remembering me...the picture that you used is of my precious daughter Charity....I want her to See.......Love you so♥

June Melanson 06 October at 10:46 Reply • Report
That is really good Chris. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Cheryl Lowry 06 October at 12:33
Chris that was freakin awesome!! Thanks for sharing..I feel like sharing that too. The "time" is now for The People to know they are in Christ an the greater purpose is seen as Christ in Us...As Us.. I don't know but this excites me everytime I think about it!

Ole Henrik Skjelstad 06 October at 12:51
This gave me cold shudders down my precious spine. Well done, Chris! I loved it :)

Chris Welch 06 October at 13:51
We never really "got" before now that the deal was never about Christ...hence the fact of His resurrection being so low key...Mary wasn't even allowed to hug Jesus.Hidden away in Psalm 24 and psalm 134 (the ultimate intention psalm at the top of the Ascent,coupled witjh the phrase Paul uses" God's wisdom made manifest THROUGH the Church to principalities and powers " we suddenly understand its always been about us doing the stuff!!!Or understood is the fact that it is about Christ in us as us doing the stuff!!Jesus doesn't need the glory....He's brimful of the stuff...His intention has always been "what is man etc.....NOW Crowned with glory and honour." When God said I share my glory with no man...it didn't mean what the devil says it means...oh you're not going to get any...no it means He always had it stored up for Man In Him.One good look at all the furniture in the Holy of Holies kind of gives the game away.Wood with gold on the inside and out with a massive Anointed Presence of God hovering overhead should have been a clue!!!!
Sent via Facebook Mobile Ole Henrik Skjelstad 06 October at 14:02 Reply • Report
Very good news indeed Chris! I love your insights! Always so refreshing and faith stretching. Chris Welch 06 October at 14:27
Another way of saying it is like this.Devil's religion says that being abject failures keeps us humble so we know our place. Christ in us as us is an overcoming life that we may be "crowned with life".The crowns are so when we meet Him we have something decent to cast at His feet.
Sent via Facebook Mobile Cheryl Lowry 06 October at 14:29 Reply • Report
it means He always had it stored up for Man In Him♥ Andre Rabe 06 October at 19:46 Reply • Report
Hi All - I once read that scripture that says: "I share my glory with no other" and suddenly realised that we are not 'other'! Jesus said that " ...in that day you will know that I am in the Father and you are in me and I in you" Ole Henrik Skjelstad 06 October at 19:48 Reply • Report