Friday 15 October 2010

A Recent History of Psalm 24 Part Six : The Ancient Door of Control

This is a post about the spirit of control...control for short.

Control is when you pray for hours by your dying mother's bed when all the time the doctors behind your back have skillfully pre-designed when she will die of cancer in their palliative care .

Anti-control is when Jesus used to clear everyone out of the room before speaking a word of faith.

Control is when you are led to play a music CD with cutting edge Kingdom lyrics in a meeting and you find a CD has already been loaded by the sound technician and that Mariette has already sewn up the entire meeting the moment we came in.(Thank goodness most of this is gone)

Anti-control includes a great many of Jesus miracles strategically planted to expose control and establish Kingdom, or KING-DOM. The KING-DOM is opposite of control.

Control originated when someone reached up for a fruit in a garden.Control is the opposite of Proverbs 3:5 instead it is rather :Trust in your insight with all your heart and do not rely on your Lord. Control is your inner agenda where you aren't "seeing God".

Control is the hidden mesh that directs you that has nothing to do with your new life or anyone else's new life in Christ.

Control is the biggest single reason why Baptism in the Holy Spirit cannot take place.
Control is rebellion.
Control is as witchcraft.
Control only understands pyramids and submission to that pyramid.

It just does not "get " freewill,family,fatherhood ,unique identity. In fact EVERYTHING God's family is about. So CONTROL has the earthly appearance of "maturity" and looks down its nose at the KINGDOM
which is not professional enough
not slick enough
too spontaneous
too open-hearted

Artists,creatives,the spontaneous lovers,the generous are hated by CONTROL
In religious settings
everything a prophet / seer is
everything a prophet/seer does and stands for is
ANATHEMA to controlling people. Their hidden "mesh" continually breathes out slaughterings though on the surface many controllers appear jovial and kind-hearted.

The ONLY One of the 12 tribes chosen to lead the Kingdom because technically they don't lead,
well far as control can understand or perceive anyway
is the TRIBE of JUDAH. They go first. They praise.They worship.They sing. They "see". But they DO NOTHING the spirit of "Control" understands as leading.

In the 1970s when God was re-establishing praise and leading a whole generation out of a spiritual and secular Babylon, because Control didn't recognise them as "leaders", but in the Kingdom they in fact were the spearhead,
people like Dave Bilbrough, Dave Mansell,Graham Kendrick infiltrated every denomination with their songs, and like Pied Pipers lured a whole generation from certain spiritual death in the denominations, until more mature now in God, the people returned to affect and change the Evangelical Alliance, and the old mainstream denominational churches with spiritual events like New Wine and courses like Alpha.
Control is no more about control than the political spirit is about politics, and party spirit is about parties....well birthday cake type ones.

Control in our brain is about being a catalyst for right functioning motor skills, walking,reaching,standing. The spirit of control is more like rusty seized up brakes on a bike. It tries to block the Incarnation of God in flesh. It began with Adam. It wrestled with the 2nd Adam. And now it wrestles with every human alive, but above all the Church, the (meant to be)pure manifestation of Christ in many-membered form. The meaning of Satan is "Blocker"/"Resister".

Control in a woman destroyed a team of functioning elders in Amersham Baptist Church in 1973 and reinstated the same Pastor Pyramid the Holy Spirit was breaking apart,for another 40 years.....
Control is an Ancient Door in Psalm 24 .
Control is the biggest single reason a man can train for 6 years in a Bible college learning the ways of the Lord instead, and still in 38 years never have been involved publically in leadership or preaching.
Control is when certain South African church streams believe LOGOS has the pagan Greek meaning LOGIC or THOUGHT instead of the Hebrew idea of BEING.

Control meant Rob Rufus had to get the heck out of his own people in South Africa. But control is also the reason the Holy Spirit sent him to Hong declare the Kingdom in a city of control. It may be Rob Rufus never gets to be KING in his own "tea party" there, but with renewed authority goes back to "terrify control" in South Africa. (the craftsmen shall terrorise the nations). Jesus was a craftsman.

Control is the belief that Life needs some help for it to happen.

Dr Challenors Grammar School ,Amersham was all about secular control, intellectual control. When this lying facade wore thin having achieved 11 A's and effectively done what they were looking for at age 12 I started to "see through the whole sham" , because my "person" was not respected and I sought a better way. Now I perceive slightly better acknowledgement of personhood there when I returned for the Reunion last week. This is happening in a lot of education at the moment thankfully. Probably because my generation has risen up and wanted to change things.

Every spiritual gift is given to break control or move contrary to control to set people free.
The police gift Discernment of spirits is "Control's" worst and greatest enemy. Even prophets can be deceived by the friendly Angel of Light face of Control. But the police gift nabs it every time!
Gifts of the Spirit to set people free is only 50% of it. If that's all we're missing it.
The gifts of the Spirit (rightly used) were always there FOR THE USER TOO.
To get you out of the clutches of your own "spirit of control" faster than you can say "Svengali".
You are your own worst nightmare. The meshes of wrong believing scrawled right across the Temple walls of your Holy Place(Ezekiel8:10) had nothing to do with any truth about you, or Jesus, or the Kingdom. Thankfully we don't all get to "see" every jot and tittle of everybody's scrawlings, the Heavenly Father values our individual privacy too much. But sometimes when there's just one of those BIG BLOCKS that are acting like an airleak in a space ship, endangering your faith life and those surrounding you....the Holy Spirit can send in gentle doctors. Your scrawlings wont find them gentle though. "Just leave me alone to my controlling desires!!!!Clear off!!!" Since when did Darkness welcome Light? "Oh so glad you could come! Here take a seat, won't you?"
As Francois and Andre teach, by FAR the BIGGEST source of healing to all of us , is to flood our Temple Walls with LIGHT. Light about who the Father planned and created us to be FROM BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF CREATION in Eternity. If we're not sure we're sure we're sure we're caught up in heavenly places in Christ Jesus....We don't want to be scratching around our inward walls. The Charismatic church has done far too much navel gazing.
WHICH, BY THE WAY is Another Form of Control.That's why, the FIRST thing we do is see Jesus, who made for a time a little lower than the angels is NOW crowned with glory and honour.....THE FIRSTBORN of a whole ton of brethren and sistren!!!!!!

Praise , worship and adoration are all "out of control".
Key of David meetings are the opposite of control.
Prophecy, like the gift of Tongues is thankfully out of control. You may know the gist but if leaders ask you first, you can bamboozle them with something that sounds good to them, then you can let them have it from the cutting edge of your spirit....and hope for another week at least you won't be thrown out.

A man once had " control" leeching at his heart to do with something dreadful he had been involved in in his past . (I only found out later, that it had been an extraordinarily violent act). He was a main leader and was preaching on brokenness, saying when he was born again, he thought he'd been completely broken by the Lord, but now God was showing him again through Watchman Nee's writings that many areas were "left unbroken"........(or for this post's purposes....left in the "spirit of control") While leading us in prayer God gave me the strangest thing I've had to do up until now to "break this control of fear and shame over his life" which was dominating this "mesh" of his inner seeing as he sought to work "for God". God said I had to reverse my hand in the manner of a floppy glove (like the old duelling challenges) and strike his cheek while saying this:
"This is a Holy moment. Today I say to you that the shame of the violence of your past is taken from you..."thwack. You can only do this sort of thing in God. Do not get it wrong. In God's economy of grace , such an act of His is of much more worth to the Lord than a long prison sentence, and I doubt if anything could ever be proved anyway. God is about setting everyone free from within. Any success in the prison system comes not from the bars, but from inward anguish and change. A great many behind physical bars always remain behind inner bars and never change.

Control was when the overall leader gathered all his elders together to frame me as having committed the sin of Aaron and Miriam before Moses, rising up in rebellion. As you can guess this was so wrong, it was 180 degrees wrong. But the Lord is my cause and He fights for me.
Control was when this leader put a "Gentile curse" on me and after being thrown out, the next day a car drove straight into me and across me as I drove. But God had greater control and I am still here. Never underestimate the power of a person's wrong controlling decision though, especially if in leadership. Daniel Yordy is still climbing out physically from a similar leader's curse incident in a kind of sister church.

Control is when after 6 months daily praying for a paralysed girl in 1988 the Lord indicates she is to be healed in Israel of all places. You believe for the tickets for her mother,you and the girl after checking out the medical situation. After 3 attempts you believe for visas, and God puts you in touch with an Israeli believer who supplies them. Control is when the pastor directs my church brother who is my paying lodger to steal the air tickets from my own doormat out of concern for my state of mind. Control works in pyramidal behaviour....anything out of this aegis is considered a "state of mind". Those under communism and fascism (both equally bankrolled by Rothschild banks) are aware of this.

Cares,pleasures and riches seek only control and are the last barrier to 30fold,60fold and 100fold harvest quality soil.(parable of the Sower)

Control is the opposite of mature Christianity.This is described to Peter as "but when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go." John 21:18

Control is an understanding of the Bible, the Word, that holds to one set of values only because it comes from a mindset that seeks to hold all understanding in the left-brain. The Bible is to be held in a pure heart by the Holy Spirit alone. Bits of articulation are enabled as the "gift of utterance" is granted. We can enquire. We can reason. We can doubt honestly before the Lord. But the moment our faith level controls our Word output, we preach according to reason not according to the Holy Word. The Holy Word is NOT the Bible per se, it is an inner wisdom birthed in us by "training our senses according to righteousness". See the Orb on the Bench picture- a bit random but I'm the son of Physics teachers.

Understanding the Bible is more to do with our inner "seeing mesh" being broken, and by an inner willingness to say "Yes Lord be it unto me according to your Word". John 7:17 If anyone is willing to do His(the Father's) will, he will know of the teaching, whether it is of God or whether I speak from Myself.

Rather Bible knowledge and wisdom is unlocked in chunks like levels and missions in a computer game, as we go through further conversions of inner seeing on our insides. I went from a rather rusty surface understanding of a few basic Sunday school type stories from within Methodism to doing a Potted version of Watchman Nee's "The Normal Christian Life" after conversion and Baptism in the Spirit in a 3 month period when I was 13. Understanding the Bible has next to nothing to do with hours, but has everything to do with relating to Jesus the Living Word.

Control cannot operate in faith.
Control does not understand, see or move in the Melchizedek order.
The Kingdom is run from the Melchizedek order.
Andre Rabe writes many excellent pieces of Bible wisdom. He writes a phrase that is good and bad at the same time. From memory it was saying God has spoken His final Word in His Son.There is nothing beyond this. So to get involved with "fashionable words and winds of doctrine" is now irrelevant because the complete Word has been spoken. The good side of this is that now we have to do with our completeness in Jesus and God's completeness in us. It is all to do with Jesus the complete LOGOS in us and not bits and pieces moving the Church here and there. This solidifies our message and is more in keeping with the 3rd level or stage of growth in 1 John 2: 12 (ff) we know Him who is from the beginning so we're not going to be pushed around by people saying Christ is Lo here or Lo there and rushing everywhere.

Got that!
That is good.
Suppose your South African Reformed mindset is not completely broken though in your "mesh" underneath surface thinking.
When God directs you to "Go up to Kadesh-Barnea today!" You are not going to go. Because it is a wind of doctrine to you. You are going to despise the Rhema gifts of the Spirit because in your folly you hold to a mental stronghold image that your left-brain somehow holds the complete LOGIC or LOGOS of God.
Any sense of "Now" Word or "Now" Power is anathema to you. Because for you the Kingdom is not run in the Melchizedek order, it is run through something like the Greek understanding of LOGOS in your left-brain.
The Logos if it resides anywhere in us, Proverbs indicates, is in our inner parts. Guard your hearts for out of them flow the wellsprings of life.
Everything prophetic comes from here. Life in meetings comes from here. Our life lived in Jesus comes from here. A Greek LOGOS mindset has no frame of reference for this anti control statement:
Revelation 19:10
"For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."
While Andre and Francois have their South African mesh in place they cannot even hear the inner sound of anything in this Psalm 24 series. It is like trying to describe colours to colourblind people. They say,by the side of their comfortable Dutch settler hearthside or whatever,"Things unroll in a steady fashion." There is no prophetic moment like Moses saying
Tonight we leave unleavened time for leavening."
In a Dutch Reformed (I guess) setting there is all the time in the world for leavening. There is no prophetic at all.We go when we have enough understanding Lord! Actually they should not address Jesus as Lord, because there is no concept of Lordship here. LOGOS as channelled alone through what my the left-brain can understand becomes a pseudo Lord instead. It is control. In one form.

When I address the South African prophet on Facebook ,Mark Labushagne , his mesh, his control is completely 180 degrees the other way. He moves out of "separatism". It's an out there, outside type of God ....everything that would make Francois and Andre cringe when they think of spiritual gifts....which they try not to.
So to Mark, because my friendly Rottweiler picks up on his "mesh" I attack him almost as if I'm not the least bit interested in prophecy.I am very interested in prophecy but not prophecy that upholds and maintains the lying position of Genesis 3.

As a result Mark is using his natural flair at pyramid building to effectively run a corporation of prophets (not profits which would be worse). Peter Stott and Graham Cooke were in this game 20 years ago and have repented and moved on to the real Kingdom. Actually one reason many mistake for a lack of respect in me to Peter, which isn't true, is while they were busy playing these games I got badly burnt. So I 've been watching Peter and Mariette like a hawk since.
Whenever they revert back to "control" and the Spirit gives me something to do I take great pleasure in doing it.

Peter has changed enormously. If you can imagine a car dealer turned prophet, you have some idea what he was like before cancer and near death.

The true LOGOS does not know or even perceive control either. It ignores it. It sets itself against it. It rises up against it and eats it for breakfast.

2ndlevel growth still has control embedded deeply within it. David ignored the Word and exercised "control" to get a new cart to bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. The Cart stumbled (interestingly enough) at the threshing floor. Someone perished while putting his hand out to save it. You don't "control" God's Presence. Andre put his hand out a bit this weekend.

Because it was only the other day that Jesus told me about the traditional churches they are from, I had no idea what anathema I was declaring this weekend by the Spirit. Virtually everything I said would have touched raw nerves.

The reason God's true church is not built in a pyramid was obliquely referred to 30 years ago by the Christian piano shop owner.I had no idea what he was talking about at the time but this is what he said:
The reason the eldership at Emsworth is so anointed and functions so well together is that if you took an inner direction arrow pointing through their collective heart it points directly at the throne of God. In other words there is safety in teams of called leaders, probably for the precise reason they are so different.
If you put Mark Labuschagne and Andre Rabe together, tying Andre in a strait-jacket first, then invited in Bonnie Morris and Stephanie Macentire, then yanked in Daniel Yordy and Rich Novek, plus some more of the women on Facebook, you'd start to get a glimpse of the true unfettered Word. But Andre and Francois on their own....forget it. We'd be sending an aeroplane to fetch out all the prophets before they were murdered Idi Amin style.

The reason Facebook is so good is it recognises no stream, no Kingdom box. It is pure rattling of the Ezekiel bones. But one day whether Andre and Francois like it or not the second prophesying is going to come, and this army shall stand up clothed in flesh and glory! But don't tell them that it will overexcite their left-brains, and they won't be able to concentrate for their next country they preach into.


Unknown said...

What exactly are you trying to say. I am confused by your article. You use names of people i don't know and say things that does not really matter. Are you just trying to make your voice heard, for if it is so there are better ways to do so.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

The names/situations here are only relevant as examples of the sort of things we as a Body live through , caused as we continue on with no reference to Who Christ as now made us.
The last 100 years or so has been like trekking through the middle section of the Holy Place in the Tabernacle. In this place the Bread representing the Body the people, and the Word of God also have all been divided up into 12 neat chunks.
Without any particular challenges we've lived this divided thing in wonderful laid-back sofa type oblivion to the fact God is preparing us for deadly warfare. A fight to the finish, being fully kitted out with Ephesians 6 armour and the ALREADY victorious CROSS.
As we continue through the Tabernacle, not made with hands there's this rude awakening. WE ARE ONE THING. "Una cosa" in Spanish. We can't believe what we like anymore. We can't live divided lives. We are members OF ONE ANOTHER. We can't hive off with "our version" of the Truth anymore....we have to have the whole thing tucked neatly into the Furniture in the Holist Place. Ministries that gallavant around now with ONLY one tiny scrap of message which divide up the Body of Christ are not mature ministries. On this very page you have ministries that ONLY believe in Prophecy.Believers that Don't believe in Prophecy. Believers that absolutely DON't believe in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, or twist the words to mean some inocuous little Theological theory, or others who believe only in the Baptism in the Spirit but would never ever ever preach on
"I prophesied in your Name,""Depart from Me for I never KNEW YOU"
This article is about different manifestations of the Body's most crippling disease: CONTROL.