Monday 18 October 2010

A recent History of Psalm 24 Part Seven: Gate Lifting

I hope some of you are getting a bit more light as we go through this series? Please do not think of it as a rather quaint series of ideas written adhoc from the computer in my house.While you've been wading through, comfortably sipping the ideas, maybe listening to Ern's original message:
This is a brief outer description of this series.
A major major misunderstanding had been going on with one of our closest friends which involved leadership much more than I'd have looked for.
After a pause, I then shared a weekend with Andre Rabe and his wife with about 12-15 others in a retreat centre weekend. I did some sharing, while Andre did the main theme which was based on the great content of Francois's Mirror Translation of Hebrews.
Again, in my naivety I thought we'd flow together quite well, but as Sylvia Pearce and Nancy Gilmore often find we hit the usual Romans 7 block that occurs with people who are discovering who they are in Christ between Romans 3-5. We hit another present impasse...well kind of related I guess. That is if people believe everything is now....which at spirit level it is.....there's a complete blank drawn on Spirit process, and consequently as in Part 6, if Christ is the complete LOGOS Word, there's no room for Rhema, no room for the prophetic,no room for the NOW Word, all of which are exactly to do with our walk in the Melchizedek Order, experiencing the real Heavenly Tabernacle today!
Conversely, you can have such an eye on the prophetic that you are viewing everything still in terms of the false delusion of separation which was sown into our beings at the Fall. And these have been some of my latest conversations with a South African ministry at polar ends of the scale from Francois and Andre.

So you begin to see the immensity of the work the Holy Spirit is doing, which we've fudged round up until now in the larger conferences by inviting in very varied ministry angles and praying like crazy for the Holy Spirit to hold it all together, and ofcourse , largely He does. But as I wrote in Part 6 under comments, that time where we could all sit separately at God's table with 12 neatly sliced bits of Shewbread all separated out is coming to an end. God now expects us to be Una Cosa, to quote Jorge Pradas. ONE LOAF. He has made out of the TWAIN One New Man. Not Gentiles and Jews. Not Law and non-Law. Not even Spirit and Word.
But SPIRIT-WORD. He cancelled all division at the Cross. We are all ONE THING, members of one another.

Christ has been coming through me as a gate lifter all the while that the theory has been being articulated. And I'm not the only one. Processes are going on with Daniel Yordy and Rich and Linda Novek.....and I guess most of the rest who regularly chat here or on Facebook.

The thing I wanted to stress is that the more Christ comes through us, the more we are fixed into the mature Level of knowing Him in us,by us,through us......the more He is going to send His lightnings out into dark places, while sending out His Word of grace.

I do not hold with the theory that all we have to do is speak light, speak grace, speak the accomplished work of Jesus on the Cross. Why? Because if Jesus didn't in His earthly walk, why is it going to be different as He expresses His Life through us?

While I was with Andre, Jesus got me talking about several key areas that at the time seemed a bit random to me. It was only days later as Jesus shared with me the true background situation that I hadn't seen at all, that I understood more what He was trying to achieve.

Flick through Luke as I have done tonight. Realise that most of what is recorded are "assaults "on the Kingdom of Darkness. In the disciples' lives. In the multitudes of listeners. In the religious people. Look at Luke 9:57- 62. Someone said, "I will follow You wherever You go..."
Jesus never got the Word out, unravelling scrolls. Jesus didn't consult a YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School) manual.
His reaction would have been immediate, from His belly. Lightning by the Spirit coming from the God Fire of His baptism in the Spirit flashing across to the man laying waste all his human pretensions and conceptions.....
The foxes have holes,and the birds of the air have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.

The gospels are a record of the Spirit sayings, coming right out of Jesus mouth to dismantle(whoever was willing) the proud human gates raised up against the KNOWLEDGE of God.
People everywhere are struggling, working,jumping through hoops to try and get through to God.
Rip down a few of these gates by the Spirit of the Lord and guess what
The King of Glory enters in.
Not a far off separated King either. More like a dial on a radio just being turned at last to the PS24 MHZ frequency of God's ALWAYS ON....Glory!

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