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Coming Into God's House by Chris Welch

First appearance as Facebook Notes Part One and Two, with an excerpt from Daniel Yordy .

In the last supper,Jesus girded Himself like a servant,bent down and made to wash Peter's feet. "No,no,no,master."Peter was horrified. Peter if you dont allow Me to do this, then you'll have no part in Me." "oh well, do all of me."
We're one day away from the Big "B" in Peter's life. "B" day. Peter , within hours, is going to experience one of the biggest "Breaks" in a psyche that any man at any time has had. He is going to be confronted with his independent self!!!!
Until then....until true Spirit definition begins to nail him in the coming days and weeks, he is much like you and me.Up one minute, down the next.Super holy, and doesn't need help.....overly zealous and religious and grovelling the next.

So the problem in entering God's House, both in our lifelong experience, or in say, some individual meeting, or coming to know Jesus in the first place, isn't a problem with
God's grace
God's protocolls
God's expectations
God's commands.
It is entirely OUR PROBLEM. We don't know who we were....before the Cross changed our identity....nor AFTER.
So it doesn't matter how God lays it out for us....
in all the books of the Bible
through all the most anointed people preaching on the Earth today
through friends who break through religious men's ceilings in order to let their beloved crippled friend down safely at the feet of Jesus.
Things JUST WONT WORK FOR US.....or let's rephrase that....some things will work some times. But here's a fantastic truth.....EVEN the failures are all taking us somewhere. Jesus life in us WILL GET US where we want to be if we just refuse to give up, and carry on believing ON HIS LIFE, and its power to get us there. This is what we mean by Grace. And what we also mean by grace, is that while God is making this life work in us....from the outset His grace is also covering all times. How fantastic is that? His life in us is enough!!!!
So as grace believers we can come into God's Presence, and continue to grow exactly as we please, because He is going to cover us. Nope. This is the SAME God that surrounded Himself with such terrifying holiness at Sinai, that the people all spoke unanimously.....we don't want any of absolutely freaks us go up Moses!!!! The same God.
Now in Hebrews it says we have not come to Sinai, but to Zion. So we gaily skip in then. We create a temple of our choosing. With steps. With the hoops and hoopla of our choosing.
Nope. Again nope.

We throw away the paraphernalia of the tabernacle of the OT then? And just do our thing?
Nope. Here is the secret. The earthly tabernacle never had any value in itself at all. Even when it was standing as a picture, by God coming to presence Himself within it, He was saying even then..."Even now, this is not the reality. I am the reality, and the True Tabernacle is even now in the heavenlies."

So, in the New Testament, yes we throw away the sacrificed animals and all the tent forever forget about it? they do in Baptist churches and Quaker meeting places, and Methodist Churches? No. Denominations are totally off their rocker here....or worse still, like the Catholics, they virtually rebuild the whole outer sequence of the Tabernacle again IN THEIR CHURCH BUILDINGS. What's that about?

Nope. Neither is accurate.
From the moment you meet Jesus in truth. You do not decide how you will enter God's house, God does. You are not the Lord. He is. You do what He says, by faith. You don't argue. You don't shout. You don't reinvent the wheel. You don't create the new Electronic pulpit Denomination. You sit down. You shutup. And gradually, as the Holy Spirit reveals to your innards....(just like David who said he meditated in God's it takes a while to twig)
your jaw begins to drop
and you begin to see
that little old you
are to be presented, by means of the Holy Spirit
and by following the steps of all the other saints
into a position that you can be entrusted
alongside your elder brother Jesus
with co reigning and co ruling
the very Universe!

Beats just going to church! Doesn't it?
But much more than this. As if this wasn't amazing enough.
You will learn that God chose you from the beginning, before time
to be Eternally wrapped up in
totally in love with, and receiving love from
His Bridegroom to be

So yes, God is particular. You bet He's particular! It's because He has to...He wants to
MAKE YOU LIKE HIMSELF, mature and lacking nothing....but IN HIM , not as some independent myth of a being,
which is the lie the devil spins.

The Old Testament Tabernacle of Moses was the cardboard cut-out model of the ETERNALLY existing NOW reality of heaven. For the latter see the book of Hebrews, for the former see Exodus 25.
Every single bit of furniture or object has a LIVING spiritual counterpart in the heavenly places and NOW in your spirit, which is the dwelling place of God if you are born again.
The other thing Moses Tabernacle is , is a photograph in time, a slow-motion play-(forward)....not was constructed before Jesus came,remember?
of Jesus death,resurrection and ascension. A microcosm of ALL that was going to be accomplished at the Cross.

So you enter the Courts of the Lord at the brazen altar. The different sacrifices here represent the different aspects of the way Jesus has dealt with you!!!!. His blood was shed to cover your sin for all time.
There were two goats to get over the two aspects of Jesus dealing with sin. The goat burned on the altar, was like Jesus offering His whole life, His last drop of blood to cover our sins.

The second goat was driven away into the desert. This is the little understood BODY DEATH of Christ.....the Bread part of the communion. We are primarily spirit, who have souls and a body. So when we bow to the Lordship of Christ, and ask for His Spirit to come in....He OUR SOLE new identity. Like the goat, our old man...the sin spirit identity...was driven away at the Cross. Or more accurately, Jesus became our Sinspirit container, and like a rubbish bin, took our totally lost identity, our fallen identity into death with Him....and left it there at the Rubbish tip of hell. Just like the goat,driven into the wilderness, never to be seen again. Then the Holy Spirit did not leave Jesus in the grave, but resurrected Him
and more incredibly still
so that now our lives are hidden with Christ in God!!!!!Forever.Faith takes this as fact, and forever we are changed on our insides. Born totally new. The old HAS PASSED AWAY. Dave Bilbrough's song WAS completely accurate!!!!

that like the Israelites through the Red Sea, who lost all their Egyptian pursuers in one swoop,
we are cut off from all the spirits of hell trying to haunt us. They have no part in us. It is true deliverance.
Now Jesus, who knew no sin, did not have the equivalent in his spiritual experience of some brazen altar. HE JUST HAD NO NEED. But interestingly He was immersed totally in the Jordan to fully represent, as NEW FEDERAL HEAD of what was about to happen. And the clarity of this is only coming now as I write.
He was stating, by His Body action, something prophetic and something new in the Earth.

All through the Old Testament, the corporate Body of God....Israel, had operated spiritually in the confines of the
OUTER COURT of redemption.....matters concerning forgiveness...and a "distant knowledge of God". Matters concerning the brazen altar, and washing in the 2nd item there, which was the laver. The laver stands for washing in the Water of His Word. It stands for the initiation and deliverance of baptism.
Baptism is us signing our signature on God's brazen altar signature....of God's Covenant. For 30 years,Jesus had lived in these corporate confines....but suddenly at 30 , he left His secular activities, receiving the ministry call on His life,He "stepped up to the plate" in Jordan , being baptised by John....

AND THIS WAS WHAT WAS HAPPENING IN THE SPIRIT, when Jesus was baptised in the Holy Spirit, in the very same way that you or I get baptised in the Spirit....

He was opening the DOOR for the Body of God in the Earth to the Kingdom
But now a KINGDOM of POWER
where ALL are now made priests. We are now a spiritual priesthood.
He was opening the DOOR in heaven corporately, that had never been opened since the Fall, to THE HEAVENLY HOLY PLACE. The middle area in the Tabernacle.He as the Forerunner, as the one injected into the line of Adam, in the LIKENESS of sinful flesh, yet knowing no sin,had stooped down from this moment in Jordan

where he was taking the corporate Body of God onto a new trajectory. The LIFE of the HOLY PLACE. A life in the Holy Spirit. A life where man would manifest the supernatural powers of the age to come.

But at the Laver, before entering quite into the Holy Place, something else is true. Something that is really being spelled out in Francois Du Toit's Mirror translation of the New Testament. The Laver was a brass shiny bowl. It was highly reflective. This is important...but only if the two goats experience at the brazen altar has truly happened. When we look into the laver Mirror Word...we now nolonger see condemnation. We now nolonger see impossible demands made on us by the Law. We see Jesus in us. We are ONE spirit with Him. We are one spiritual identity with Him.
HE IS NOW THE LAW KEEPER IN US. Our task: to believe His Word. To believe ON the LAWKEEPER who indwells us.

From now on, we leave natural daylight. We receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Our dealings with God, functioning as priests, are uniquely by the Power of, in the flow of, in the timing of the Holy Spirit. In the Holy Place is the candlestick, representing this anointing. We see light in His Light....not in the light of our own previously humanistic understanding. Our priesthood is by this Light, not by our clever lists of drawn up agendas and schedules. We are beginning to be conformed to His full image in us. His ways of working and living in us. This is like the corporate charismatic experience the world church has now been familiar with, particularly in the last 100 years. In the next part we will continue on into God's House, also deriving clarity from a section of writing Daniel Yordy posted recently.
Part 2 is below
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The Holy Place - the most dangerous place on Earth
You'll have heard that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The Holy Place is dangerous for this reason. We are. In the Holy Place we are armed...but still dangerous. We, ourselves are still " seeing" more than God. Give you an example:
some of the disciples were fishermen. While they were on the beach, mending their nets, or in their boats catching fish, they were not particularly dangerous. They were ordinary Jews. They knew about things like God, things like forgiveness, although unlike a modernday believer who knows he has asked Jesus into his or her life, they only later knew that "inner" knowing of Holy Spirit confirming to spirit that they were born again from the inside. This happened not in Acts 2 at Pentecost, but when Jesus "breathed His Spirit " upon them before ascending to the Father.

Having left their nets the disciples became dangerous. Living like we do after the Star Wars films were made we would say that Jesus taught them the ways of the Force. They were introduced to things like the Presence of God falling on a multitude. They were introduced to power manifestations. Of healing. Of totally unexplicable things. Miracles. For these, as forerunners of what we have experienced in the last 100 years in the charismatic movement, were being inducted into a whole corporate realm in God, that previously had been enjoyed by individuals, and rarely. Like prophets. Where you believe for things and they happen!

But if you are still seeing more than God this is dangerous. You see Jesus said quite openly and transparently, I only do what I see my Father doing. In another place, I must still work because I see my Father working still. But the disciples saw a whole lot more than what the Father was doing. Understand the word "see" in this context is an inward seeing. A set of internal thought processes that are like an operating system chuntering along underneath our conscious thought.This is where we do our "faith" seeing. But if like it says in Ezekiel 10 :8, the inner walls of our thoughtlife, our Temple life are scrawled with hateful things, with unclean things.....THIS DOES NOT MEAN our internal FAITHING mechanism, our "believe" machine will cease to operate. Now you're beginning to understand why the Holy Place experience is so dangerous.Exactly!

The disciples start to call down fire from heaven on a little village that has failed to receive them. Have you ever wondered what that meant? Maybe every where else received the Word but had offered them a cup of tea? Perhaps this village had not offered any drinks?

We do not know all the details of the offense....but Jesus neither endorses nor negates what they take offense in....what we do know is the FATHER is not pouring out any fire ....seeing "more than God" falls into the territory of another spirit....a spirit from hell. Jesus was not sent to judge at this point. He was sent to preach. Whoever did not receive Him had Jesus withdraw and move on.

Having power but seeing more than God is like the sin of witchcraft. Dangerous. And sinful.
An evangelical. A denominational man. Perhaps a "burnt out" free believer, withdraws at this point. Too dangerous. Let's go back fishing.

That's not correct either.

The Purpose of the Holy Place
If it was correct the whole shape of the gospels would be more like a modernday theological seminary. A dry and waterless place where theories about an" out there God" are taught in a pretty abstract fashion. No, the things I am telling you are drawn from scripture, but are drawn also from my life experience. They are NOT dry and waterless theory. So in both what I "see" from scriptures in my innards, and what I have lived I can teach with some authority.
(But you don't have to submit to my pyramid if you don't want to.Sorry had to throw that one in. Me and pyramids don't like each other)

The HOLY PLACE is the nearest in God terms that you get to modern physics. It is a particle accelerator.
It is a WAY to the TRUTH machine. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. You can also express it in linear terms as He is the WAY to the TRUTH about you and about God; having been impacted at the base of your system,you're in a shape to now RECEIVE HIS FULNESS of LIFE in a complete 24 hour form...not just a "meeting" form.

The overall GOAL


Denominational religion and especially Catholic religion has so confused the world as to what coming into God's House is for.It's made such a big thing of the Chasm between mortal humanity and a Transcendent God, that in this mindset, it has filled its church buildings with"Tabernacle reheated" paraphernalia. It's tried to yank Jewish Tabernacle furniture into a New Covenant context, but behaving in a Jewish Old Testament way...except the Jews had the actual Cloud and Pillar of Fire realities of God...oh.....and tons of sheeps and bulls.... Catholics say they have the "reality" of Christ in the "Transubstantiation" of the Bread and the wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus....but you only have true believers word for this. By far the majority of Catholics have no knowledge of being born again and baptised in the Spirit. The realities of which the Catholic structure speaks are not realities for the average Catholic.
So denominational religion leaves us with the idea that a select few go into the inner inner sanctums to fellowship there with the UNKNOWABLE GOD.

What the Tabernacle is really

Denominations haven't a clue that the Tabernacle is about you. God doesn't need a Tabernacle. He is Light. He is Life.He is joy. He is Love. He also doesn't need a house for you to approach Him. He needs a tabernacle for YOU to fuse with Him. For you to become like Him. So that YOU know that you know that you know (3 times for the 3 sections) that you have LIFE in HIM...and that you'll never LOSE it...oh....and that you know how to operate in it...

AS He is are we in the world.

Jesus is the firstborn.........of many brethren. He though being divine, and for the joy set before Him, of having an innumerable company just like Him, operating just like Him,
spoke an eternal yes to the Father's intent when He said
Today I have begotten you.

What does begotten mean for an Eternal Person of the Trinity that has always existed. It means He has delightedly said yes to being BEGOTTEN in another format, forever. Human. Flesh and blood. Though for a while made lower than the angels....this format would change in the manner of the acacia box in the Holiest Place. Acacia is pretty ordinary looking like our humanity.
It is also a BOX. A container.
A container for God. God's glory.
Gold glory on the inside. Gold glory on the outside.

So all the time, these stupid church buildings ermmmm....built for the "glory of God"
being like HIM. Bone of His bone.Flesh of His flesh.

Yes, the holy place is dangerous....but is also the quickest,slickest means of getting God's life in you fully operational in.....well it took the disciples 3 years. Because we're coming out of a time in the 60s where Bishops were announcing the Death of God, it's taken us decades to retrace all the steps, and clear away the weeds
and do what our generation was called to

build a highway in the desert.
Raise up the former devastations....
enlarge the border of your tents......what? Beyond the charismatic movement? What could possibly be beyond that?Surely we'll fall off the edge of the known world. This way tharre be drrrragons!!!Arrrr!

It seems so stupid now that we thought Benny Hinn stadium meetings were the edge of God's purposes this side of eternity.There are still people on the earth that are convinced "the Land" is over the Jordan of Death.
That the Feast of Tabernacles sole fulfilment is some "marriage supper of the Lamb" in some future glory.

So running side by side are the two heavenly pictures for us, both for us corporately and individually.
The three places in the Tabernacle
The three Jewish Feasts of Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. Now these feasts are all about the stages of harvest. Or what Ezekiel calls "wheels within wheels". You see one person's , or one corporate move's Tabernacles is going to be another's "entry point" or Passover and Pentecost. I puzzled over this for years. The clue is this.
Acts 2 was Pentecost for the 3000.....but for the apostles, who called themselves was their Tabernacles. One of the things that happens in Tabernacles is the Feast of Ingathering. More corn coming in. More harvest . More people.

On the one hand it is good to have evangelists preaching in and out of season. They are built that way....and they impart that spirit to the whole Body of Christ.It is a ministry gift anointing that resembles the huge arm of a combine harvester. "In you come folks". Deluge , deluge.....

On the other hand they are like headless chickens running around with this chip on their shoulders that nobody is helping them. Absolutely unaware...blissfully unaware...that the Lord of the harvest has everything in hand...and if they'd only teach the actual gospel a bit more
then all the harvest cycles would actually happen
the Kingdom leaven would spread in a seamless flow
and people would actually look a bit more saved in their lives than they do in our church, where half are on medication for depression, the other half are desperately sick. The overseeing pastor was clobbered in his knee as he was getting into a car...someone drove off too soon....and he goes to Bill Johnson's church to learn more about healing, and half loses the sight in one eye.

Saints...there's more to life than charismatic bubbletown little Eden Project bubbles all over the world...cut off from normal life....and frankly walking a bit weirdly.....sort of charismatically. Until you've been out a few years, for me it was won't have a clue what Im talking about....for you it's still all great.
Stopping at charismaticville, or the Holy Place is the most dangerous place in the world.

A person will say to Jesus " Look, I did all these things in your name. i prophesied in your name."
Jesus will look Him straight in the eye and say
I never KNEW you
I never FUSED with you
I never Altar of INCENSED you to bring you into a permanent version of what you only knew in an external way in the charismatic movement
I tried to reach you from outside of your Eden Project Charismatic bubble, but you weren't having it,you never came out to join me
So sadly I say, Depart from me you unbeliever.
Whatddya mean unbeliever....I'm a man of faith....signs are following me everywhere
The One SIGN I asked you to believe for, you never believed
What sign?
That you would be a SIGN of my indwelling Life...Me fused as you.The Father at home in Me, now both at home in my Spirit in you.
Seek first the Kingdom of God and My Righteousness...Me living as you
and ALL these things.......

Daniel Yordy describes our passage through the Feasts this way:

The central word of the first feast, Passover, in its fulfillment in the life of the church, is grace. The central word of the second feast, Pentecost, is power. The central word of the third feast, Tabernacles, is authority.
Grace is the Greek word, charis, which means gift. Grace is God Himself present with us as our life as a gift to us. The blessing of the beginning of the Christian life is that God is now with us, we are no longer alone.
But the presence of God with us was knowledge only. We did not know that God impacted the physical world. Therefore we put everything off to a someday "heaven."
Then God brought us into the experience of Pentecost and we received power. The purpose of power is to be a witness of Christ. That is to show by demonstration that God Himself is present in the human, physical experience. We experienced the Bible becoming a new book to us, we saw miracles take place in physical bodies; we experienced supernatural provision and guidance - all means of God present with us more than just as an idea, but in outward demonstration of reality.
But both the knowledge that God is with us and the experience that He is with is in power all came to us as immature believers who did not know what God is doing. We knew that He is taking us on and up, but too many re-defined that upward call to mean "going to heaven" after physical death.
In the first feast, we lived in the outer court of the temple. We talked often about the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross - the brazen altar, and we pursued 'Bible study' - the brazen laver. When we heard there was more, we pressed on forward to enter into the Holy Place.
In the second feast, we lived in the Holy Place. We enjoyed the bread of truth, that is, the Bible as a living word; we walked in the light of the Spirit of God in ways we had not known in the outer court. But we heard there was more, so we pressed forward to the altar of incense, desiring to be consumed by its flame that we might rise up and enter into the Holy of Holies.
In moving out of the outer court into the Holy Place, we left many of our brethren behind who were quite content with the outer court and had no desire for anything more from God in this life. In moving towards the altar of incense, we left many of our brethren behind who were quite content with the Holy Place, with the bread and the light, the provision and the joy, and had no desire for anything more from God in this life.
But the altar of incense itself can be a place that many choose to set up their dwelling place, convinced that the entrance into all the fullness of God revealed in us will not actually happen in this life and on this earth. They are content to wait until their physical bodies perish and go into the grave before they enter into the Holy of Holies.
The third feast is entirely different.
In the first feast, God with us was a nice idea, but kept in a distant sort of way, back then, up there, some day. In the second feast, God with us became much more relevant and real to our daily life. But still, we were one and God was another. We saw ourselves separate from God, and we saw 'God with us' in only a limited way.
To enter the third feast, to enter the Holy of Holies, we must become the smoke of the incense, that is, we must disappear into God. To enter the third feast, we let go of any claim to a 'self' identity , to being some person, separate from God's person. We now see that we are one spirit with the Lord, that He carries every part of ourselves inside Himself and that He lives in every part of us, right now, as we are in this world.
But in entering the third feast, we do not 'leave behind' any part of the first or second feasts. Rather, those things pertaining to those two feasts, the elements of our salvation and the power of the Holy Ghost, are raised into a closeness and personal-ness beyond what we ever understood before.
Here is what is different about living in the third feast.
We are no longer going forward into God. Rather, we are seated upon the mercy seat, the throne of God, and we are looking out towards His creation, seeing now with His perspective, seeing all things as He sees them. God with us has swallowed us up completely and now it has become that we are with God. Now we are caught in the passion and power of His determination. He moves through us to prove His will in the earth.

The rest of the article describes what we are moving into authority speak the Word and address the last Enemies.
Related to this is the series we have both contributed to describing our Psalm 24 mandate to speak to the Ancient Doors

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