Monday 26 November 2012

On spirit and the Secular Goldfishbowl

The demonic exercise of the control of the world populations doesn't seem to have changed much. Using different terminologies and different ideals and principles the framework is pretty standard. They rule through pyramid control. Because "the earth is given to man" they are restricted by the fact that they must have a nucleus who willingly and knowingly give themselves to their control. 

The rest who are locked in the leftbrain, are just minions in layers of the lower pyramid. Typically each village would have a Shaman who would exercise spiritual dominion throughout the society. The gospel is complete anathema since it says the whole human race is spirit, and can be equally in touch with the Creator who is Spirit. This is the last thing the demonic world want humans to realise, so using their people in all key areas, they have created this "beautiful almost watertight lie" that we are soul, living entirely from the leftbrain, only accessing that which our five material senses can access. But through the demonic control of the top of the pyramid, the whole secular structure can be gradually moved by stealth into complete Luciferian rule, while everyone is spiritually fast asleep. Drastic forms have already been rehearsed under 1800s Austrian police state, then Communism and Fascism, and Pol Pot's Cambodia. The effects of essential spiritual meaningless particularly after 70 years on the male population in Russia has been socialistic institutionalism , destruction of self- initiative, demasculinisation, and huge alcohol dependency. 
The bluff of the ages is largely twofold : that the nature of struggle is not twofold...Light v Darkness and to hide that fact by saying all root causes and human management is at soul level...hence secularism presents reality as an innumerable set of soul level struggles all vying for importance.

In Britain the pre-programming of schoolchildren through cadet schemes and Cubs and Scouts, and the Anglican Church, coupled with the hiding of the German nature of royalty, meant that by the time of Kitchener's poster, millions were ready to be gunned down by machine guns in the first world war. This and all the outcomes of Communism and the second World war created atheist disillusionment on a bigger scale than at any time in history. The natural belief level, even in fallen man, seems to remain at a fairly constant 70%belief level, but demonic control of the earth scored a direct hit, especially on the whole of the remaining Jewish population. Any time a generation strayed too far into spiritual territory of their own accord, and without Luciferian guidance, this could not be permitted in case humans find the reality of how the world is structured. Tavistock mindcontrol deliberately targeted the disaffected new youth culture of the 60s by flooding Woodstock with free drugs and preventing American police from making a single arrest all weekend. Many of the rest of the youth were deliberately damaged psychologically in the Vietnamese Conflict which was a complete demonically inspired construct, which achieved its aims.
By locking people in general life into leftbrain living, a leftbrain line of authoritarian control can be established that has been determined in Milgrams White Coat experiments, looking into how easy it was to create Auschwitz type conditions of people control and torture. None of this is possible with people who are mature in the Spirit, since these live from their insides, and ever since the Bible demonic control has sought to kill these before they exercise too much influence. Madame Guyon was burned at the stake by the Roman Catholic church she was a part of.
Marriages and most other types of breakdown do NOT occur because of soul level struggles....they occur because of sin which is caused and felt at spirit level...otherwise they wouldn't be nearly so offensive. Genuine soul level mistakes have no more impact than kids learning to walk by falling's all the learning process and completely neutral.
 Analysis of a water tight lie :banning preaching in schools.
Definition of a watertight lie. This is an out and out lie that camouflages itself by appearing perfectly logical in an artificially bounded leftbrain framework.
Parallel example : Because a fishbowl contains water and that is all the goldfish knows, you then announce to the goldfish that all water is freshwater, in other words there is

no such thing as seawater. The fish doesn't need to know there is seawater. It's going to spend its life in a goldfishbowl, and anyway it's a freshwater fish.
So lets look at the ban on preaching in schools. Secularism states there is no such thing as spirit. Speech can either be drily and factually spoken. Dramatically spoken with emotion, or sung.

Possibly the only form of inspired or spirit speech a child will ever hear in his entire school life will be that of Martin Luther King : I have a Dream. Subtext. He is black. Their culture is like that. And for spiritual, because this is secular education, this is read as emotive speech instead anyway.
True Spirit speech is spoken by 3rd levellers who have reached a Father stage of maturity. Their speech is "tagged" underneath the articulation with Spirit. Teaching is the passing on of facts using speech. Preaching is the passing on of a Person (Jesus Christ), the Fire of God,Spirit, by means of speech. It is below/above the level of emotion or leftbrain meaning. By means of preaching people catch fire, they catch faith, they are caught up in a relationship with God.Not for nothing ENTHUSIASM = en theos or GOD INSIDE.

Jesus did a soul level mistake and so did St Paul both in courtroom situations because they did not know who was addressing them. The people addressing them ascribed these mistakes as "sin" but they were soul mistakes....and neutral.

Like for the goldfish, secularism provides a goldfishbowl: The leftbrain boundaries of the five senses which are called rational, because you can sense them. I can sense alcoholism, mind you,but that doesn't make it rational. This is a most peculiar definition. Forty years ago when our generation were deemed nuts, for calling into being all the new churches which you see in every town and city, because they couldn't see them, they said "You're nuts". At the time we had left our denominations and were meeting in rooms in houses. But what we were calling forth by faith was proper mature's just they hadn't arrived yet.
When Einstein dreamed of his thought experiments....nobody could then see all the inventions that have since resulted from his thinking and his maths...but that never meant they weren't rational. This is the stupid nature of a secular fool trying to devise education in their mould. Or is a demonic stranglehold on every school in the west, to prevent a child ever hearing the reality of God embedded by Spirit in the "folly of preaching". (God through Paul uses the phrase the folly of preaching, because it is spiritually discerned. You've got to have the Holy Spirit to really appreciate what it's going on about.)

They are all told there is no seawater. And the entire structure of academics is built round the leftbrain articulation of facts already known, by which exams are structured pretty well parrotfashion.
Particularly in science, but also in the arts, Luciferian facts are parroted back, many of which have dubious basis, but the best pupils are taken to develop the Luciferian systems of the future according to strict hamster wheel settings, lest they ever discover the whole picture that they are helping to form.
A Spirit person asks questions. Asks why Lucifer has to be in control? Asks why David Spangler, the spiritual advisor to the United Nations via lucistrust .org(formerly overtly LuciferTrust)should say no one can enter the New World Order without agreeing to serve Lucifer. This is the real "unbounded" reason preaching is not allowed in schools. lest people come out of their waking dream of thinking that secularism is real.
Sin does not originate in the soul, sin is a spirit level phenomenon. That is why secular living is so two faced. When they want they ascribe soul mistakes or mistakes they deem as non PC from their arbitrary laws as sin, but things which are actual sin, such as the rape of John Affleck in a children's home at 14, they acquit the perpetrator, and imprison the victim for losing his temper. This is how "secular" people behave.

There are blurred edges in secularism which cannot be passed off because they are too universal, so in typical "awkward facts" fashion, they are hardly discussed because they so easily start to chip away at the lie that secularism is. The secular lie is that we are just five senses ruled by a consciousness which is soul positioned somewhere in the electrical impulses of our brain mass. That these
things per se are true, nobody is contradicting. But mothers know other things too. They KNOW even when their five senses cannot tell them, when their child is in trouble in a completely different location. People often know when their job is on the line, even when nobody has acted any differently at all. People often know ahead of time when they are about to get married, even when a partner is nowhere in sight. People often know, even when still in apparent health when their death is imminent. People often know when nothing at all is visible, that behind the scenes politicians are meddling for gain or profit.People know instinctively, even when leaders protest otherwise, when their freedoms are being slowly and invisibly eroded. These are just every day experiences.
But then there are things like Reiki and so called spirit healing. These, Spirit-filled Christians maintain are spiritual principles that if anything have been usurped and removed from their Divine settings. John G Lake, an early modern pioneer in Christian healing, developed a sensitivity that just by passing his hand over a body he could determine which organ needed healing and from what. He appointed scientists to look through a microscope and watch bacteria die as he laid hands on people. USA records listed his city of Spokane statistically as the healthiest place in the whole of the USA.
Spirit picks up the hidden motivations of people's hearts. Spirit listens in on conversations that are damaging. Prophets in the Old Testament and today hear the secret conversations of Kings and rulers. Bob Frost was given President Clinton's phone number.
Spirit doesn't recognise geographical limitation. Terry Law was in America, when suddenly he found himself preaching in a Russian Church. John G Lake again was in South Africa when he was taken one night to pray for a woman in a Welsh cottage who was sick.
Churches in the Siberian woods during the time of Communist rule relied on the Spirit to know both the time and place of meeting. This type of gathering was impossible to penetrate.
People scorn Benny Hinn, but even I, some 5 to 6 rows back was in one of those waves of the Spirit's power that knock you all clean to the floor like rows of dominoes.
Even I have experienced pointing at a woman having an epileptic fit, and instantly an electricity passed through me, she keeled over. and came round after sleeping, two hours later totally and clinically registered as healed. The atheist French Government gave her her driving license back a year later.
In the spiritual realm, under the anointing of the Spirit, we speak the word and either within a short period they occur, or within a short period circumstances which set in train a longer period of fulfilment occur. Jesus said That which is bound on earth shall have been bound in heaven, and that which is loosed on earth shall have been loosed in heaven. Normal leftbrain speech does not achieve this. This is faith that comes from spiritual hearing, but the hearing mechanism is only created through hearing preaching of the Word, or repeated contemplation of the Word of God, or sudden revelation of the Word of God...which can happen just as easily in a church as in the bath, or driving. That which we "see" on our insides will come to pass. Paul McCartney was always told off in school for looking out of the window and daydreaming. His teacher said, "You will amount to nothing". This was said with the then current leftbrain understanding of how the world works, but the "world of spirit and seeing" controls the world that we see, and with Paul McCartney the rest is history. His "seeing" came to pass.

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