Sunday 18 November 2012

The Temple - Individual and corporate.

Our DNA Blueprint  – Bob Torango as shared by Annelize Mouton on Facebook

When God spoke to Moses and instructed him concerning the structure and function of the earthly Tabernacle, the “house of witness”, He instructed Moses to “build” it in the same pattern as God built the first Tabernacle, Adam. This Tabernac
le involved a structure with an outer wall of curtains which formed the outer court, then a smaller tent which comprised the Holy Place and within that structure a veiled partition which comprised the Holiest of Holies. Three compartments of specific measurements which contained specific elements that would be used for the function of each compartment in particular, but with a continuity of function between all three compartments that connected them together, from the brazen altar in the outer court, to the candlestick and the shewbread table in the holy place, to the ark of the covenant inside the holiest of all. The physical tabernacle of Moses represented the “pattern” of the cellular makeup of mankind, which foundationally is the human cell, the smallest unit of life. As the tabernacle of Moses had three compartments, so the human cell has three compartments. Not to be thought of as strange, since the same One that instructed Moses in the Mount concerning the pattern of the tabernacle in the wilderness, is the same Creator God that formed the human cell in building Adam. So it is, that the human cell also has an outer wall, which comprises the outer court of the cell, known as the “cytoplasm”. Then, in a startling illustration of similarity with the Tabernacle shown to Moses, there is found a second compartment which comprises the holy place of the cell, the Nucleus. Inside the Nucleus, there is a third compartment of the cell which comprises the “holiest of all” of the cell, the Nucleolus. So, we find that mankind is made up of the exact pattern of cellular structure as the Tabernacle of Moses. HOWEVER, the cell is not patterned after the Tabernacle of Moses, but the cell is the original pattern from which Moses built the Tabernacle! Our study of the human cell and the complex organism that the cells form in our human body is a study that corresponds to the True Tabernacle, which no man could pitch, but it is the House that the living God has chosen to make His abode, the House of God.
YOU, my dear friends, are the very House of God! You are more than flesh and blood, a brain and a heart, you are the very dwelling place of the Most High Lord God, the residence of the Creator of all things. Oh my! Can you believe that? This is why the scriptures have been preserved through the ages to be handed down to this present generation. Only THIS generation could have possibly known of the existence of such a pattern of 3s between the Tabernacle in the wilderness and the Tabernacle of the garden. No other generation could have “seen” the human cellular pattern until our time of technology, which has given us “eyes” to actually look microscopically into a pattern that had existed from our very biological beginnings, but which no human eye could bear witness to until our lifetime. Do you see the significance of such a thing? The prophetic declarations that have come forth concerning our present time as it relates to the plan of the ages is found to be absolutely true by reason of the correlating phenomenon of our microscopic technology, revealing the hidden mysteries of God’s creative blueprint in making mankind, which gives rise to a chorus of glorious affirmations that we are INDEED the House that God built and we are also the House that God is filling with His glory! As His presence filled the Temple in ancient Israel, even so is the spirit of the Lord filling our physical temple with His own glorious Self! We have a greater witness than the prophets of old. We have the original pattern by which God began this wondrous journey from the earthiness of fallen man to the glorious uprising of the Son of man.

What God says about His house

by Chris Welch on Thursday, 15 November 2012 at 22:28 ·
A few years ago Havant Church held a glory conference and the Lord said that He was moving the heavenly furniture back into its right place. We are seeing a restoration of Jesus Christ's Own right to rule His church according to the Order of Melchizedek. Learning about the heavenly gifting of ministry gifts  a few decades ago many men all over the world took the rule of God into their own hands. God does give gifts unto men, but the function of these gifts is according to a listening ear and an attentive eye as a servant to His Master in Psalm 123. He doesn't use any set of ministries in one place all the time. There are seasons. God is jealous over His people. He loves His own people so much He will not allow men or women to steal their heart away.

The second part of what God spoke to me was never uttered.
He was speaking to the traditional churches in particular. The " high" churches.
He was saying why do you make the Communion table the place of entry into my Kingdom?
Do you not know the Table of Shewbread is to be put back into the area of My House which is in the hidden enclosed area
of the Holy Place? This is a place where a Spirit-filled people learn the craft of New Covenant priesthood in the Melchizedek Order.

The front of house is the brazen altar and the Laver.Everyone enters by the sacrifice of My Son and by receiving His Life inside themselves as the Living Word, a Word that washes and cleanses according to the Presence of the now Indwelling Christ.But you have put my communion table front of house where I have not placed it. Only a clean people, a people of the Indwelling Son may partake of this table. It is only relevant to a people with ears to hear by the Spirit the words of the Living God.

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