Tuesday 14 May 2013

The Mad Replacement for OT Law and Tithing

Because Peter was official human KEY opener to the Kingdom, God had to get him to perform his task....he'd done the Jews...now was time for the Gentiles' prison door to be unlocked. Trouble was Peter wouldn't touch Gentiles. So the way God thought of doing it was giving him a vision of all manner of non-Law foods come down from heaven in a sheet...and then to tell him to rise, kill and eat. It was a graphic way of breaking into Peter's whole paradigm to say "errrr Peter, the Law thing is over." And that includes the concept of a tithe to a priesthood.

When God abolishes something He always replaces it with something much greater. He didn't abolish tithing so there would never again be any supported worker for the Kingdom, He introduced something so radical it puts tithing in the shade. He introduced the weird weird Kingdom principle of sowing money. Yup. He did that to wind up the religious English people who live entirely by what they see hear and touch. A nation of shopkeepers and accountants. Nowadays just accountants and Tescos. You can really offend an English Christian with the notion that you can sow money. Give and it shall be given you. Oh, the Quaker says....that's not noble enough motive for me. I give purely for the joy of giving. In Spirit terms it's a bit like Peter saying to Jesus,"Well if I am to be washed, wash all of me." In other words over the top "sound good, polish up my brass halo" righteousness. "Um no Peter....washing your feet 'll do fine. You are washed already. Back to money. See, this sowing thing isn't actually primarily for us to look good with posh houses and Cadillacs. It isn't Chris? Nope. It's to demonstrate the whole insanity of the Kingdom and wind up all the Anglicans whose Christianity is neatly laid out in lines and principles and tithes...in other words Judaism heated up a few degrees, but nothing at all to do with the Kingdom of God. Why? When you are talking about a Kingdom whose chief ruler is born in a cowtrough...you begin to get the idea. This is no Anglicanism. We're talking utter utter madness. The sort that is supernatural leaven to fill the whole earth.

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