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Psalm 24 Swing wide ye ancient Doors

Psalm 24 Swing wide ye ancient Doors

by Chris Welch (Notes) on 4 May 2013 at 11:53 PM

You know part of what Universalism is doing is is seeking to make fluid the door hinge that is the Cross, the Torn Veil, to the world. What is mainly wrong with universalism is that it is a leftbrain movement that is reactionary. It is a reaction to another leftbrain movement...those that took the operation of Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ)and took it only in their understanding, and made pillars out of the 4 spiritual laws. (4 potted steps to being saved by signing your assent to 4 main principles which include you are a sinner and Jesus paid the price for you. But 2 leftbrain movements, the one a reactionary response to the other, do not HOLY SPIRIT LIFE make! 

However there is a dual dynamic going on between the spiritual celebration of Passover, and the spiritual celebration of the Day of Atonement. That is my first point.

Jesus we are told entered once for all into the Holy Place. And we know at what time of year He did this. It was Passover. It was NOT on the Day of Atonement which was later in the year. I'll leave you to mull on that one while I pull down some fresh armoury.

Secondly, preachers have fallen awkwardly into 2 camps. Those that continually seek to get fresh people to the altar rail, to asking Jesus into their heart at the foot of the Cross, and those who preach to believers, to strengthen them in their faith and to mature them.

Thirdly, let's examine for a minute the two older forms of church in the West. The Catholic chuch and the socalled episcopal church. In 2009 I was minding my own business worshipping the Lord alongside the others in a Havant Glory Conference when something of the Presence of heaven invaded our reality in a perceptible way, and what I heard and prophesied forth was:
I hear the sound of the moving of heavenly furniture. God is moving His throne from where we have been sitting on it cheekily in God's house, back to where it rightfully should be, with Jesus Himself sitting on it.
Since that time there has been rumbling as the whole scriptural basis for Pyramid pastors has come underscrutiny, coupled with that other new Cart of David (remember that Old Testament rucous) the system of tithing. Neither tithing as a system has anything to do with the New Covenant priesthood that we all are activated to be by the Spirit, nor does some pyramid CEO pastor leadership.

But there is another issue more related with this post, that I had been alerted to a year beforehand, when I first began commenting on Dan Bowen's blog.

So concerning the Catholic and Episcopal churches do you know what the Lord has against them primarily?
The priests?
The Pope or Archbishop system?
Baptism of infants? Well not in the first instance.

It actually quite surprised me what the Lord said.
He said the furniture is in the wrong place and it needs to be put back into the right place.
He said both the Catholic and Anglican churches have made the Lord's supper a point of entry into the Kingdom of God, but the point of entry is the brazen altar of the heavenly's the sacrifice of the Son on the Cross.
It's the killing of the animal and the clothing with its skin that was presented to Adam and Eve to cover themselves. It's looking fully at the work of Jesus on the cross to die for our sins, and our SIN.
It is what Sylvia Pearce calls our first deliverance, the shed blood of Jesus, which is particularly celebrated in the Romans chapters 3 to 5.

The table of Shewbread, which is us partaking of the Lord's Body in remembrance of His total exchange as us, happens once into the Holy Spirit realm of the Holy Place. This is the place of Inner transformation...or at least the beginning of our transformation from within out. And this is very similar to the mid pupae stage of a chrysalis as a caterpillar changes to a butterfly.

The socalled MASS is a totally wrong and sinful concept. It is strange fire in the House of the Lord, for it blurs the distinction between the Old creation and the New. It seeks to work on the Old creation that is condemned to destruction and seek to improve or transform that. And to do that comes from the pit of hell and is the very heart of Cain Religion, as opposed to Abel offering a Lamb in his stead.

I cannot describe to you what an abomination  putting the Table of Shewbread out in the place of the brazen altar is. And now, in recent years God is announcing that no more will this be tolerated in the House of the Lord.
This  then is too, part of His rearranging of the furniture in the heavenly places.

ALL TRUTH IS PARALLEL. What happens here is what happens inthe spiritual places and viceversa!!.

However...and this is a big however. The two totally different actions of the Cross. The one which allows us entrance into the heavenly places at the brazen Altar, which speaks of Passover, and leaving darkness to join the Kingdom of seemingly deliberately allowed to happen simultaneous to the other operation, which is the Day of Atonement. This is the day we recognise in the Spirit the second simultaneous deliverance....the Body Death of our old man, our sin nature, our spirit that was lost and bound utterly in the Satanic realm of sin judgment and death.

And this dichotomy of errr....when do we celebrate each?  which has confused the church for nearly 2000 years.
This is further strengthened by the two goats...or pairs of animals being sacrificed. One,representing death in our place, the other representing the exchange part of the deal, whereby we actually still live, but only because the old part of us was left in the wilderness of beyond, while our actual spirit was raised up now bound together with Christ in fusion, so we are alive together with Him in the heavenly places.

So you see, I don't think  the idea is that preachers should get too hung up on not preaching the Cross to believers, but only to unbelievers. I think the idea is that we always preach the cross anyway....and people do with that what they want relative to what they currently perceive in that Cross for them.

Certainly to those experiencing more and more of the Life side of the'snot the dead end rather dperessing message that many of us had to listen to...but like Paul always us it is the fragrance of Life to Life. It grips us as THE MEANS to Life. It grips us as a Life principle....the Cross in the Heart of God (Alan Parker on Jacob Boehme). It grips us, because as we preach it we sense the immeasurable power of God going out to break every person's chains. Rather than think of it as a subject of shame it is the all time best HIDING PLACE for the Power of God on earth...because nobody would think of looking in such a place for power, and to this day people are completely fooled by it...not knowing that it IS THE POWER OF GOD unto salvation.

Everybody can access the Cross. The Cross gives access to every part of God. But it is a PATH. It's not a clever theological concept. It is both the entry and the continuous means whereby we EXPERIENCE GOD.

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