Saturday 4 May 2013

The "New Charisma Meaning Synthesizer" on sale in Walmart now

Charismatics would hate it if God actually turned His Light on. They would be horrified to see how much of what they do, how they live,how they believe about themselves, just isn't in God's Word. 
Now explaining this in a status is tricky. Charismatics don't "get" Genesis 3, and if you don't get Genesis 3 you are not unraveling a single smidgen of what went wrong in the first place. So charismatics will never see Psalm 24 fulfilled as they are.

They also have this strange use of the word "ministry" and "fellowship" that has nothing whatsoever to do with the way they are used in the Bible. Fellowship is a kind of charismatic church whereas in the Bible it's kind of interchangeable with co-experiencing the substance of Christ. Sadly the two are becoming increasingly divorced. Ministry is something like a carbuncle, an outgrowth that apparently certain people have, whereas in the Bible it's the normal outspill of Christ substance which will take the unique form of each and every believer as they are mature and "a joint that is working properly". 

Actually charismatics don't care that there is this difference, because like the Rich man passing through a needle, they are actually too rich and encumbered in their own, now cosy realm, to consider forsaking all again to follow Christ into what He's really all about.From a Chris Welch Facebook Status

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