Tuesday 22 October 2013

The Genesis 3 Spell

There's a huuuuuuuuge shift to go from the OuterCourts of God's house and the Holy Place into where God has really purposed us to dwell...Psalm 91 in the Shadow of the Most High. In the first two places your essential identity remains the same as it always was. You are a separate you. God is at one edge of the Universe and you are "down here" trying to reach Him. This is the effect of the Fall. For brief interludes Christians in the first two areas experience the nearness of God. But they absolutely refuse that God is Lord of their mind and heart...not completely. One would mean madness, they reason, and the other would , well just lose total control into freaky unstable emotion.

In a sense this last week has seen somewhat of a world impacting Conference of Evangelicals called " Strange Fire" meaning the offering of strange fire by the priests in the old testament, instead of the regulated offerings as laid down in the Old Covenant priesthood laws. They present Charismatics as manifesters of Kundilini...the same spirits that manifest in Eastern religion.

In one sentence they deny the Word of God they hypocritically say they uphold...and remember Jesus words about a divided kingdom shall not stand...
Jesus said...I f anyone asks for the Holy Spirit shall  the Father who knows how to give them good gifts give them a stone or a serpent? Answer. Not on your nelly. Where people have open hearts towards God, they can trust Him.

So what are evangelicals doing? Lying. Speaking from the mouth of the serpent.
Saying that God is not to be trusted with either our minds or our emotions.

Now charismatics have gone further, but their position is still well described in Corinthians and Hebrews.
You see, the first actually covered area of the Tabernacle or temple is called the Holy Place. Now in this place all the Divine shewbread has to be neatly cut up into 12 portions, one for each tribe.

Paul says about this type of thing. I cannot address you as mature because one of you says I am of Apollos, or Cephas (Peter the Rock) or Paul....and the point is...ALL SERVANTS of the Lord are yours!!! In Hebrews 6 it is similar...by now you should be on meat but I have to still feed you the milk of the Word.

One of the truths here can now be described thus, since science has now caught up a bit. They are still stuck in the leftbrain. Held within the four walls of limited linear reasoning which absolutely requires that every single one of a gazillion facts be known before conclusions can even start to be drawn. The Fall left us in this nervous position. It is a product of the fear of death. To break it we have to learn to walk in the Spirit which the Holy Spirit begins to teach us when we sign on the dotted line past the brazen altar and the Laver in the outer courts and grant God permission that He can be Lord of us and train us in New Covenant Priesthood. And this requires supernatural anointing oil...or the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It's no use leaving this at a purely doctrinal level either, as some do. You actually need to learn the "conversation or manner of conducting yourself, in its older word usage" such that you actually do pray for the sick and they get healed, that you actually do speak deliverance over people and they really are delivered, that you actually do preach with fire and people are convicted and become Christians, that you actually do know how to get revelation on Divine things and the Word of God or Bible.

But how much you cross that line of Spirit, such that your soul is actually completely controlled by the Spirit, and becomes the vehicle for the Holy Spirit, is what gives you away instantly in a gathering of Jesus-filled people.
In the old testament they used to check if people were genuine by the way they pronounced Shibboleth. In the Spirit we can tell immediately where you are at by your whole identity...about who you think you are. It affects your speech, the way you stand, the way you behave and the amount you are still dragging figleaf behaviour around. Truly as it says in Psalm 1....the sinner shall not stand in the congregation of the righteous.
But it's not that ludicrous imitation saint behaviour of denominational priests and vicars....all born again people see straight through that the day they become Christians. No...it's the amount you still "see" yourself as separate.

A Calvinist gives themselves away straight away. They are more uptight about God, because they overstress that GOD MUST DO THE CHOOSING. They are rubbish at evangelism generally...because the one they are speaking too is never one of the supposed called. (Actually in the Spirit it is all valid...but not in the flesh at all ...that's for another time)
So does an Armenian give themselves away. They are all about action. get the people to do something. Sign a salvation form and hand it in.  The actual Spirit process  that brings a person right through in God is way beyond most of them. As long as they've got signatures.

But the point is, by identifying themselves, they immediately give the game away that they are of Apollos, or Paul, or Peter...never all....and always taking tiny nibbles at single portions of shewbread. The FULL REVELATION OF CHRIST cannot be held in the leftbrain. It's not made for it. It can be the servant to Spirit revelation in the heart. it can meekly interpret inner realities that Almighty God brings His saints to discover. As Paul said...I pray the inner hearts of you shall be enlightened that you shall KNOW the breadth and height and depth etc.....
So we too, when we see people still messing around with little pieces of shewbread like Turkish delight cubes out of a box, we don't scold them...or if we do it is to appeal to them to go further in...but it's not about condemnation...we just perceive they have to do a bit more "SEEING"...and we are well aware that we don't see all that much either...but we see enough not to just rely on a Paul OR a Cephas OR an Apollos and we really really know we need all of them. Not just those who happen to be an ear or a hand just like us. (I Corinthians 12).

But the saddest thing about being bound in the leftbrain isn't like say...just not knowing that 2 plus 2 equals 4. I mean that isn't going to trouble anybody too much. No the sad thing is, if we are not in the LIGHT, we are in the DARK.
Therefore the very speculations of the mind are not only bogus, they are more dangerous than bogus....they are filled with darkness....high speculations that need to be brought down....or conversely vicious lies that cripple us, that need rooting out so we can be lifted up. (let the valley be raised up and the mountains laid low).

The leftbrain is BEWITCHED. If it is allowed to infect the Word of God it corrupts it it paralyses it. It takes what is living from the very heart of God and makes the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil out of it. Then it gets passed on in that form. And people who hear it, again in their leftbrains, assume that they have heard the counsel of God....but all they've heard is Armenian or Calvinist doctrine which has as much life in it as Madame Tussauds Celebrities.

So instead of asking Jesus...Jesus what do you say about  Creation and Evolution, there is not any question. Because the Luciferian indoctrination over 200 years is almost complete, there is absolutely no question of even asking Jesus about it, because He just isn't that real, and He'll only probably say what's in the Bible anyway...and well all the Luciferians have shown us we can't trust God to be God can we?

The issue isn't really even what is true. It's that we simply haven't ever got down to the decision of who is Lord of our leftbrain...even if we speak in tongues.
The NHS is Lord of our bodies.
The ACLU is Lord of our behaviours and rights and civil liberties
The catholic Church is Lord of our religion on this planet
The 3% Christian Royal Society can be totally trusted to be Lord of our science, if even historically shown to have invented tons of the certainly initial exhibits in the socalled Museum of natural History....Piltdown man etc...
The Politicians can be trusted to be Lord of our country's administration though to even get in those positions pretty well all of them are heavily compromised in secret societies.
Education can be trusted to be Lord of our children because they will grow up to be socially able individuals capable of living perfectly in the independent self delusion collectively and so not ever show themselves up as individuals.

Huge Huge ramifications.
You begin to see how dangerous the charismatic half in half out position is....but the evangelicals are calling the pot kettle black, since the truth is they haven't even begun their walk of transparency in churches yet. Apart from the odd prayer, no evangelical congregation member is allowed to do anything other than read out the odd bit of Bible or present the odd song...the single pastor pyramid leader does everything.

While we are stuck in separation in our little old "nouses", the devil is having a field day casting spells over Christians and getting them to behave like Cybermen exactly as he wishes to bring in his kingdom. Metanoia or repentance means to move out from the confines of the nous.... meta out from...or meta to go back on yourself, or meta to join together with....quite a jumble of opposing meanings... (has about 5 meanings as a preposition)...but broadly in the Spirit it means crossing the line of spirit from a position of Genesis 3 false independent thinking.... in fact you are never independent...you are empowered instead by Satan's wrath spirit...hence child of wrath...container for the wrath spirit....but Paul in Timothy tells us in  God's House are many vessels and we get to choose whether to be of ignoble or noble use. Who do you want to contain in your spirit? God or the devil? In the words of Bob Dylan's song....everybody's gotta choose somebody...who are you gonna serve?

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