Thursday 3 October 2013

From Soul Delusion to Spirit reality

1024 water molecules in a lattice configuration
In Genesis 3, the self-powered soul delusion was created in human experience. It already existed in the fallen angelic order, but now humans had this "way of seeing the world" open to them. "Then were the eyes of Adam and Eve opened." Everything went "front of house". People spoke soul to soul, whereas before they spoke spirit via soul to spirit via soul...or Psalm 42 "Deep calls to deep..." I want you to imagine your soul in this sense as a barrier. A barrier to God and a barrier to each other. It's like your own personal Truman Show bubble, none of which is real, because you are actually a spirit being. Everyone's Truman Show bubbles join together to form the Greek word for system of the world = kosmos. As Ern Baxter says:the world of moral intelligences submitted toSatan's lying reign. A GIANT COLLECTIVE Truman Show bubble.
All problems are dealt with at the soul level, which is a bit like rearranging  deckchairs on the Titanic, while the whole destiny of the ship is actually errrr downward.
Some actually tap into the supernatural from within this bubble. Some experience magic, some go to church, or even experience real answers to prayer. But nothing can be permanent because everything is "front of house". It's not really sorting the root. Because our root isn't really this creation at all. We are scanned across this creation, but when death has done its work, we just simply walk out of the mesh that has held us in place for a few decades. On earth , the body flopping lifeless is called death. But actually spirits just walk out, and a living death has really been our experience throughout our lifetime as testified in our cellular makeup.
When we meet Jesus He speaks Life into our death. He does this not just "front of house" in our soul, He quickens our spirits, old phrase for makes our spirits alive again. 
If we don't understand the phony Truman bubble we are in, if we get religious we start putting a lot of effort into praying for our bubble to be nice. Our family, our car, our house,our grades. The spinoff effect of being renewed in our spirit will tend to be some improvements in these things. But really, the day we met Jesus properly, we nolonger live in the Truman bubble. We nolonger live in a manipulated existence that takes its form somewhere in other people's pyramids. Pyramids of religion. Pyramids of power. Pyramids of leisure.Pyramids of finance. The Game of thrones. Spiritually we walk right out of it all the day we receive genuine sozo life. We continue in it. We are still visible!!! But we are not of it nor it of us.
When we pray about things, we go outside the Truman bubble, which is front of house, and we reorder the universe from behind the scenes. Scientists call what we do unscientific, because for example in the arena of health we do not manipulate the chemistry of the body, or rearrange the cells or organs of the body with our hands. But in fact it is science. And it is manipulating things. It's just we don't deal front of house. We speak to the forces, we manipulate the forces that actually form the slender latticework scientists call molecules and atoms. We learn to manipulate the front of house from the rear.
There are often no real words, or they are inadequate. When Jesus called Lazarus forth, He did so with words so that others may understand, but really before this the real stuff was going on. The inexpressible behind the scenes stuff. The Bible says Jesus let out a loud groan. Romans 8 describes the Spirit interceeding for us with groans too deep for words.
The issue is, Jesus is going behind the present flimsy lattice of our world to go and collect the spirit being who is going back in his body...the man named Lazarus.
How are we to practice this? Jesus says "Go into your inner room ,shut your door and meet with your Father who is in secret." You can't have a manual for that, though Madame Guyon the 17th century nun did her best, then got burned for it.... You justhave to do it. You have to experience it.
The Bible talks about us having our inner ear opened.
Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.
If you are going to move in the supernatural you have to get the inner hearing first. Then God can speak the faith, because you've got the hearing mechanism to hear it.
The same happens with spiritual eyesalve for the eyes . Revelation 3. Ephesians 3. We apply our faith and innerconviction that yes God wants us to have this stuff, so we believe that if we ask for it we shall receive it.
What do you think was going on as the Israelites silently circled Jericho? They were "seeing " God's promise to them on their insides. But they needed several days of mammoth walks to really get it on their insides. Then they spoke!!!
Really something similar to this was happening in the ten days of waiting on the Spirit of the Lord after Jesus ascension. They were receiving the vision of the Church, the outpouring of the Spirit...they were rehearsing what it was like...they were seeing into the realm of the throne of God, seeing Jesus being anointed by the Father, and watching how the anointing oil fell in supernatural dollops right over the High Priest in the heavenlies....and they just knew there was too much for Jesus was just going to be inevitable the rest was going to spill all over the rest of His robes and Body....which they now knew they were.
I only do that which I see My Father do, said Jesus.
And it's still like that, and we just join in the sequence. As Jesus said, I am in the Father and you are now in Me . John 17. Henceforth you have asked nothing in My Name
....and He was right. Asking in Jesus Name is quite specific to us entering into that inner room to find His Name there at the centre of our being.