Wednesday 30 October 2013

Quarters and Queries


Quarters is a Facebook Group I coordinate that you can access here.

Let me explain my thinking.
Quarters is not a Christian Group.
And it is not a trite music group for playing simple hormone music, (or whore-moan music,) although there are no rules as such, like....if it's in the charts it's banned.
No, it's for people who are passionate about either playing or listening to music...or both.  But here's the rub...there are NO Pigeonholes that we are keeping to, so the challenge is, the music must stand a fair chance of being good enough to be heard and liked by people who do not normally listen to that genre, but can appreciate there is something of quality...some real creativity there.

Quarters is socalled because you retire to your quarters to relax.

And you also used to put US Quarters into a jukebox to play a track or single.

Why does this sort of a thing have a place in my heart? Well the lesser reason is that I was privileged to be in a freak school year in 
Dr Challenors Grammar School
Dr Challenors Grammar School, Amersham, nr London. I don't think there has ever been such a year before or since that had so many studying music at A Level.
Ian Hooker my music teacher
In the 5th Form we even had our own band/orchestra called the 5C Experience   (yup this was around Jimi Hendrix period). The collective listening experience we had with Ian Hooker, as he paraded us through the gamut of classical music was a fantastic grounding in wide appreciation.

The greater reason is that I became a Christian when youth met at two venues in Amersham. One was called Outset Club at St Leonard's Parish Hall in Chesham Bois. On Tuesday's we studied Romans. On Fridays and or Saturdays we did youth type things...skits...but best for me...we shared LPs from new bands like King Crimson, or Focus, or Larry Norman.

So ofcourse, I love spaces that are made for people to share music that they have come across or come to be passionate about. And if other things get shared as well...GREAT.

Hope to see some of you in Quarters on Facebook.


When there are seasonal ebbs and flows on Blogger the statistics for readership rise and fall in a steady up and down fluctuation.
The readership of this blog is at the moment around 300-400 page views a day. It was at about that level this time last year, but the peak reached beforehand was only 600 or so per day.
Has anyone any notion why after reaching nearly 1000 page views per day in the last few months the readership here has dropped right back to around last autumn's level, and not say...a more proportionate 500-600?
It happened extremely quickly...and I couldn't really see any reason. The content here always remains controversial...that's the one constant, so it isn't I feel for that reason. Can blogs be tampered with by somehow blocking search engine results? I wondered if anybody could comment?

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