Sunday 28 December 2014

This IS the work of God

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In the charismatic "thing" 70s 80s 90s it's difficult to think back and remember what it is actually we were believing for. I mean it wasn't all wrong but it was a bit like believing for many outward things....buildings, "ministries"...whatever they were, praise and worship to spread, proliferation of churches (by which we meant warehouses/megaplexes/ HillSongs type things, believing for signs and wonders...still am,believing for people to get saved....and it seems so slow....
but the one thing we didn't really believe for, because it wasn't even a concept for us to believe for...not really anyway....I mean we intellectually had a fumble at it because it was the prayer of St Paul in Ephesians...but it didn't MEAN THAT MUCH.....yet these are the things the Holy Spirit who knows how to lead us into all Truth has rightly majored on....
The formation of the actual Christ in us. As I wasn't really a concept and still isn't in your average charismatic church....BUT THIS IS PRECISELY WHY THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS tell us all the things that we HAVE NOW IN THE HEAVENLIES...from which we can draw right now...and to OVERSHADOW US in more or less the same way that He overshadowed Mary. It is the same Jesus Christ that He is bringing to birth and manifestation in us who believe. This IS the work of God...,to believe ON the Son of God...,.to believe ON the work of the Son of God....,and what was that work? That He plunged the Old Adam into the grave and raised us in the likeness of Himself.
See, that's what is wrong with charismatic believing....,they extrapolate OUT from what they "see now" which is mostly outward stuff and try to screw up their faith to believe for MORE OF IT, for MORE BRICK BUILDINGS, believers like them,more electric guitar songs, MORE EVENTS....and ofcourse you can understand why this would be........
IT doesn't take any account of the fact that Jesus Christ Himself is installing HIMSELF in a good version of an ALIENS MOVIE. Out of your belly shall flow rivers of Living Water....not just the experience type of waters of the downpayment in the baptism in the Holy Spirit....NO....this is pretty permanent FLOODTIDE. No charismatic anywhere thinks in terms of 3rd level churches of fully mature Jesus Christed individuals taking over the show in whole groups of interrelating families...blasting through neighbourhoods with Kingly and priestly anointing...with the conviction of Rees Howells, Norman Grubb, Basilea Schlink,Graham Pulkingham, Brother other words DEATH TO THE WHOLE SPECIAL CHRISTIAN SYNDROME that has dogged the church for 2000 years because nobody has actually taken the scriptures at face value and believed it all in.....and now you have scores of thirdlevellers exploding their way across earth...or as Daniel puts it....they shall shine as bright lights and run to and fro across the earth!!!!
To misquote MONTY PYTHON......."Nobody expects.... Jesus Christ in His people!!!!"
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Joey Jacobs Christ in us the hope of glory


We are not preaching a fad doctrine. We are not preaching how to become a Christian, or how to ask for forgiveness of sins. We are not preaching how to be filled with the Spirit or how to speak the Word of Faith.
Now previously the BIG Bodies of Christians...the Catholics, the Episcopaleans, the Lutherans, and the smaller subsection non Conformists, as longstanding traditons of the Christian faith try to lay claim to the whole of Bible doctrine, but mostly if you enter their churches only small sections are actively preached, yet they wield an immense clout now after generations of existence. Catholics have this disarming guile to talk expansively about Desert fathers and ministries like Madame Guyon without batting an eyelid over their own track record of extermination of these self same servants when they were unlucky not to escape. The Desert fathers escaped to the wildernesses. No Catholic body ever announces shame, but instead insists on assuming all of church history into their bosom as if it were theirs. This would be similar to the Nazis, had they been successful, making a film about Colditz and profiting from the proceeds of the film.
What we are preaching is bigger than the doctrines of all these traditional groups put together for it is nothing less than unwinding the whole of history since Genesis 3.
Now the world is full of movements. The Jews mistakenly thought the early Christians who they called the Way were such a movement. Well if you can call Adam and Eve or Noah's family, or Abraham Isaac and Jacob a movement...or the 12 apostles a movement ...we just refer to it all as the same Way, the same story. Salvation yes...but it is THE HOW TO Guide for living on earth, there simply is no other way, no other revelation of God,no other name other than Jesus by which this whole thing works. SUBSECTIONS may work...but they always leave huge categories of cultures and people out, and they don't actually work as LIFE LIVED IN GOD, IN REAL TIME. This is what is offered in the gospel. It is unique and because it IS GOD HIMSELF and not some makebelieve He comes with His own Presence where His people genuinely gather in His Name. It's not a LOGO, or a heirarchy as is the pattern with all other types of christian church or non christian beliefs.....the Message of the WAY is such "folly" it makes this outlandish claim.
Where (any) two or three gather IN MY NAME there am I in their midst. Nothing about bishops and popes and priests who have spent a year or two learning about every single sin common to man for some confession booth...none of that.
God's foolishness is wiser than the wisdom of men.
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Cherie Clifton Zock What a profound message! Amen!
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Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, is by supernatural overshadowing of the Holy Spirit into a genealogical line, the Son of Man also.
In the likeness of human flesh but without sin, he lived then as a New Seed and was planted into the ground in death to be raised a Vine comprising a multitude without number exactly like Him.
........for both he who is sanctifying and those sanctified [are] all of one, for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren.

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