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Living out of Is-ness Dr Kay Fairchild and Chris Welch

The place where the Spirit Word Church dwells -  Chris Welch

Can you think in parallel? If you can only think in linear fourlegs good twolegs bad, you had best move on.
Many many Union folks (those having an active John 15 union belief and accompanying lifestyle) come from the evangelical position. And that right there is the problem. It's a position.
Psalm 85 is the heavens and the earth in a romantic ROMCOM. It's a DANCE. If you haven't learned to dance yet how are you going to do in the big ballroom of the Spirit Word Church?

Anyone think God has a sense of humour? Anyone ever think the verse "the last shall be first" is ripe open for God's last minute punchlines?

While the largely Holy Spirit-filled Pentecostals and Charismatics, Word-Faithers and Spirit Warfare commandos were pressing with their Candlestick in towards the Holy of Holies....a WEC Missionary Titan after 80 years of missions nips a gap on the nearside with clutches of Shewbread in all available pockets and SLAMDUNKS "Yes I am " right home in the Holiest Place from a relative evangelical NOWHERE POSITION to fool everybody.
Keswick early 1900s forked round the early Pentecostals and the Welsh revival and around a woman called Jessie Penn Lewis. Simultaneously branded Jezebel and extreme forerunner of thirdlevel truths...perhaps she was both??? A burned out Evan Roberts ended up at her house, and as heated people cry "was virtually never seen again in public ".
So Norman Grubb thought he'd like to meet her.
And this is what happened...................
Jessie was out to get Norman baptised in the Spirit .He wasn't.
But Jessie also carried a virus. A benign virus. Jesus Christ IN HER FORM as in Galatians 2:20. Norman had been trying to catch this virus fully ever since he and his wife made their Galatians 2:20 faith declaration one night in the Congo. After some hours in Jessie's presence Norman just knew that he knew that he knew who he was. And he began to share Christ in us and as us for the rest of his life in the best articulated faith and Word books on the bookshelves.
But the rest of the church forked. There have been two distinct houses worldwide. A Holy place people, one on oneside by the candlestick, the Spirit movement types and one spreading themselves all over the Table of Shewbread, the evangelicals. And just recently John Macarthur has been winding up his cannons last year in his Strange Fire Conference.

Many out of the Jesus move period and earlier like Maurice Smith and David Bilbrough were affected by Norman's earlier visits from the USA in the late 70s. I never met Norman but crashed literally into his stuff in 1988, and met some of those that are on Facebook here today.

But Union people are not good Dancers and Spirit people like dancers.
Real life relationship between God and man works through history like this.

This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says: "Only in returning to me and resting in me will you be saved. In quietness and confidence is your strength. But you would have none of it.

If our hearts are towards God we take His yoke upon us which is easy and the burden of it is light....and a bit like learning to ride a bike, we may wobble or even fall off, but we get back on.

Israel are "Master types" of all of flesh everywhere, and generally, left to our own devices humans do the Proverbs 1 Crash and burn style of panic relationship.

But even if we were in relationship, unlike Adam and unlike Jesus, we are not working from clean slates. Unless we accept the "clean slate."    Jesus went into the ground as a clean slate in order to share the Last Adam...the Son of Man....the version 2,0 software with us.

But even in a Holy Spirit environment, Psalm 85 is still a first half and a second half dance...NOT ONCE, for as we saw in King David's was several times and taking several forms.

The Spirit and the Word is very clearly separated in the Holy place.
A very definite isolated candlestick and a very definite object called a Table with shewbread on it. Why?
Why evangelicalism on one side and Spirit on the other, and neither really yet Spirit Word as prophesied by Smith Wigglesworth in 1947 on the subject of the great last Move of God.

That's the subject of this the way.
In physics you can tell the speed of an electron particle and you can tell its position. But not at the same time. (My parents were physics teachers who taught Kofi Annan...or tried to. Funnily enough though the breakfast conversation was "pass the Cornflakes".)

In the Spirit you can DANCE and you can LIVE...but not both in an effective way....UNTIL


You know Galatians 2:20 as consciousness and the third heavens as experience.

The Son of Man....
NOT a hyped up man
Not a Rothschild re engineered cloned and cybernetically armed man
not a self-improved walking on burning coals man
not a New Age Ascended master advised and possessed Man

No the Son of Man "comes down from heaven by faith"
My life which since the death of Christ has been on hold...until I realised
manifests now
As the Son of Man upon whom the angels of God ascend and descend.

The precursor has been "when two or three gather in My Name there am I in your midst."
Two thousand years of practicing , praying, rehearsing
THY KINGDOM COME.....leads to the manifestation in real time.

The REAL FIRST MANIFESTATION OF A SON OF Daniel Yordy truly writes is not
Jesus in a manger...although this is a blueprint
It isn't feeding 4000 and 5000 men (as well as their families) with bread and fish....although it is a blueprint was the WALK towards Golgotha in weakness while a mimetic (ref Rene Girard) mankind pour all their disgust on an innocent God....and the God....actually unlike the devil's hasty caricature as THOR....doesn't respond



And I don't see the church going much of a different direction.
According to the martyrs listed in Revelation.
In the's merely a change of location and not the grossly hyped up macabre thing the devil makes it....

But what it is doing ofcourse is stopping Jesus Christ live His life properly through awakened believers who have fully matured into Holiest Place living...where the pots and pans even cry out Holy is the Lord.

A "position" is measurable. A "dance" is lived in real time and is difficult to pinpoint. Think of an aeroplane circling an airport, the circles becoming more and more precise until this Spirit Word Plane comes into finally land.


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