Friday 26 June 2015

Bodyweight workouts in Church?

Well here's an incredible thing. The antidote to mass overweight populations:
The latest online and Shopping Channel Phenomenon, Bodyweight Training.

Three innovations
1. No equipment is required other than perhaps some piece of elastic fabric in some workouts.
2. You can do all this in the privacy of your own home.
3. As long as it is regular and intense it does not have to be long.

4. All exercises can be modified for every type of fitness level and age
5 These are a new generation of workouts which can propel any shape of body and fitness level to admirable fitness in a relative short time.

Science is now supporting evidence that any longer than 20 to 25 minutes can actually be less effective.  One of the workouts above is as short as 4 minutes with two extra ones for making a quality smoothie and drinking it . (6 minutes to skinny).

By adopting such rigour before you do anything in the day, you set up your metabolism to be faster at fatburning.

Like all "outside innovations", it's sheer popularity will act as momentum for existing fitness clubs to use similar programmes in their own facilities as group activities.

And if in Fitness centres, why not churches?  As outreach?

Why do males not go to church?Church is perceived as irrelevant
People claim Jesus is LIFE but don't demonstrate that, but the very opposite
The gospel preached is not visceral
The gospel preached is largely narrow and not the 12 GATES expansive gospel preached by Jesus encompassing all the 12 disciple's personalities, all the 12 tribes of Israel's facets. The Universality of the message is not perceived
The gospel and  worship can be perceived as feminine.
The gospel as preached in Acts 2 by 12 very different apostles supporting and sustaining each other in unity was demonstrating on every level the life of Jesus lived in real time.

Why was Bible House a popular emblem locally?Casa Biblica's , like Watchman Nee's own vision, was the vision of R. Edward Miller and Jorge Pradas in Argentina, and formed within the crucible of the turbulent Peron years.
Bible House Emsworth was and I hope still is a place where men and women put all aside to seek God early....
Many of us put university and careers on hold.
The PEER PRESSURE was to seek God and His transformation in our lives.
When young men do this together it has a huge knock on effect, much of which we were totally unaware of as we just got on with it.

It is SO NOT THE SOCIAL NORM, it is immediately gobsmacking.
It creates and sucks in the next generation in its wake, much like a boat does.
It becomes the norm to seek God first and begin to get Him as that thirdlevel God consciousness.
Such a body becomes in no small part the RHEMA HUB of a church. Not that others don't join it, but it is a reality in the midst of a church.


The link in my mind to the rest of the article is the level of physical fitness many of the young men built up  through the sheer repetition of dance and praise and singing simultanously morning and evening. Any chorusline will now how exhausting this can be initially.

In Israel the men dance together at the Feasts. Far from the western perception, male dancing is incredibly visceral and King David really was a man of the future as he ignored his wife Michal's moaning. He danced all the harder. But then if Michal had been through what David had been through to get there she would have understood the miracle!!!

We were a beach head generation among the West. We proved that Praise literally is the way God instructs us to enter His Gates, and sure enough the House of God begins to form itself , manifest itself  as we enter His gates with praise and thanksgiving. It's something whenever anybody does this, but a bunch of young men is something else.

According to Psalm 110
According to the 1st Commandment

  • Nothing can beat a group of males whose firstlove is the not the dancing itself....the Lord Jesus
  • Who are actually manifesting the first commandment expression of love in real time
  • Deuteronomy 6:4-5  Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is one! You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.

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