Wednesday 17 June 2015

Unless you become like a child

Unless you become as a little child you will not enter the Kingdom.
I began talking about this in a different context with my son who is 15. I can hardly say to him forget everything you are learning in school but I wanted to prepare him a bit for the Box 1 to Box 2 leap. Here was another example today on the BBC. They announced that hugely less kids now do Saturday jobs. Exam pressures and learning pressures are now cited. Other truths may be Xbox and PC Gaming....but employers, they said want to know what you have done, What is your experience. They don't look so much at what you have learned. Truth is, you can learn leftbrain stuff quite quickly. My son is very articulate. I was too. But in order to advance you have to completely relearn everything again. If the Kingdom of God had fully come we would be like Jesus and learn everything from the word go in tandem so that by aged 30 we would be as spiritually honed and thirdlevel (see Father level in 1 John 2) as we were at making skilled bits of carpentry as Jesus presumably was. (My yoke is easy was said with punning eyes by the way).
But until that time the general rule is to learn in the natural first then gradually see in the Spirit by referral. First the natural then the spiritual.
Traditionally English computer brains would regard Irish people, who process things from the word go much more spiritually and holistically, as slower people, and they were the butt of our Irish jokes before PCdom kicked in. But let me ask you this?
Who dreamed up Guinness on an international scale? What country produced great playwrights? Actually there is no small Jewish aspect to all this either.

But no....Brits generally are as thick as two shortplanks spiritually. In Russia you can discuss Checkov I am told on the tube. Brits avoid all eye contact and try to make it to their next appointment on the Rothschild hamster wheel.
A properly firing brain on a Catscan fires both sides of the brain fairly equally with something like a call exchange directing everything in a relevant way in the middle.
If we weren't brought up by masons in the West, we would be like middle easterners, or American Indians, or Buddhists, and making as many spiritual connections while we learned all the otherstuff.
Hence the Baptism in the Spirit. Having come to know Jesus, the original plan before the rogue forces messed up Catholics and Anglicans, was
Repent...metanoia...change your whole manner in which you think....remember Golgotha was place of the of the thoughts!!!...
and be submerged in water so you know your own death firsthand, and be filled with the Spirit. Then like a little child to begin piecing the whole world together again but this time in Union with Christ who has come in to live your life.
1994 the Holy Spirit sovereignly broke into another generation of leftbrain locked westerners in the Toronto Blessing. The main difference with 1972 when a lot of us were baptised in the Spirit, was there was a much higher Father or Dad content!!!!
How you do your
GOING INTO YOUR INNER ROOM to learn to meet with the Father in secret, is completely up to you. Soaking. meditating on the Word...or fixing your eyes on Jesus...without any leftbrain content....
For me it was an initial thrust of rising early in the morning and mostly dozing...but waiting on God...and it wasn't easy and it wasn't nice...but it was balanced by community and church Presence at other times....
oh and then about 30 years of piano tuning, which somehow like catholic beads, flips you into listening mode while sorting 220 out of tune strings.
Somehow , somewhere, you have to relearn everything as a child does....and all while being very outer at the same time....and being scolded by everyone because you sometimes act weird. Just wait until they start their turn. hah....we'll get our own back. We'll show them weird!!!!!!

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