Tuesday 16 June 2015

Lasar Living Techniques

1 Tim 4:8For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.
1Tim6:10For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

Interspersed in this post below I am putting a couple of links to the latest in exercise and in MLM business. Why? When I have just quoted those verses?
Because those verses are attacking two wrong spirits.
Physical training does not build the Kingdom of God, which is spirit and righteousness based.
The love of money is A ROOT or in the original, probably has no article at all...but money is not THE ROOT. The independent self delusion of Satan is THE ROOT.
But in Darkness if you trace the infrastructure of this world it is held by money and deference from one organisation to another by love of money, right up the pyramid to the trillionnaires at the top. So God's Kingdom lays the axe to this structure time and time again. It used to be tithing, now it is openended according to your faith....whatever you have to give...give. "the Body is joined by that which each joint supplies." So the love of GIVING is a root of all KINGDOM!!!!!

Cutting Edge Results based ,body weight exercises (requiring absolutely no equipment)

However fat slobs like me won't be around long. John Wimber used to joke about it 10 years later he was dead. Ruth Heflin is dead. Harry Greenwood is dead. Fat Kingdom people can die young.
Poor idle Kingdom people can die young too. Give and it shall be given you, pressed down and running over.
Why hang around entrepreneurs and fitness people?
The money and the muscle are Kingdom-meaningless...but the Drive....the enthusiasm...the alertness....the bottom-line centeredness are all LASAR like qualities that are like viruses which the Kingdom can do with catching.
I'm not primarily business motivated like Richard Branson and others. I marvel at guys who in two seconds have evaluated the quickest most profitable way to do something. My wife is a whizzkid.

As you read the blurb describing how the fitness course guide put together his training don't you catch his bottomline approach? If you look into Jeunesse you can see it is based on cutting edge beauty and youthfulness and health products which is an industry with high retail value, but the bottomline is that any Fred or Freda can benefit in the marketing rewards. There is no reason anybody in the world should now be sitting on their bottomparts watching the world go by. MLM as a vehicle for earning puts wealth in everyone's hands if you choose to "market".
Millions go to TV Ad executives yearly, that now nolonger need to, it can be spread out equally through lines of referral....Fred tells Freda tells Jane tells Bob.
Residual income. Residual income seems too good to be true. It is continued income from one "piece of work". A book is resold and the author gets money. Films get reshown and actors get repaid. A piece of software gets sold years later and the person still gets paid.
MLM uses residual income incredibly effectively.


But this is just my diving point.
Like the trainer, I spent my single money I could ill afford going to American Schools of Ministry events with all the names at Morris Cerullo events. I recognised that as Morris only collects up people at the top of the anointing stakes, then by far the best use of money is not to go to a conference with one anointed person...but go where there are 14. But I did the same with thirdlevel stuff, I also lived 15 years more or less non stop 73-88 in different 2nd level Kingdom community life. That's all there was. And yes....quite frankly a lot of it was like living with Job's friends...I was doing just as much Job friending. I told one girl to burn her Cliff Richard albums as they were too fleshly. They had drums in.....Oh yes...don't have any ideal view of me!!!! But I had been raised in the Spirit on the Fisherfolk LPs and Dave and Dale Garratt.

This what the Spirit showed me this morning.**
If you go to anointed churches they don't know the thirdlevel tricks yet, their characters can be quite frankly awful. If you go to evangelical and denominational churches which eschew the Holy Spirit's powerful gifts and only relate to the fruit of the Spirit, on the surface at least they can appear quite godly...but you will always notice this reserve, this distance.
Cindi Estep as you will know will always write about us being One...or One thing.
Well it's good to keep speaking that out. But wherever any of our independent self delusions haven't died yet....we are not One experientially. We are still stuck in
"Because you are not a hand and I am an eye I have no need of you etc."
Only Christ knows Christ, and that instantly.
If a man's will is to do the will of My Father then He shall know of the teaching whether it be of God.....ie instant download.
So this is what the Spirit said....
ONLY Spirit and Word gets the results.
Only the interaction constantly** between Spirit and fruit keeps churches healthy.
Fruit without signs and power manifestation creates these rather sluggish people who meander along having no idea how short the time is, and having no real fear of the Lord. After Ananias and Sapphira drop dead in front of you, you don't continue like John MacArthur and John Piper, content to do behavioural management sermons for decades with nothing really happening. You think....something equivalent to "Flip me! What was that?????"
But if you get too SIGN-CEntric on its own like Bethel, you completely miss most of the actual gospel whose whole aim is to turn Genesis 3 on its head and having us live completely with a Galatians 2:20 consciousness.
"I come to do Thy will....says Jesus in us...as it is written of Me in the Book...behold a Body thou hast prepared for me"

So Jesus Bill Johnson says...no Bill...today I am not doing meetings, the Father and I are.....and He tells Bill exactly what Christ Bill is in fact doing. "But I have a God Channel programme to do, I have to stand on the podium and generally let people admire me and learn about my gifts." "No Christ Bill isn't doing that today, that;'s all secondlevel stuff...." " What Jesus?"
These signs follow those who believe....BUT.....also....seek first the Kingdom of God and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS....what's that? whatever CHRISTYOU is doing today.....then all these things will be added unto you.
Spirit and Word
Power and fruit
Bottom line living
Tearing to shreds the floppy, crappy, sluggish, illdefined, tradition based BEAST that is the ROBOT CHURCH MACHINE that calls itself Christian today

Tearing to shreds the floppy, crappy, sluggish, illdefined, tradition based BEAST that is the ROBOT CHURCH MACHINE that calls itself Christian today

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