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Lance Lambert's death and the Gate of Miphkad via Loom Art

Suddenly around the 10th May my Lance Lambert post 2 images below was at no 1 in my Top Ten list. This periodically happens but it was only when John Stevens told me about an upcoming memorial service for his friends in Britain that I realised he had died.  For more info click on CBN News below

The MOST THIRDLEVEL of Lance's books as far as my limited knowledge of him goes was  one of the final books  " Jacob I have loved." linked to in the above post. Without a clear understanding of Jacob
you won't understand your own Christian Life
you won't understand the Jacob Church that God has been raising
you won't understand Israel and Chapter 11 of Romans
and you won't understand why God, BANG IN THE MIDDLE of the whole of the rest of the 1960,s and 70s BODY of CHRIST, which was almost entirely consumed with the REMA WORD of a corporate Christianity in a Spirit-filled context, should have lance Lambert suddenly raised up to not only bang on about Israel, and the fulfilment of prophecies....but to actually emigrate and set his entire stall there in Jerusalem for the rest of his life.


Ephesians 4 So this I say, and affirm together with the Lord, that you walk no longer just as the Gentiles also walk, in the futility of their mind, 18 being darkened in their understanding, excluded from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardness of their heart19 and they, having become callous, have given themselves over to sensuality [n]for the practice of every kind of impurity with greediness.

I woke up with this and a strong strong sense about the halfbuilt Tower that Jesus spoke about, and the walls and Gates of Jerusalem in New Covenant terms strewn halfbuilt half destroyed all over the planet.  I saw a Facebook status about Jeff Turner's upcoming response I wrote this:

What is the half built Tower? What is this hiring an army but having inadequate funds? What are these 10 virgins and only 5 get picked.....I mean they all had oil,so already they couldn't be Catholics Baptists or Reformed people who openly reject the baptism in the Holy Spirit? How many of Jeff Turners seminars before the whole Tower gets built? How many Andre Rabe events before the army actually wins the war? Why does Noahs boat need 3 stories for Pete's sake.....surely it would be top heavy or something? Why the stalk the ear and the full ear of corn? Why the way the truth and the life? What on earth does Paul mean by living in the futility of the mind? Why do.we have to.abide in any Word and that way show we are disciples....who then get to know the truth and that truth sets us free. Must be a powerful truth.....and why such a threefold all the time? And why does Jeff never say these things if he is building whole Towers?

As we see in the verses above, living in the futility of our minds is directly related to callousness and hardness of heart.
There is a decision to be made about allowing our dependence on our thinking to be shredded at the Cross, and most denominational churches preach DISGUISEDLY against this, saying that God created our minds, they are God given, so he means us to not be "UNTHINKING IN OUR CHRISTIANITY."     He surely does ofcourse....but this is just forktongue preaching for not wanting the "spirit of our minds" to be exchanged totally at the Cross, and for that to happen we have to trust our minds to God as we hand them over for the "refit".   Denominational people and most first and secondlevel Christians (see 1 John 2) are actually characterised by 
non-severed links to their previous way of life in their thinking
and by a callousness and hardness, and cynicism regarding God's promise that we can be free from sin.

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Within a sentence or two everyone gives themselves away exactly where they are in the Spirit. SELAH


The reason we have to leave the futility of our minds is that that is the very place of Darkness where we have been locked up in a cage. It's like asking a black and white TV monitor to do colour?  The best summary of the Kingdom and what it is lies in the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 disciples and the 12 Gates of Jerusalem.
The other day John Castleman was with a child who suddenly announced her joy at completeness by saying 12 times 12 equals 144. I suddenly had the related thought about 144,000 as having yet another meaning.
Once we have left the parochial /shismatic tunnel vision of our own futile thinking, our own black and white TV Monitor, and crossed the line of Spirit into Kingdom thinking...

God can start to blow our brains like this.....

The Body is joined by that (of Christ) which every joint (when working properly) supplies.

So we now see that each of the 12 Gates which have a meaning by the way, and represent revelational areas of the Kingdom....when thoroughly rebuilt again as we saw in Nehemiah.
each start to to

And each supply strand  is BUILDING THE COMPLETE BODY.

So If each of 12 Gates supply 1000 bits of Christ information....can you see how one description of the Body of Christ would be

144,000?Or the HOUSE of 144,000 Readybuilt strands.
Like Loom art, but all I could find was Tim Allen's picture which contains 4 strands each going from a good deal more than 12 points....but you get the feel

Eternal Loom by Tim Allen
Barkow Leibinger's Loom Art Installation

This is perhaps a vision of the Body of Christ sharing from one geography to another geography.One local Body to another local Body and so on.

As I said in the Lance Lambert post, Lance and I were so far apart in 1978 when he visited Isca Church in Exeter, we didn't share enough theology to be able to begin talking.
How much of the world is still like that?

After being immersed into the Vision of the Church through Jorge Pradas and Graham Pulkingham and the London leaders like Gerald Coates and David Mansell, then living in community for the next best part of 15 years  (1973-88), I had a bolt out of the blue revelational download on Israel

I GOT WHAT Lance was on about!!!

However Jews who live in Israel  are getting no more of a holistic feedback than the BBC gives us in the UK, as criticised by John Pilger.
I urge everybody to read Juri Lina's   Architects of Deception to start to get a handle on the real world situation and who is really behind the destruction of the Living Church.

Linear thinking is no match for Kingdom thinking.
This is why we use the phrase "Rightly Dividing the Word of God."

I meet it all the time of Facebook.

One group writes Israel off     and forgets Romans 11 completely or suddenly starts to spiritualise it.
Another group like Lance Lambert only sees Israel, and does not understand that Ezekiel 28 specifically describes a Kingdom that is rebellious and is ruled from Sidon or Tel Aviv and is related totally to the evil King of Tyre and his self- aggrandizement. I see no more appropriate fulfilment myself than the House of Rothschild which owns 80% of Israel's land surface.

But the actual answer to BOTH GROUPS is not to get the facts clear....there are probably too many unknown ones still.....the ANSWER is to move out of linear thinking into TOTAL TRUTH HOLY SPIRIT THINKING which lays bare the ROOT or SPIRIT behind the facts as they are given.

Freemasonry twists all facts to their benefit and to the pain and misery of mankind. In the end you feel this dull Spirit ache when ever they are behind something. SELAH

The 10th Gate
This then is the CROSSING of the LINE OF SPIRIT in the Body of Christ worldwide.
It is known as the GATE of MIPHKAD, the 10th Gate Nehemiah had to rebuild. It is the inspection Gate where the elders used to check the animals for suitability of sacrifice. It is where the Elders used to meet in the Gate to judge.

In thirdlevel Church as all cross the line of Spirit , and the New Covenant is revealed fully according to Jeremiah 31......ALL tribes and Body Parts form a Spirit crucible like a LOOM ART PICTURE which  "judges" from which spirit everyone is moving.   It's what democaracy should have been, but could never be because they live in the independent self not rightly related to the Head , King Jesus.

It's moving from Laodicea which is the last church, which means the opinion of the Laity....
and walking in that brokenness of spirit that is simply GALATIANS 2:20 LIVING!!!!

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