Friday 21 August 2015

Sound and Fire

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Christians can waffle all day about whether things are really as bad as they seem to some.
I would just put it this way.
I don't trust what I think. I don't trust what media say. Strange to say I don't even fully trust experts who are totally geared to their subjects. But this is the trick that I use, which Ern Baxter used to talk about. THE SOUND of TRUTH. THE SOUND OF HEAVEN. THE SOUND OF THE WHOLE WORD.
In recent months I have talked about the 12 GATES of JERUSALEM. Watchman Nee used to say "Nothing less than the whole Bible makes a whole Christian."
Now Nee isn't stupid enough to think we shouldn't eat bacon sandwiches or shellfish...because God sent a fresh mandate through ST Peter....Arise Kill and Eat!!!!
But Psalm 2 and the trial of Jesus have a sound in the Spirit, and it is an identical sound to the gathering together of Royalties, bankers,Kaballist and Sionist Jews,Freemasons and secret orders and New Agers.
In the end it's the same sound as Hebrews 4 as it slices flesh life away from spirit.
The charismatics are partially deaf. Their Hebrews 4 sword is blunted. They are happy in what is going on.
But God didn't say follow Hillsong or Kensington Temple or Bethel Redding...
you have to follow the Spirit...these are the sons of God. And this type of people know each other and "find each other". How do I know? Because Jesus knew it too and it is how He lived.
Where the dead Body is there the carrion gather.
Where's the agenda sheet? Who has the bulletin plan?
Bulletin ....**BOTOX**** or similar
We are starving. We'll rip things to shreds to get to the bottom of it and eat!!!!!


I think we went mad on waiting upon the Lord in Emsworth because the meetings and the sense of His Presence was so freaking awesome. You can understand why the current mystic move and Prayer 24 /7 behave like they do. That can be like an addiction to a legal high.....very high. Throne of God high. But I want to explain something. Sooner or.later God gets your attention and says something like....draw closer....or.don't pray anything.....or be still before.Me. I found it is not the having a blank mind....because you are seriously focussed on Him....but what you are trying to do is get beyond even a mental image of Him to the real Him. It can be wordless. For.Me it was darned frustrating.....just to be silent. But I will describe what I think was happening. Remember....when I was initially baptised in the Spirit God spoke to my being and said I want you to shout with all your might. I was in a nice quiet north London suburb at the time and you didn't do this sort of thing. I felt the whole of nice English behaviour pressing down on me...but I did obey. And in response the Spirit baptised me in fire. Now as I waited in silence early in the mornings in the 80s alone in Bible.House emsworth I became aware of.the This was when I wasnt dosing. I found the whole thing frustrating but I felt called to it. I became aware that I could leave my own life needs desires and agenda comfortably with the Holy Spirit.....this was about God Himself. His plans. His secret plans before the foundation of the earth. I wasn't talk. To think too much. To even imagine what these plans.were.....but just sense them as Fire forming themselves materially over time. I don't know another Christian like this. Whether Daniel Yordy is like this too. Even R Edward Miller was seeking God with reference to Argentina. Sure I wanted revival for England but God wasn't even letting me talk or think about that. It was also 5 or 6 years before I got the commission to pray in Kingdom media particularly for the UK.....No that's what drove me nuts about this was humbling. Everyone the house was leaving,getting married,getting on with their lives....getting positions in the many churches we had.....Including even say to anyone what God was saying....because He wasn't saying.....but there was just this fire of God Himself....His own Person burning in my being. In the odd meeting I was given prophetic Word.....but it never came from anything concrete from.waiting on God. But what we all started noticing was the Words were.coming with frightening authority. People.began using phrases like Old Testament prophets to describe the nature of the prophecies.Thirty years on we know a lot more about what God is doing. It all makes more sense. We don't want God for money. We don't want God for a successful job or church..... we don't even want God for revival. We want God because we feel the heart.....The burning heart of Him who is from the Beginning.....whose ideas plans and agendas are far better than ours ever will be....He can fill universes with them. This is about Him. Because He is awesome. This is about Him because we Must be about our Fathers business... Now in 1983 although some like.Sam Fife were already talking about another level.....apart.from revival....we.we're quite content in the second level. God would.come.visit in the meetings.....we didnt see a .need for.another level. As we see many of the. secondlevel.churches veer increasingly off course and breed those awful sons of prophets that Elisha had to contend with....,.well it's really obvious there is another level.opening up.....but at that time it wasn't. So the point of waiting on God is a sifting. You feel that fire burning away what we know now is the total delusion spirit of self powered soul....of I am a God in my own right independence.....this separation delusion. Now there's a whole floodtide of people.being caught up in the Spirit in God. What a precious thing online to be among so many now......whereas before you felt like a freak.....The only one. It turns out this is normality....or us returning to normality as spirit beings coming home to our Dad who is Spirit. But in doing so we learn that life is lived as consciousness.....we.are.being reconnec ted to the Universe which got severed from us in the Fall. things like walk round things like Jericho and get them on our insides first.....then shout!!!!! Jesus you remember....The first true thirdleveller....was so moved and angered by the death of his friend the pressure put on by Martha and the hyper.religiosity and pretence of the mourners....It says he groaned deep.within......He GOT IT FIRST WITHIN.......THEN HE COMMANDED.......LAZARUS come back here!!!!!. It's a .New way of living that is consciousness.......believing.......and speaking. SELAH.

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