Tuesday 11 August 2015

Presenting Every Man as Perfect in Christ

Two Facebook notes by Chris Welch

.Seminaries are Liars.

They teach "the religion of Christianity" in the same way the university philosophy courses teach the thinking of Confucius or Socrates.
They deny baptism in water....unless Baptist and they deny being filled.with the Spirit unless Pentecostal.
The first instruction which is repentance they do the same thing evangelicals.do and teach a change of opinion......in other words put a different left brain hat on. Many people in seminaries are genuine.....but deceived and have to contend with all this half believism. Repentance or metanoia not only means a change in what you think as a complete change in how you think. You have to learn a completely new way of thinking.....waiting on God.....meditating upon Him and listening to Him.
Seminaries are Liars because they give you a piece.of.paper.and.say you have sufficient knowledge to minister to an unsuspecting congregation. You are not fit to minister in any way. You don't know how to heal the sick,cast out demons,lead people to the Lord nor have any idea how to reproduce Christ in another being.....since.it is not even true of you. All you know is to teach Law out of a book and headknowledge just like a good synagogue rabbi.
Seminaries, out of all senior education are the most dangerous delusion on the earth. It's bad enough being a professor of biology and teaching we all.randomly evolved......but at least, most people won't immediately get hurt. But anybody coming out of.seminary is now going to inflict his or her religious Genesis 3 appeasement teaching on a whole.set of willing and open people thinking they are learning about Christ. Its like serving cyanide in with Coke to an unsuspecting thirsty people in a cafe.

Ephesians 6 as Third Level Commissionings

Let's take Ephesians 6 as a text to prove something.
3 basic options....dismiss it totally, secondly, to "think " you understand it, thirdly it has grabbed you and working you almost like you are its Avatar.
The Holy Spirit "leads us into all truth" means in grace terms...He frogmarches you into EXPERIENCING these truths, into having these truths switched on in you.
This is the grace work of the New Covenant. It is in itself a PROACTIVE force if you on your part are saying like Mary..."Be it unto me according to your Word."
How will He do it? It will be unique to you and the story of redemption He is writing in you, but it will mirror all the other saints in and out of the Bible.
What I am trying to show you is the difference between a theological course and the Holy Spirit Himself presenting every man as perfect in Christ, bringing us to the thirdlevel which is Ephesians 6.
Ephesians is a local Body book. Jerusalem was something abnormal....it was the firstfruit of CHURCH going to the altar. It was smashed up by the religious authorities. Not a building...the PEOPLE. The people were scattered.
Antioch was the first real church to produce thirdlevellers: Barnabas and Paul. Paul took this blueprint of local church with him, and Ephesians is the carbon copy that we have for posterity.
If you go to an evangelical church, not having the release of the Spirit, nor any kind of experience in corporate "stands" against the enemy, Ephesians 6 will be reduced to a description of one solitary individual, which it is ofcourse as well.
But Ephesians 4 is very clear, and actually gives the lie to evangelical teaching, and the dreadful Disney versions of Ephesians 6 told in Sunday Schools.
Ephesians 4 clearly states the context is ONE MANY MEMBERED NEW MAN.
Forgive me, I have no personal experience of the Apostolic Denomination. I am aware it spawned the 1950s Manifest Sons Movement. However, to the best of my knowledge, the first real corporate sense of this NEW MAN on any scale was in the 1970s UK Bible Weeks and the 1975 Kansas City national Men's Shepherds Conference. In Kansas you can to this day hear something in the Spirit akin to the roar of the Lion of Judah within the 5000 voices. (Go to my blog for Ern Baxter's message Thy Kingdom Come). Secondly in the 1976 UK conference in the Cowshed in Harrogate, it ended with something like an Ephesians 6 declaration against the Enemy. Bulbs suddenly fused in the auditorium and that night angelic sightings were both reported in local newspapers and singing from an empty auditorium by local residents. This is all PROTOTYPE stuff for what is coming. A TYPE. A PATTERN.
So this is the context then.
The restoration of all things means the restoration also of the Ephesians 6 blueprint.
The Armour is not so much what we wear, as what Christ IS IN US full time.
Notice the first two elements the Holy Spirit is frogmarching us into onFacebook
GIRDING YOUR INNARDS/ YOUR LOINS with the Galatians 2:20 truth of who we now are. Christ in us the Hope of Glory. Christ in us AS US in our Christ branch form.
Secondly our breastplate of Righteousness is Christ's own rightousness which does away with all our appeasement WORKS.
"Arbeit Macht Frei" wrote Hitler on Auschwitz. WORK DOES NOT SET US FREE...we are free already, with every last thing against us nailed to a TREE in Jesus.
This is the starting point of the thirdlevel....the commissioning level of the Spirit.
It's not some intellectual opinion....it is now being made consciousness to us by the Spirit of the Living God.
On the basis of that consciousness WE WALK. As He IS, so are we in the world.
This is the PREPARATION of the gospel of peace. In other words, how can we bring the PEACE message, if we are not living ,walking and manifesting that peace as a real time thing. "We" as independent selves cannot walk this stuff....WE HAVE TO HAVE COME through our Romans 7 to realise the TRUTH. That before it was never us as selfpowered souls...there isn't such a thing....in our "delusion of independence" it was SATAN-I.....now , too it not I either....as a self empowered soul.....it is Christ who lives within me. I am living in UNION. And this great discovery makes my life start to work and IS THE PREPARATION of the gospel of peace, as my FEET actually get to walk this thing out. Some of us have been doing this now, like Jesus, for decades. Unlike Him...we have still fallen. We need Him totally. The Shield of Faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit are the active weapons but COME AFTER the previous context. They are the ones charismatics and evangelicals talk about but NEVER in their right context.
We are not play acting here. This all has to be real for us for we are coming into a time like no other.....of which God says....if the days were not shortened even if it were possible....the elect should not make it...

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