Monday 10 August 2015

Two Testimonies about Outworkings

WalMart employee

Maggie Dnistran

Years ago I attended a local fellowship. One of the first scriptures I learned there, and subsequently heard and shouted out at every meeting was this; "You shall declare a thing, and it I shall come to pass…."

We declared wealth! Health! Happiness! New cars! New houses! New husbands! Whole marriages! The weather! You name it! If you want it, shout it out by golly!

Now, being the thinker that I am…. I began to scratch my head and question this approach at Job 22:28…. And, yes, I tested it frequently! Funny thing is, that new car was never parked in my driveway the next morning, it rained when I declared sunshine, etc.…. OR, I’d accomplish something extraordinary and think, “wow, I didn’t even declare this thing!”

It got to the point in our home where we were afraid to speak ANYTHING negative, for instance, “I don’t feel well” or “I’m nervous about my test tomorrow” or “I am sad.”

This rationale just did not work. It did not produce abundant life in our household. It produced confusion and fear and extreme frustration. (Ok, ok, it really pissed us off! My teenage daughters first…. then I finally caught on! Those girls, they are so wise!)

So, we freed ourselves from that doctrine (law) and walked away from that system of belief.

It wasn’t until years later that I truly understood the power of what we declare…. and how it indeed comes to pass.

Now, these are just MY thoughts, this is not cast in stone… these are just MY simple thoughts.

Do you know a “woman at the well”? I’ve known many. Perhaps he or she is a person who suffers with an eating disorder or cuts themselves, or spends too much or eats too much or works too much…. as part of their futile search for love in all the wrong places! Do you know an “adulterous woman”? Perhaps you know a “greedy tax collector”? I do. Do you know someone who suffers from depression or someone who isolates themself? Do you know a bully? Yep! Mmm hum, me too!


What if…. the thing that was declared to them…. has come to pass?

You will never amount to anything!
Putting a few pounds on there?
You bitch!
You little man!
You loser!
Why didn’t you get an “A”?
You are too sensitive!
Don’t you raise your voice at me!
Your brother did it better!
I don’t love you.
Why didn’t you do it my way?
Why did you buy THAT color?
I told you so!
That’s a stupid choice.
I could have done it better!
Next time, let me do it, I’ll do it right!

Oh, and don’t forget the unspoken words!

The rolling eyes.
The condescending sigh.
The grunt instead of response.
No response.
The threatening glare.
The arrogant smirk.

I think you get my point.

Perhaps these declarations simply came to pass in the life of that person above.

Now, some believe these damaging declarations are irrevocable. That these folks are just damaged goods. That “people just don’t change” and we all know, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”!

I beg to differ.

I have living proof!

I am living proof!

I was that “woman at the well”… looking for love and approval and belonging in codependent relationships, dysfunctional church groups, work, people pleasing, denying my own needs, etc… all because I believed some lies that were declared over me as a child and reinforced as an adult that just kept coming to pass in my life!


Today, I challenge you to scratch your head and question THIS approach at Job 22:28!

You are VERY good!
You are amazing!
I am so thankful for your life!
I love that!
You are so smart!
GREAT job!
GREAT color choice!
You are such a treasure!
You belong!
You’re included!
My door is always open!
Look at you! I love that about you!
Let’s have dinner together!
You did your best!
I love you!
I’m so proud of you!
You are beautiful!
You are so kind!
I’m so happy for you!

And, don’t forget the unspoken words!

The genuine smile!
The look of delight!
The hug!
The patience!
The forgiveness!
The kindness!
The pat on the back!
The gasp of joy!
The wink across the room!
The thumbs up!
The eye contact!
The ________________________________!

Does the transformation happen overnight? I’d say no. Do you plant a seed and instantly see the growth? Nope, but germination begins the minute the seed is planted! Underneath the soil! The change is underway! Hang in there! You are patient!

So, keep planting!

The rain will come!

The Light will shine!

You will see the growth! I promise! You will see the fruit!

Some will plant! Some will water! Love WILL make it grow! Love WILL do it’s work! I promise!

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