Tuesday 22 September 2015

Feel free to Support Sam Bashir in his work of Child Evangelism

Sir Please Pray for this ! writes Sam Bashir, Pakistan

Children`s Workers and Sunday Schools Teacher Training on Thursday,Friday,and Saturday,24th -26th September
Please Pray for
 1- Travel and Need A car on Rent so I can take all the stuff
2- Pray for God`s wisdom for Me and Partners.
3- pray that May we get everything on time we need for Training like stationary and files Print or photo copies. Multimedia Projector on rent and 4 - Food for All three days !

I asked   Please make this clearer so I can share it.
These are teachers that you wish to train so they can be teaching children and teenagers in different parts of Pakistan. They are groups that meet in homes and buildings or on roofs, and in some church buildings?

Yes Sir They will be gather at two places for three days and I will Teach them some Important Subjects on Child Evangelism

Last year's Training Event

How may people send to you Sam?

They may send by my name Samuel Bashir,  country Pakistan.
svgracehome3@gmail.com and : samuel_cef_lahore@yahoo.com

If you have not used Western Union before
Choose the gift option
Don't worry about it....but your bank may verify the payment the first time
1. If you do a one off payment using Western Union you will be asked for the name of the recipient, you will be asked the country, and you will be asked for a personal question and answer which you must also communicate with Sam. You will also need to share the all important transaction number.
2. I would urge you to sign up an online account with Western Union, so that with any overseas worker you can be poised to help in emergencies.  Online accounts do not require a question and password....only the transaction no. Name and country

A part of the New Testament record is GIVING to the household of faith in other regions, and usually for a specific purpose of God and in emergencies.   We are not called to support lazy people, or by our support to be an obstacle to their own trust in God as Supplier.

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