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Summary of George Warnock Feast of Tabernacles Readthrough

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So what's the Big Deal About the Tabernacle?
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Sections written fresh during this two week period.

Chris Welch
30 August at 22:36 · Edited
Some may be wondering why all this strange stuff on some archaic bunch of tents and posts when Jesus said clearly in John's not this place or that place anymore.....WHY WHY?
Heaven,says Hebrews has a Tabernacle Blueprint.
But here's the REAL a blueprint as it is...until you EXPERIENCE that element it means zilch to you. You can't reason up from the Mosaic object of the brazen altar and the door wayINTO the outer courts and say.....Ahhhhh this is what finding the reality of Jesus Person in my life is like!!!! But that is exactly what it is
You can't learn about the anointing oil of the priests then work out what Baptism in the Spirit is going to feel like ...nor as a Gateway into the supernatural world of the Moses' copies don't really warn you at all with what is going to happen to you!!!! LOL
JUST like children...young men....fathers or parents....are PERFECT STAGES in their own right.....I mean you don't really get adults walking down the street dissing children and teenagers at the top of their voices....just cos they happen to be children or teenagers....well not on a Sunday afternoon family walk you don't....
When it's time to be children it's JUST FINE
When it's time to be's just FINE
Everything is in its season.
God prepared the Jews and it was fine. They were an outercourts people. It was a stage. God took time to root them into that manifestation of the Kingdom of God on Earth.
The Church was the BIG entry point into a totally different manifestation of the Kingdom if God on earth. Acts 2 was the BIG LAUNCH....after Jesus....who was Father level....reproduced Himself in this first batch of leaders. This was fine.
As Jesus Enemy did come and sow seed by night to confuse everything!!!!
But today God is restoring a LATTER HOUSE
It's not a YOUNG MAN version of HIS HOUSE
It's not a HOLY PLACE version of His HOuse
Or in Feast's not a Passover that just connects with regeneration and forgiveness
It's not a PENTECOST HOUSE....sure it has Passover and Pentecost elements....
No wonder there has been a LULL in the Earth as the secret tentpegs have been extending the size of the building and they have been piledriving in meters deeper than ever before!!!! OUCH OUCH OUCH
But the Third Level House is enormous....
Is on a power level, a Presence level, a relationship level that hasn't been seen since Eden....imagine that????
You thought charismatic relationships were good....
Well how about relationships with the "independent self removed out of the picture"?
Adam and Eve had a relationship without blemish BUT HANG got 4pm (evening) each day they met up with God Himself.
This is what God means when He says He will tabernacle amongst His PEOPLE
WOWEEEEEEEEEE. This is something else? Do you start to catch what we are about here?
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Chris Welch

As you read the first two introductions FOT1 and FOT2 see the pinned post
you start to glimpse that the Fall has kept us in a mirror world where our Christianity is still odd....and this tiny little booklet is going to explain why.
The mirror world where we live doesn't even mention the jewish Feasts even though Jesus is a Jew....a lot of His Hollerings by the Spirit at the top of His voice were done in the Feasts....basically saying
in other words nobody in the West knows the context in which Jesus spoke what He spoke
Everything Jesus did was in the context of BREAD for the world
Bethlehem means HOUSE OF BREAD
Jesus, for heaven's sake, was born in a trough....
there being no room at the inn was just the pretext God used to say
HEY WILL YOU GET THIS....this thing is about eating!!!!
So in this strange Alice in Wonderland mirror world
we don't understand about BREAD
and harvest and the fact that the third and final feast is like taking the Bread out of the oven.
In the strange mirror world.....we are told we only take the Bread out of the oven AFTER WE DIE.....and so the whole point of what Jesus ever spoke about is robbed from us right there.
On the Great Day of the Feast John 7 Jesus shouted Out of your belly will flow rivers of Living Water.
Now Pentecost has robbed us in this sense
We know Pentecost gives us early samples of this RIVER when the anointing is upon us....
But Jesus no no....this thing will be in you permanently!!!!
And about ministry in general He says....
when you see the fields white with harvest (don't just rush in)
Pray the Father that He prepare and thrust out workers
Thrust or send out is dynamite
what we do is have informational seminaries and release these absolutely halfbaked pieces of dough and when they minister
people look like they are chewing bits of uncooked Bread. They Don't look well at all.
The whole point of the Tabernacle OVEN...or the Holy to thoroughly cook workers in the HOLY PLACE section
then as COOKED COMPLETED BREAD......they speak Rivers of Living Waters to everybody present.
Because there is no complete Tabernacle of God's spirit as local bodies of Christ
we don't get properly cooked Bread and very small amounts get saved....and those souls are pretty brave....because the advertising was useless and yet they still come in.
So the Tabernacle is about getting proper advertising for the Kingdom.
That's why Acts 2 worked. YUP they had anointing....but those 12 who stood with Peter on that first day really did stand with Peter and were equally full to bursting with Living Water!!!! not just half baked muddy trickles!"!!!

Historically Henry VIII ,splitting the UK off from Catholic dominion somehow opened things up here. Others look disparaging from the continent at the proliferation of denominations......but here's the weird thing.....apart from the actual cults....JW...Christadelphian...Mormon...if you clear the foliage all Brits have been doing is crawling back through the Heavenly Tabernacle. Nonconformists in the mad mirror world of.Britain have always been Conformists to what Jesus and the apostles actually said. Jesus never said baptise infants. The Baptists are right. When we gather all are meant to take part. The Quakers and Brethren movements were correct. You are meant to know you have been born again. John 3. Wesley was right. In the Tabernacle blueprint of heaven.....those happy clappy charismatic were trekking us through the Holy Place. We are now into Holiest Place technology and how it works. But here's a historic kicker.
The Anglicans and Catholics have been one thing at the top for.a.while joined by a secret order called the Order of Malta. So there may well be things you have said which have been followed by the sound of wind and tumbleweed rolling down the street. These are things like the North versus Southern Ireland battles....though on the surface real and bloody.....just a micromanaged farce.

Why is Tabernacles so big?
Why is the fact it begins with the Day of Atonement so important, I thought when we were made right with God was when Jesus was on the cross and the veil was torn in two? That was Passover wasn't it?
John Bunyan's Pilgrim's progress.
The disciples own 3 and a half year experience with Christ.
Many believer's testimonies
All show that quite often, unless you are Mary Magdalen, there is some time lapse from starting to follow Jesus, and the point God seeks to get you to where God shows you you need Jesus every single moment of your life.
Pilgrim laid down his burden at the Cross and was given brand new armour to wear.
The disciples were blown apart by their own behaviour when Jesus was tried and crucified, then He returns just as He said He would.
So many believers share about a Dark Night of the Soul where nothing that used to "work" now has any effect at all.
Romans 6 and 7 are real experiences. The more you internally "see" yourself as a new creation....the more your previous life, and identity seem to crumble.
The Jewish BIG 3 Feasts, Passover,Pentecost and Tabernacles are like real stages for us....
and the third Feast BEGINS for us at GROUND ZERO.....
JESUS I need you for everything.
I have no self powered life at all
This is a huuuuuge realisation.
Straight after the repentance of the disciples withJesus, and the continuation of prayer by the 120 as they waited for the Holy Spirit at Jerusalem....
well, we know what happened in Acts 2.
But visitation led to church love for one another....sharing all things in common...
Yes local church should be that....
But only if people have properly reached ground zero and are not still full of themselves. The Holy Spirit LEADS communities INTO this experience together....IF UNIMPEDED
by living in the futility of our clever clogs minds
if we are not diverted away from simple Truth by the wiles of men, by the traditions of men (remember LAW and Peter addressed by Paul...and later Galatians.
Don't try to attempt BOOTHS before knowing Christ in you as you as a corporate the DAY of ATONEMENT
in the Spirit DAY means STATE.
Now is the DAY of salvation because NOW is WHO God is....I AM
The STATE of DAY OF ATONEMENT is onion peelings removed from your heart....circumcision of the heart wrought permanently by the Spirit...
like the limp that Jacob had for the rest of his days after Peniel.
TABERNACLES is BIG for pretty much the same reason Adam picking the fruit was big....
Adam and Eve took the fruit and everything after that was done in that state.
Everything. Every type of activity and doing of man.
Reaching ground zero and learning Galatians 2:20....Christ in you as you
is just the same POINT from which the WHOLE of the NEW CREATION FANS OUT FROM like an ever expanding V.
And one of the things that happens is we HELP one another as we have never helped each other before...
WE are wrapped up in each other and OUR FULFILMENT is heavily defined by HOW MUCH HAVE I HELPED THOSE PEOPLE into all that God means for them to be....
supported financially
given time and intercession to
shared insights with
like the disciples with the paralysed man....smashed a few roofs of religious men in order to let down a friend at the feet of Jesus...
TABERNACLES is HUGE.....because frankly saints it makes all previous tithing, and giving and so called charity look absolutely PATHETIC
Because now each one is dedicated to the Christ growing in the other.
When Paul saw the vision of the Body building itself in love by that which each joint supplies....he wasn't the cells in a human's the most dynamic quickest building thing in the universe....there is nothing out there to match it.......

For additional Grounding Material we are also linking to this article of Daniel Yordy from his own Tabernacle Series.

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