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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A potted Personal history

Yesterday I was delivering a baby grand from Fareham to Birmingham for Nick Herbert cowriter with Martin Smith of God's Great Dance Floor

I have been very interested by a former Catholic , to see how God has been working in his I wrote this to help explain things...
I am putting it here to fill you in on some of the ways God has been bringing me into Tabernacle truths.....
"there must be a reason you have been taken out of Catholicism...then bobbed and weaved in preterism etc....
I would have thought it is all God meeting your hunger....and dragging you what we now call through the first level and the realise like Jacob....hey....this thing is real....bless Me Lord as He stayed the Lord with Him at Peniel....
it is nearly impossible for one man to get more than one stage in a lifetime...Jesus did....but He was starting from a better place than us....then He pulled the 12 disciples through all three stages....but actually at the time of the Cross things weren't looking good!!!!
So H had to give them 40 extra days tuition so they could catch up on what they missed, before He ascended.
The only reason I have crashed through is cos I happened to have reached rock bottom at 12. I had 11 As at school....but my Dad didn't seem to treat me any better...and I think it was a bid for I rejected his religion (Methodism) became an atheist!!!! and divebombed in the mother of all teenage depressions...
In that rock bottom state I met the Jesus Move, was baptised in the Spirit and helped bring revival into our school and valley with some others of my age....
but when I joined the renewed Baptist church and were were all reading Late GreatPlanet Earth.....and I read the New Testament....I thought ....this doesn't match. The apostles weren't waiting at a bus stop.
(I should add that my parents were both physics teachers and I was born in Ghana while they taught people such as Kofi Annan)....
At 16 I was profoundly affected by Richard Wurmbrand fresh out of Communist jails. he was on a different level to anything I had met. Then I tracked down Mother Basilea Schlink and the sisters of Mary at 16....and she also knew the third level....and was instrumental at setting Chairman Mao packing as he lined up all his troops preparing to invade Europe. (This preparation is in Jung Chang's biography of him)
When she returned from intercession she gave us two messages which were like swords going through all the young people. probably everyone there will carry the messages all their life. They were thirdlevel messages. One about Peniel and seeking the face of God and one about revelation and Jesus the a walk of tremendous power.
I am only telling you the nice bits.....but by 1978 at 20 God brought me into a church with another thirdleveller called R.Edward Miller who was responsible for the intercession which changed Argentina from a Catholic country to national revivals 1950-80. Until he died, about once a decade he led churches where He was led into local and national revivals.
In the Holiest Place is the Mercy Seat. We know it is a picture of Jesus...but what we have learned only recently is this is a description of thirdlevel church.
There are three forms of Word in the Mercy Seat. Christ LIVING HIS TESTAMENT in us, The RHEMA NOW WORD of what God is doing now and the almond stick...which is the declarative Word by which we speak things over nations and localities as He leads us.
All this type of teaching comes under Norman Grubb's teachings of Galatians 2;20
in YES I AM.
Everything ABOVE the Mercy Seat to do with the actual SHEKINAH GLORY and ministering in the Melchizedek order as Kings and Priests is covered by Ed Miller's experiences and teachings and SHOULD BE where the charismatics end up....but at the moment they are playing games in the transitional Holy Place. David Swan discusses this in his book Entering Into the Holy of Holies."

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