Saturday 12 December 2015

More about why the current Pastor model isn't working

Pastors, it's your day of rest. Consider this.
You spend your whole life cajoling people in your playpen
to pray more, to read the Bible more
to help more people....
Can I drop a bombshell?
You are part of a "holding system". A waiting room. A place like Bethsaida in the New Testament.
Here's the shocker.
You are the good part of the holding area known as
The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil.
The Krays and the Mafia and the Illuminati are down the evil end
You are down the good end.
People are being "held" there in the realm of sin and judgment, or sin and death......
Understand I am not saying you are holding them....I am saying this is God's holding's the Divine alternative to anarchy and breakdown and you are caught in a divine function.
It's a reciprocal relationship. They pay your living and you provide the encouragement to go on living in the playpen.
You get frustrated because they don't ever seem to change.
They, generally, live their own lives and when there are problems, they feel their ten per cent insurance kicks in, and people can pray and support them. In these contemporary times, it's like being in an olden day village except at one remove...because everyone lives miles apart.....but when things go wrong they are covered by their ten percent insurance.
It's totally symbiotic....takes two to tango. It's co-dependency and you are supporting their addiction.
The Kingdom is not lo here or lo there it is near you (every person) even in their mouth
Revelation 12 describes the DOUBLE ACTION of the CHURCH and KINGDOM in one concept
That is MOTHER and CHILD
The Child is swept up hurriedly to God to be taught divinely, the Mother is pushed out from society to find another location , another wineskin.
Those who follow the Spirit, these are the sons of God.
The Spirit is like the wind it/He blows where it/He wills.
The Kingdom is Psalm 110.
The Kingdom is voluntary.
The Kingdom is Romans 12 1-2 but only first having gone through the previous chapters experientially
The Kingdom is Grace....Grace as a POWER to bring forth Christ in man
The Church is a living Person, it's the rest of the Body here on earth with the Head in heaven.
It has local cells.
Each cell has many pastors....there is NOTHING in the BIBLE about pastor pyramids.
Each cell would have many fathers or apostles were they not always being thrust out to break open new places....and also were the New Testament older (ie more years between AD33 and its writing) Apostles are produced by either 3 and a half years squeeze in a true LIVING KINGDOM BODY...but there are none of now they take decades.
Unlike Matthew Mark or Luke who wrote a diary, John wrote the Kingdom blueprint....
Baptism of water and the Holy Spirit
followed by John 6....the Romans 6 and 7 equivalent crisis...nearly everybody went home
followed by John 7 and Tabernacles and the Feast of Ingathering....or in other words a revival event.
Ist level second level thirdlevel triggers revival....
In an unending seedtime harvest cycle.....the leaven leavening the whole lump in the end.
In each cycle only a "remnant" finish....but that is enough to trigger the BUBBLE.....POP!!!! EXPLOSION
Think of a ceaseless engine, a motor.
Think of the ONE SPERM that makes it to a human egg out of millions....
Because the whole world is full of churches almost devoid of the Power of Grace....
Or certainly perhaps containing only the first grace message.....the forgiveness of sins.....with some pressing into Baptism in the Spirit....
But the second grace message, which is an exchange of Person at our innercentre resulting in continuous 24/7 consciousness.....nope.....nearly nowhere to be seen.
So BECAUSE this is NOT so....
Grace is only partially kicked in....
There is no psalm 110 voluntary laying down of whole lives
There is no loving God whole heartedly and mindedly and strengthily and others with the same fervour....he who is forgiven much loves much.....he who thinks forgiveness is a sin here or there is still absolutely clueless and loves little....
So you pastor remain on your neverending chain of cajoling within the structure of the Universe called the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil....and you wonder why nothing really works.....
Well....on this your day off....

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