Wednesday 23 December 2015

The Kingdom Has 12 Gates

21st Dec Facebook
Tonight I have in my email an invitation to some World pentecostal Fire event, including some invitation to join leaders in Europe. You would think....Fire. You would
think something that will boost the gospel and the Word of God going abroad. Also a chance to "become more effective" by being with other "proven leaders".
Here's my response.................

God anointed me with Fire in 1972 which i took into school at 13.
Within 2 short years the school revival was nothing but about 15 remaining faithful embers.
The devil faced pentecostal fire and found it laughably easy to shut us down. Looking back he did it through Freemasonry. Something I knew nothing about. He did it through Anglicans.
It was easy.
Now since then I have been in smaller moves. I also know Paul wrote that it is needful that every work of God be tested, and that wolves will come and quickly attempt to rip everything to shreds.
We read something similar in Revelation12.
But this, and also meeting thirdlevellers (1 John 2) people drew me up short.
I spent a decade with people who are now at the level that IHOP is. We literally sought God. That is what we did. it DOES put a foundation in you....but without the clear foundation that Norman Grubb explains in Yes I am, with a greater clarity than Mother Basilea Schlink, pastor Wurmbrand or even Ed Miller....many of those who were with me....where are they now 30 years later? Many are dead. Many are blown out by life's crisises.
So join some world Conference? Why would i waste my time?
If you are not going to read the Word, why would i waste time with you?
It specifically describes 2 similar events in the gospels.
2 Fishing trips.
They returned with nothing and both times Jesus directed them where to fish. Both bumper harvests.
The first time they were not co ordinated, and their nets broke.
Much of the haul was lost.
The second time they were co ordinated, and like they experienced a few days later fishing for people in Acts 2....the nets didn't break and they were moving as one.
Ah? say the pentecostals. There's the trick. We move as one. let's have a conference!!!
No you mistake it all.
The disciples weren't one because of a conference. They were one after entering willingly into the WAY 3 and half years earlier. The WAY led them to the truth.....They were useless.
But here God could meet them and break open the LIFE like wells from within.
I hate pentecostalism. I hate any form of Christianity which doesn't build on the Rock of Jesus, the Rock of overturning Genesis 3 and the entire delusion.
Why would i want anything to do with your hyped up seminars? Your machinery which replaces the genuine Life of God? The attempts to fill in your evident lack of the knowledge of God's ways by plugging the gap with faith, and miracles, and all sorts of things which are secondary to your own great rebellion.
The LOG in all your eyes.
You want YOU.
In everything you do it's all about YOU.
You are orphans still and you abide alone because you have never obeyed the call to fall into the ground and really die.
And what does it say about such? It says they abide alone.
So the only thing left is to plug the evident lacks with more rubbing the Aladdin's lamp. More prayer. More all nights. More conferences. More streetpreaching.....more just desperation instead of finally coming home to your God.
So no. I haven't the slightest interest in your conferences. I want to be in events like Evan Roberts flat on his face while a nation awakens all round him. I want the strong version of where we left off in Lakeland 2008. The genuine Melchizedek Order experienced in full force among a eunuch leadership.
Please I am not anti miracles. Just try and stop them when God is around. He doesn't even know He's doing them...because He keeps forgetting the laws that He originally designed here.
But anything that happens isn't then coming from a forced orphan desperation that feel there have to be miracles to show God is there. God is everywhere there. The problem is you have Darkness and you don't want Him to be everywhere there. In the end Todd Bentley did what I did years ago, and chose a woman instead. He was the bold one who initiated the Move.....generally God prefers a group of bold ones. Todd seemed almost surprised that the whole thing fell apart. the new Cart episode with King David.....God never asked to be brought in on a cart.
Bless David for His zeal. Bless David for his boldness. But sometimes boldness without the blueprint is just stupid.
Pentecostalism isn't the blueprint. It owns about two or three Gates of Jerusalem. The Fountain Gate, the Water Gate and maybe these days quite a bit of the Horse Gate.
We aren't building Pentecostalism. We are building the Kingdom.
The Kingdom has 12 Gates.
That's the blueprint.
If you don't know them, that's your problem. You should have learned them.
So no....I have no interest in your type of Conferences.

On GATES......
The thing God has been doing by the Spirit and as announced by Arthur Wallis in the early Fountain Trust meeting.....has been a literal raising up of all the Gates that have been smashed to pieces. That our generation and the ones before were literal Nehemiahs in the Spirit seems to have all.....but yet it has been true without us even realising. See while Terry Virgo and Salt and Light have been building their pyramids and 12 step programmes and reformed theology courses.....and while Pentecostals have been running around like headless.chickens......what God has actually been doing is layer the teachings of Romans Ephesians Colossians and Hebrews again in quiet but unfathomable power. Nothing can beat the power of these doctrines.seizing people's.hearts.....even baptism in Spirit which is wonderful cannot plug the centuries of.neglect and symbolic understanding and lack of revelation around what Paul.was sharing with the early apostles concerning the ground zero brokenness that they and King David had all come into. If people do.a.walk in the Spirit around these Gates then they become complete in Christ and not just some Barnum figure selling his Holy Spirit potions of the back of a market wagon.

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