Monday 21 December 2015

This is My Body

Earlier Facebook note which then inspired the diagram

Put off then the old man and the evil deeds...... Is the Spirit version.
The secular version never attempts anything below the surface and says just "Stop it"
The new covenant message is the old spirit link up forcing us to do everything from behind while.we swan around thinking we are independent selves.....that whole thing was terminated in Jesus on the Cross. He who knew no Sin was made sin on our behalf.
Although Christians are useless at saying what just happened to them.....The New Covenant is about the resurrected spirit of Jesus coming into a person's spirit centre. The first ones were the disciples when Jesus actually physically blew on them in the upper room. This was before the even flasher events in Acts 2 at Pentecost. The old man was a spirit link up that is severed when you come to Christ.
How about this then? Or.Is this too much?
There never was an old man. Well not in the way Satan lied in genesis 3. He independent like gods. But for battery operated lumps of clay this is not a possibility. What he forthrightly lied about was death. You shall not die. Perhaps he was doing a Jesuit lie. Jesuits believe as long as they are thinking the truth or finishing a sentence the right way they are morally right to say pretty much what they want. So perhaps the devil was saying in his mind....your spirit soul and body shall not immediately die today in a heap on the floor....just your spirit. Because that is what happened. We became empowered by His own dying spirit.....dying as in carrying in yourself death. But an actual separate existence of a man self empowered.....Nope.....never existed.
So put off the old man isn't this fight to the death wrestling match they have in evangelical and charismatic churches. This is the huuuuuge discovery Norman Grubb was used to spell out for us. I went through 9 years of hell over this....about one fifth of my life. You ask why I am so anti charismatic churches and evangelical.churches.....Well it's because Satan lives in them still ,perfectly happily masquerading as this false belief in a separate old man.....a self empowered existence which was always a lie.
The words "put off" is an image of a former snakeskin. But an illusion. A false seeing. If it was just psychology it would be a mental condition. But because it is spiritual and from the pit of hell Buddhism cannot touch it.....we needed Jesus to fix it. Because spirit is who we are , this is no small thing. Secular people don't even believe in spirit in the west....but even if they did, like the Buddhists.....mind is everything. Mind is not everything. We are spirit we have a soul we have a body. It is because such a big thing happens when we are converted that we are allowed to do the small things.....The cosmetic things thereafter.....Put off....slough off like a skin the old outer shell of former things. The old deeds and habits.....though real were rooted in a totally alien life form living from your spirit centre....but you are now a new Creation in Christ. The former things have all passed away the new has come. Put off the old clothing that had the appearance of the old man. You are now Christ in your (put your name here) form. The old clothing looks stupid.
James meant the same things in his letter. How can bitterness and fresh water come from the same spring? In other words if you are Christ's....if He is alive in you.....How can any streams of bitterness flow? This is not the usual lawbased way James is taught completely missing the point of what he wrote and would have imparted in his sharing.
If you need to be born again ask Jesus now? If you are born again this is the truth of who you now are. So put off.....slough off this whole independent delusion daftness that a selfempowered old man was ever Satan as you....but his only hold on you as a Christian....Is continuing in the belief in an independent- state of an old man.
Your route out is I am Jesus Christ in my ........Chris Welch form.....Galatians 2.20.
As.daft as it sounds it unlocks the whole of Genesis 3 and the attendant curses for all time. Now do you see why St Paul was going for.complete bodily resurrection while still alive!!!!???

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