Sunday 6 March 2016

Books that Reveal how the World System operates

In the 1500s -1700s God's Word was re establishing the only Divine means by which we come into relationship with God....that definitely NOT BEING our own works, but faith in the completed work of Christ on the Cross and His resurrection. The seed of religion intermingled with the free gospel that had snuck in from Judaism and crystallised in Catholicism was allowed to fall into the earth and die. All new moves from hereon in were by direct revelation and experience of the heavenlies, and the heavenly Tabernacle.
The baptism of the Spirit and the work of the Spirit came in waves from the Lollards who spoke in other tongues, through Quakers/Shakers then it became a corporate wave in Pentecostalism. But stronger still, the charismatic wave contained a whole strong vision of the Body of Christ, although to this day it is amazing how mancentered meetings remain.
Any Spirit analysis of subjects covered by the Spirit will map out pretty much the content of the Church Letter Preeminent....Ephesians.
And Rees Howells Intercessor maps out for us the kind of training that takes us into the realm of Ephesians 6, and full on warfare.
IN a prototype form God used him over nations to paralyse the three dictator's activities and keep the nations open for the biggest expansion of the Spirit into the earth ever in the history of the world.
But we notice so clearly, that Rees only moved at one level, and the very instigators of the wars behind the scenes were left untouched. Immediately they carried on regardless....creating the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Cambodia, wars in Africa and South America.
In these last years through the Body voices of Grant Jeffrey, Barry Smith, Chuck Missler, and others, plus the more general "sons of Issachar" who may not even be born again yet....yet see so clearly how the world is manipulated.....these have all combined on the net and in published books to provide our best knowledge yet of how the Enemy truly is working everything as prophesied in Psalm 2.
This is why there is a buildup that is beyond evangelicalism and beyond the charismatic, to a THIRD FEAST or THIRD LEVEL of authority that is Jesus being birthed in us as us. And such a Gideon's 300 are being set the task of bringing down world rulers in the spiritual realms and behind the scenes on earth. This is truly the time of Ephesians 6 as we have never known.....not at least corporately. There have been many pioneer individuals, but this is a BODY JOB. I have prepared a list of books that help people to open their eyes.

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