Thursday 10 March 2016

Spirit On All Flesh - John Crowder

Why do I like John?
I like John because he opens his heart to every Bible verse....he's not even trying to carry everything in his noddle in total coherence, but if the Bible says it he quotes it. I am looking for expanded guys, and you only get expanded by meditation on the Word, by revelation downloads, by a willingness to be simple like Mary and say "Be it unto me according to your Word."
I DON'T LIKE Jeff Turner's stuff, Michael Hardin's stuff and Brad Jersak's stuff because if they can't fit something in their noddle, they say things like....oh....that's what people thousands of years ago wrote in their alien simple minded belief systems. Really they are coming from a hubris that says Western civilisation knows what it is talking about....sorry about you guys who lived in the wrong time period. When in MANY cases the very reverse is true...
there's a slickness, (and I use that word in both senses...the one word related to grease and an oilslick) a callous, a lack of holiness and purity and simplicity and awe......basically all the things we are NOT doing with our kids these days because there is so little genuine worship of God for everybody grows up missing out. Now listen I am not saying these writers swear or do bad things.....but just growing up in a society that regularly swears Christ and God....creates this callous over people's hearts without them realising when they minister or write.

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