Tuesday 21 June 2016

Why Canaan was a totally different kettle of fish

Independent self history covers its back, lies, makes everything out to be just flesh and blood, distorts the all - out war between Satan's attempted takeover and God's deliverance. Socialization.....what Peck and Tomlinson make out to be the second great psychological state of Man is on a countrywide level not to be sniffed at. The rule of God's Law has done one thing......meant that men and women who enter adulthood still in the default of selfcenteredness do not in this raw state get anywhere near power and rule. Where mafia and tribal warlords still carry sway on earth, the peoples live terror- filled lives. In clearing the way for Law, you cannot equate that process with later stages further along Pecks and Tomlinson's scales . If men and women reach adulthood unchallenged and then, worse get into places of.power, well I guess Game of Thrones adequately depicts that. Their hearts are literally an open grave. A black hole. Nothing about your life or any other human is adequate. I am thinking particularly of some of the things Daniel Skillman and many others write on here about the Old Testament as if it was our current situation where mostly a veneer of Law is upheld. Clearing the ground for at least one nation to walk with God in reality.....and that reality really is like a toddler learning the hard way to walk......and in and out of relationship in real time.....is so different from every other nation on the planet. No other nation claimed progressive revelation in the same kind of way. But once Law and rule is established in the earth then progression to the next two phases can occur, and there really is no going back to that sort of thuggishness. Perversely this is what Lionel de Rothschild was penning in the Protocols of Zion (1880s) and appears on American banknotes. "Order out of chaos." A brief Communist and Fascist skirmish back to thuggishness in order that their Sabbatean Jewish/ Jesuit Order may be brought in.....But it was never the idea to leave the planet there, as mayhem is useless for the Elite to earn any money from the minions. As the Georgia Guidestones declare they are about creating a future of less people but under the rule of their laws.....

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