Monday 6 June 2016

Men, Women and Boundaries

Blessed are the men whose strength is in Thee in whose hearts are the highways....the direction Zion. Psalm 84.5
This is a blog article about men moving out of "linear boundaries" into Spirit direction arrows which relate LIVE with heavenly Zion.  A LIVE heavenly Satnav

Imagine a bully in your town square. Everybody is affected by him. He has been there a few months. Slowly everybody's speech includes him as a "given", as a "permanence", as something you just build your life around with a sigh.
The human condition is both good and bad. To say things are bad. To go with the bad. To never "cross" the bad is strange. You see we can choose the 50% bad spectrum or the 50% good spectrum.
Here I am not talking salvation or spiritual reality, I am speaking humanly of surface realities.
There is NO REASON we have to go with the bad any more than we HAVE to go with the good.
But it is as though everybody now feels helpless, as though it's all a given. Like that figure in the Town Square.
Under Holy Spirit Xray it's just been a giant manipulation.
1. There IS NO proof of has all been manufactured.
2. There is no reason for a powerless World Church, it is purely made up of people that don't believe power exists....but as Jesus turned up among His own Jewish people when they didn't believe much, and He just ignored them all, and spoke the Kingdom from His heart can we. These signs follow those who believe. No miracles follow those who don't believe. Simple as that!
3. There is no reason men have to remain powerless, soft and weak, just don't drink fluoridated water, get your self alkalinated with the Japanese water system. Current world philosophies are just mindcontrol coming via the "Frankfurt School" ,
via Hollywood and written and TV media , all owned by a very few people.
THINK LOGICALLY....if a few people should tell you there is no oxygen....just the act of saying there is no oxygen doesn't make there be no oxygen.
There is no evolution. There is no powerless church if they plug into heaven.Heaven is just as real. If you gather in the Name of Jesus, Jesus still turns up. He doesn't pay any attention to Georg Lukacs, Stalin, Mao, Freud, Illuminati members, Tavistock mind control.......Jesus is the same as He always was.
Women are women. Men are men. Men learn to cry like King David singing his songs. Women like Deborah and Abigail and Mary Magdalen learn to be feisty and fight through.
But nevertheless the basic default root remains the same, even if you put a woman in charge of MI5. Women/ Germanic root Weib weave, as in deal with the knitting together of infrastructures, men or husbands bound houses. A House band is a person who defines boundaries,in terms of legalities and in terms of testosterone and protection and care. He says thus far and no further.
A woman weaver who doesn't press through to the third level in Christ, doesn't understand boundaries and warfare.Ephesians 6
A Houseband male that doesn't press through to the thirdlevel, only concerns himself with external world boundaries rather than the true spiritual ones. These sort of peope fought the first and second world wars, without being prepared for the real enemies organising the Cold War , the Korean War and the Vietnam War straight afterwards as if nothing had happened. Which ofcourse in Illuminati terms it hadn't. The Millions dead is what they ordered and what they got. But none of the males were thirdlevellers, so they were no match, and just fell into their graves, because they were ordered.

Women are encouraged to rule in Illuminati worlds because women don't " get" boundaries....not until they are thirdlevellers.
Men get boundaries and they form a major obstacle to globalism in two ways.
1. In their raw testosterone form each man forms his boundaries according to the beliefs he was raised in. In linear thinking terms we have only to look around at churches to see how testosterone has built fences of beliefs around relatively small sets of ideas.
Baptists believe in water baptism, but not baptism in the Spirit. (Not denominationally anyway). Brethren believe in the oriesthood of all believers and unlike Anglicans and Methodists actually, like Quakers, believe in practicing it. But Brethren don't believe in Baptism in the Spirit. I could go on and on for every group.
With national boundaries men are a nightmare if you are globalist.
So a. you arrange loads of freemasonic orders to make men compliant and b. in the greater culture you organise women to rule
2. mature men are a real pain, because like Jesus they can begin to bring the whole Illuminati system down from behind the scenes.
So in both ways you want men paralysed and out of the way.
The awkward stage for men is to come out of their linear thinking to be able to think with the mind of Christ, by setting their minds on the Spirit. For decades evangelicals have thought this meant knowing Bible knowledge thoroughly....and although that is an approximation, they never really ever leave their leftbrain domination and thus they never learn the Free flow of heaven's Kingdom. Satan pounces upon the current changeover from simplicity of linear thought into a more spiritual way of thinking, to introduce many many false spiritual doctrines. Reincarnation. Blanking minds in meditation. Various mind expansion therapies which supply opportunity windows for MK Ultra Mindcontrol(They did this to Billy Graham the evangelist) Or communing with higher beings (really secondheaven entities like demons who come as friendly beings of Light and wisdom)
Women DO get spirit and spirtual things, but as we can soon find on Facebook they don't necessarily have a clue about whether they are demon spirits or spirits of God.
A quick rule of thumb is this
Demons hate the Blood and Cross of Jesus. So if you see any spiritual woman diminishing the Cross and Blood of Christ then they are writing according to the same spirits that rule the Russell Dynasty. One of the 13 main Bloodlines of Darkness, this one dynasty meets as families once a year to hold a communion. BUT AT THIS COMMUNION ALL FAMILY MEMBERS MAKE A POINT OF NOT TAKING ANY OF IT. This bloodline is responsible for WatchTower JWs, Christ Science, Skull and Bones, Bertrand Russell's depopulation programme including AIDS and Agenda 21,and the current Russell Universities doing research.
The second thing these spiritual women write about is "christ" or christ mind....same as all the spirits behind New Age, Alice Bailey Helen Blavatsky. There is only one that we have to do with, which is Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God, come down from the Father. The spirit of the world clings onto the fact that we as clayballs were breathed into by God. We were. But this breath got infected. Regularly on Facebook you will see people writing by the spirit of the world to say this is enough. NO. Only the Spirit that comes down from heaven is enough to defeat Satan and all his hosts. Every spirit that is not of God disowns that Jesus is God come in the flesh. And every worldly spirit in our current churches, whether denominational , charismatic or evangelical, fundamentally denies that we are now Christ come in the flesh too, by receiving His salvation by faith, and experiencing the New Birth won for us at the Cross. Havant Church, which at the time I left was one of the most spiritually advanced of all charismatic churches , flatly confesses openly to being schizoid, having simultaneously an old man and a new man at the same time.
And they wonder why their meetings are so random!!!!
None of this is Christian belief according to the New Testament, and in particular Galatians 2.20.
Now, as I say, thirdlevellers of both sexes will understand all this,
but men by default get tiny portions of truth and fight fisticuffs over it. We have forums here on Facebook for Preterism, Calvinism, Armenianism, and Grace confined to Romans 3 to 5 without ever growing up.....kind of Peter Pan gospel.....
Women usually sense that there is more than all this even if they can't articulate it, and get very impatient with the tiny "positions" most men take.
John 7.17-19 is incredibly clear....when you WANT to KNOW...when you WANT the WILL of GOD....really....then you SHALL KNOW.....
until then you can beat your head against the wall with these numbskulls
in Grace groups
in Preterist groups
in Calvinist and Armenian groups
but really at root, the real issue is never touched....
the Freewill offering of Romans 12.1 living
of Psalm 110 and Psalm 24 living hasn't begun to be offered yet
and its like trying to take a bike of a bike rack.....but the padlock hasn't been opened yet.
A Garden Locked is my to speak

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