Wednesday 15 June 2016

Muslim Persecution of Christians in Pakistan while Western Media Cowards refuse to report it

Facebook friend Francis Victor , Pakistan today
I am in problem last 7days i go for bible class then After class outside meet me 3Muslim people they ask me tell about ur Relegion then i say i dnt know then they slap me and hit my back bone then they people warning me if u not Change ur Relegion then we cutting ur head we kill u 5days i was not go for job i am stuck at my rent room just go in my town but not go for job they people want kill me

Pakistan condition very dengerus right now in Lahor city 2muslim people Raped 1 Christain young Girl she just 18year old police also invole bcoz all police is Muslim no body notic this case if now they people kill me then no body notic for me killing

AC Welch
Please understand  if you read Eric Jon Phelps book "Vatican Assassins" you will understand
how evil organised Christianity is, and certainly towards  real true Christian believers.  So Muslims in Pakistan is just one world issue against followers of Jesus.

However this is made worse by the media fear of saying anything negative against any Muslims

anywhere.  Wherever we remain silent against atrocity it grows, and what began as an isolated issue now increases in size to major international issues.  I could use ISIS and the Charlie Hebdo event as examples but from background information both of these have been manipulated to cause terror, and to frighten people from opposing Muslims .

I do not agree totally with the views of these men about the BBC, since the BBC also has a director in the Rothschild family and will not cover the work of independent journalist John Pilger. Many of us here in Britain are tiring of the BBC and looking elsewhere for real information, and not one of us would have dreamed we would ever feel like this.


Security stepped up at Lahore church after attack.    POSTED 19hours ago  17/6/16
“God is our greatest protector.”

Security at Saint Joseph’ Church in Lahore’ DhupSari, Sandha area has been beefed up followed by a recent attack from unknown extremists. Followed by the attack, enhanced security steps have been taken as the attack has left church administration vigilant, according to a report in ‘Christians in Pakistan’. On June 4, Saturday the extremists attacked at the St. Joseph Catholic Church in Dhoopsari Sandha Lahore, at around 4:00 am. According to locals, there was a complete power cut in the area, at the time of attack so the assailants could not be identified. Accordingly, the Sandha police was informed about the attack by the local Christians, and an FIR number 597/16 was registered. Fortunately nobody was hurt, while church and a nearby school were damaged. Police says it has initiated, the investigation process, while police personnel have been deployed at the church. Local Police official Iqbal Hasan said, “Perhaps the culprits meant to stoke sectarian tensions in the area. Damaging a place of worship is wicked.” However, the motive of the attack is yet to be established. Nonetheless, Christians in the locality are reluctant to count on the security provided by the police. They are gearing up for ensuring security themselves. While speaking in this regard, Assistant parish priest of Saint Joseph’ s Church, Father Asif Sardar, said the church administration is taking inevitable steps such as installing an improved closed-circuit television surveillance and security barriers about the church and hiring armed guards. “This is the second time this community has been targeted. I have asked people not to be afraid and refrain from any retaliation. We need to be careful and think of our children. God is the greatest protector,” he said.

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