Tuesday 19 July 2016

Pinnochio Views

If you were God which bit of Adam would you ascribe value to? The bit that took Him two minutes scooping up from some mud, or His own Breath from eternity past?

Facebook status 19/7/2016
If we were selfrunning souls then the years spent on Facebook discussing whether God loved us or hated us, whether a hell or a no hell would make some sense.

Unfortunately, that is for the longevity of the argument, fortunately for our own well-being, we are spirit. 

So you can be working for UNICEF to help kids, or you can be working for UNICEF to draw up registers for slave trafficking and paedophile rings as part of the Illuminati, it makes no difference......
Your whole concept of you is wrong and what a you is and how a you operates.

Facebook is like a roomful of Pinocchios discussing how long they are going to live, what will be their end, what they will achieve....?

But it's all fruitless....because in their case they are missing one vital truth.....
Errrrr......whatever they chat about at some point they have to learn

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